Falcons bring back Verron Haynes

The Atlanta Falcons have completed the reverse “catch-and-release” move regarding veteran running back Verron Haynes.

The Falcons cut Haynes on Saturday.  And they have announced that he has been re-signed Monday.

The move was undoubtedly done for one reason — to avoid Haynes’ base salary from becoming essentially guaranteed in 2009.

Here’s how it works.  Any player with four or more years of service who is on a Week One roster and thereafter is cut may elect to take the balance of his salary as termination pay. 

It’s a benefit that’s available to every player once and only once in his career.

But the benefit often ends up being a detriment, causing guys like Haynes to lose a game check so that the team won’t have to give him all 17 of them if they decided in early October or thereabouts to cut him loose.