McNabb: "Anything can happen"

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, who suffered a broken rib on Sunday against the Panthers, won’t rule out playing in Week Two against the Saints.

[A]nything can happen,” McNabb told the team’s official web site.  “It’s just Monday right now, but if Friday and Saturday come along and I’m feeling a lot better, you just never know.”

He joked about how he feels a day after suffering the injury.

“I feel great, I’m going to do some dancing later and move around a little bit.”

And that’s the thing about broken ribs.  Every move induces pain.  Every single move. 

So while McNabb’s ability to tolerate pain will determine in large part his ability to return to the field, the reality is that the pain is significant and continuous, except when completely still.

That said, with Mike Vick licking his chops for a chance to show that he could be the guy to lead the team in 2010 — and with the Eagles anxious to find out — we think McNabb will do whatever he has to do to stay on the field.

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  1. Hmm…McNabb is hurt and Vick is licking his chops. Fans were chanting for Vick to come into preseason games while McNabb was in. You say Minnesota has (er, now HAD) a QB controversy? Good luck with your new QB controversy in Philly!

  2. Hey Mike, where is the “Oh Crap: My NFC Superbowl Pick Looked Like Cold Dog Turd Sunday” column?

  3. ronically, probably the best thing for McNabb would be to let Vick play a couple games. Let’s face it — Vick will suck. And once we all get to see Vick flail for two games, it will put to rest any QB controversy. Why does everyone assume Vick will be ready to light it up given the chance?

  4. McNabb is winner and you better believe he will be there to show Drew Brees who the best qb in the nfc is.

  5. Contra, the only controversy is deciding on whether or not there is any thought that takes place before you type. McNabb is 10 times the QB that Vick is and there is ZERO controversy at the position. Quit parroting whatever drivel these writers/talking heads spout to make themselves about as relevant as the f-ing tabloid that I used to wipe my ass with.

  6. This does not matter…The NFC belongs to the Vikings…The ONLY teams in our path might be the pack or giants….

  7. One thing everyone is forgetting…McNabb is basically all paid up for the next 2yrs from the extension he signed. Now I’m a diehard Philly fan, and have backed Banner/Reid/McNabb every step of the way as this trio has won a lot more than they’ve lost. With that said, if McNabb does shoot up on painkillers and come in to play…I think we can safely say is tougher than nails. I think it’s great…all the McNabb haters that call them Philly fans(how embarassing), may get a chance to see what they get in Kolb…which may be nothing. Either way…the Defense looks like it’s out to prove something this season, which will help if #5 misses some time. I’m sure JJ is looking down still unhappy that they gave up that opening drive score! Fly Eagles Fly!!!!

  8. There is no QB controversy. This is what will happen:
    1 .Eagles GM calls AJ Feeley (I’m sure they have already)
    2. AJ Feeley resigns with the Eagles (for the 3rd time)
    3. Kevin Kolb starts against New Orleans (week 2)
    4. Kolb has 3 turnovers, AJ Feeley starts week 3 vs Chiefs, wins game
    5. Week 4 – Bye
    6. McNabb is healed, Eagles dump AJ Feeley for the third time. Record is 2-1 as of end of Week 4.
    And who dare say, did Mike pick for the NFC champs again?

  9. Contra says:
    September 14, 2009 3:27 PM
    Hmm…McNabb is hurt and Vick is licking his chops. Fans were chanting for Vick to come into preseason games while McNabb was in. You say Minnesota has (er, now HAD) a QB controversy? Good luck with your new QB controversy in Philly!
    QB controversy? Puh-lease. At least try to act like you follow th NFL. Donovan may play hurt this Sunday, and if not, his McRib will be practiaclly healed after the bye week. Vick can’t play until week 3, and even Vick himself said he’s several weeks away from being 100%, as far as his technique is concerned.

  10. “the reality is that the pain is significant and continuous, except when completely still.”
    WRONG. Hurts like hell when you breathe. Broken ribs hurt 24/7 until they heal.

  11. McNabb will sit out this week, and it will be a great opportunity for the Eagles to give Kolb one last chance to show he was worthy of a 2nd round pick (to this point, he hasn’t even shown that he’s worthy of a roster spot)..Of course, everyone knows that Kolb will single-handedly lose the game, which actually gives McNabb an incentive to sit out so Philly fans will beg for him to come back week 3..
    that redskins super bowl pick isn’t lookin so hot..

