McIntosh heading to Seattle for a visit

Now that the first week of the season, for 28 teams, is in the books, vested veterans who are on the market are drawing more interest.

Vested veterans who were on Week One rosters essentially had guaranteed base salaries for the entire year.

One of the vested veterans who could be on teams by Week Two is tackle Damion McIntosh, who was cut by the Chiefs as part of the trim-down to 53.

A league source tells us that McIntosh will start his September free-agency tour with a trip to Seattle, for a Tuesday visit.  We’re told that other teams have expressed an interest as well.

McIntosh has been a consistent starter in three cities since 2001.  He started every game last year with the Chiefs, his second with the team.

8 responses to “McIntosh heading to Seattle for a visit

  1. If healthy, he won’t leave Seattle with out a contract. Hawks are thin on the O line, and they over pay everyone!

  2. there’s clearly a mcintosh not welcomed in seattle headline in the making if they don’t sign him.
    (for the dimbulbs, seattle is pc country, and the team is owned by a microsoft co-founding gaziilianaire)

  3. Good luck Seattle. This guy is like a thick rectangle walking on a pair of drywall stilts. If he’s not good enough for the Chiefs, he’s probably not good enough for most teams. You saw him in the preseason, don’t you remember? Be happy if he decides to make more stops on his “tour”.

  4. I’m a huge Chiefs fan, and this guy is literally one of the most horrible offensive tackles I’ve ever seen. He was known as Damion SACKintosh in KC, he was personally responsible for getting many a Chiefs’ qb slaughtered. He was also known as Highway 71, because the route through him was like an expressway to the qb.
    You’ve got to be pretty freaking hard up if you’re picking up offensive line rejects from the Chiefs, we’ve got one of the worst O-lines in the league.

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