Freak accident in Broncos locker room

Last year, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo reportedly passed out in the shower after a game.

This year, a Broncos player had a mishap in the locker room floor before a game.

Linebacker Spencer Larsen, a sixth-round draft pick in 2008, reportedly slipped and fell on a wet spot on the floor.  Larsen has a shoulder injury, and he’ll miss a “few weeks.”

The Associated Press surmises that Larsen suffered the injury less than 90 minutes before kickoff, because Larsen wasn’t on the list of inactive players for the Week One game at Cincinnati.

Coach Josh McDaniels said that the injury wasn’t the result of horseplay.  (And since NFL head coaches always tell the truth, we believe it.)

It’s still not the weirdest locker-room mishap in NFL history.  That distinction will forever go to former Jaguars kicker Chris Hanson, who suffered a season-ending injury when he hacked his own leg with an ax that coach Jack Del Rio left in the dressing room with a tree stump, as a visual aid for Del Rio’s “keep choppin’ wood” motto.

So until a guy does something completely idiotic like shoot himself in the leg in the locker room, Hanson will hold the top spot in the NFL’s version of the Darwin Awards.

In other words, he’ll be down to No. 2 within the next few years.

20 responses to “Freak accident in Broncos locker room

  1. What are you doing in the Broncos locker room Florio? I thought you were already warned about being around naked men.

  2. Too bad Plax wasn’t in the Locker Room so that he could be have “weirdest locker-room mishap in NFL history” bestowed upon him.

  3. Cincy tried to water down the floor to get Broncos injured, but it DIDN’T work……
    Still the Bungles……

  4. Insert Larsen here:
    Jimmy: “Jimmy’s got some new moves.”
    Kramer: “Go Jimmy”
    Jimmy: ‘Check Jimmy out”
    [Jimmy slips on Kramer’s puddle and falls on his back]
    Jimmy: “Ooohhh!!!!! JIMMY’S DOWN.”

  5. “(And since NFL head coaches always tell the truth, we believe it).”
    And since PFT has never been wrong, never emblished a story or speculated on anything- we believe exactly what is print on this website- Right MR. Bradshaw?
    Given all of the stange injuries to athletes- like Gus Ferrote and that Tampa kicker, even mentioning this story as an NFL Darwin award shows how meaningless some posts on this site have become.

  6. i thought i was going to read that someone dropped the soap, but than again the title says that it was a freak accident and not a regular occurence.

  7. Everyone is going crazy over calling Stokley’s catch “lucky,” “miraculous,” blahblahblah. Yes, the ball took a lucky bounce. However, is anyone going to give Stokley some credit? He didn’t give up on the play, he grabbed the ball out of the air, he then displayed good speed and field and clock awareness. So instead of an “accident” or “miracle,” you have a veteran WR making a heady play off a lucky bounce.
    On a related note, did Marshall give up on numerous routes yesterday, or were my eyes decieving me?

  8. I gotta think that the indestructable staph infection in the Cleveland locker room ranks right up there.

  9. Didnt Michael Irvin Stab someone with a Pair of scissors in the locker. I think that is dummier then cutting yourself. Well since he didnt get into trouble for it maybe its not.

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