  12. Those comments are plain out stupid. Michael Vick is not a full time 30 throws a game QB. He never was. He was a ProBowl convertible RB/QB.
    Didn´t play for two years. He´s a gimmick and will stay a gimmick the hole season!
    McNabb will play on sunday because he is a leader and not because he´s affraid to loose his job!

  13. Wait a minute–isn’t there a 39 year old QB in Minnesota playing with a cracked rib & no rib pads either? Come on McNabb. Man up—-
    Yeah right–I’ve had a cracked rib before & there’s no way Favre could be taking the hits he took Sunday if he had one. He’s just got a mild case of osteoperosis. Like Bubby Brister says-even sitting still & breathing is painful.

  14. Mike is it possible for you to write a McNabb post without writing some useless comment about Vick and a QB contr0versy…getting very plaayyeed…

  15. if he does start there will be an even larger target on his back. i don’t see why he’d risk it. if it were the playoffs then i could understand but the 2nd game of the season? f the dog killer

  16. “Fans were chanting for Vick to come into preseason games while McNabb was in. ”
    you are an idiot. this never happened. mcnabb only appeared in one of vick’s two preseason games and vick got plenty of snaps.
    did all you morons, including florio, forget that vick is ineligible to play until week 3?
    the eagles may or not sign another QB. theyll probably lose to the saints and beat the chiefs. theyll be 2-1 at the bye and mcnabb will be healed. oh the horror of this QB controversy…

  17. I could care less for Vick or McNabb…
    But I hope Vick gets in there and plays GREAT. Just to see attention-lover/crybaby McNabb whine to the media.
    McNabb…go pound sand!

  18. Bullshit. McNabb is a better QB and Vick hasn’t played in a meaningful game in 2 years. But sure, the Eagles would get rid of a top 10 QB in place of an option QB who never really found success in the NFL.

  19. McNibble is down for the count again….this is a several week injury and with the Saints coming to town the Pigeons wont score enough points to win….Mike Vick where are you!

  20. So Michael Vick took 2 years off from football and is only a “few weeks” from being 100%?
    McNabb will be just fine with broken ribs?
    The defense looked great against a QB with 5 embarrassing turnovers?
    Sounds like all is well in Philly.

  21. “Licking his Chops” really?
    My name is the solution.
    Reid is such a genius he’ll be able to handle this mess.
    PS – This just in. McNabb’s ribs were actually broken by the 95lb waitress while filming his new IHop commercial.

  22. Good point redsquare – 5 turnovers is obviously an indication that the Eagles D played poorly. Dope.

  23. @ Redsquare,
    Good defenses create those 5 turnovers!
    McNabb had one of his best games playing on a fractured ankle! If he can go, he will! If he can’t, Kolb will come in and all of Eagles nation can see if he is the guy or not.
    Plus AJ Feeley may be going to Carolina…how ironic is that??

  24. You all are seriously kidding me when you guys dont think there is a controversy? You know who will start it right? McNabb of course. That preseason game where people were chanting for Vick when McNabb couldnt get the offense going is the same day where McNabb went on the media and called Vick a gimmick. He felt threatened for no reason and then brough the spotlight on himself by talking about Vick like that. Yes, go ahead and say there is no controversy, but just wait until Vick gets in and then the controversy will start with McNabb opening his fat mouth.

  25. I’m surprised that Michael Irvin hasn’t written in yet. Last night he seemed to enjoy the fact that #5 is injured. I also notice Deon also acts differently about #5 when Irvin is around. In any event, Vick isn’t ready but by week 3 he might be good enough to be better than Kolb or Feeley or both.
    BTW – was AR calling plays for Da Bears last night?

  26. Broken Ribs, A Comedy Routine…
    Doctor: “Does it hurt?”
    Patient: “Only when I breathe.”

  27. You are right Donovan, anything can happen – like the eagles signing their once cast off Jeff Garcia! Have fun with this circus eagles fans!

  28. This QB controversy talk is pretty delusional. McNabb played fine. Garcia couldn’t even make the Raiders’ team. Vick is barely competent of leading this offense at this point and can’t play for two more weeks. Kolb’s limit of effectiveness is 2 yard passes and handing the ball off. None of these are a better option than McNabb whether it takes 1 or 3 weeks to come back.

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