No fine for McNabb hit

When Panthers defensive tackle Damione Lewis dove onto Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb in the end zone after McNabb scrambled for a three-yard touchdown run, the officials inexplicably didn’t penalize Lewis.

Now, the league inexplicably is giving him a pass, too.

Per Jason La Canfora of NFL Network, Lewis won’t be fined for the play.

Um, really?

Watch the video.  Lewis crosses the goal line to dive on McNabb, hitting him a couple of yards into the end zone.

Setting aside whether quarterbacks receive special protections (and they do, or so we thought), any player who is clearly in the end zone should not be subject to a swine dive from a 300-pounder who ran into the end zone to apply the hit.

It’s a bad, bad decision.  And it makes the line regarding what is and isn’t acceptable extremely vague moving forward.

60 responses to “No fine for McNabb hit

  1. If this wasn’t a QB, would you feel the same way? Didn’t look like a punishable play to me.

  2. You just can’t stop that much momentum.
    Impacts happen in football.
    This is far more excusable than some obese immoral cheating drug abusers in Minnesota.

  3. Don’t know if “swine dive” was a joke or an unintentional misspelling, but it sure applies. No way that wasn’t an attempt to injure McNabb.

  4. The NFL is a joke…Is that was Brady or manning there would have been a riot…I’m from the old school that football isn’t tiddlywinks but a blatant 1-2 second late spear / knee to the back with no call is atrocious…After some of the BS Roughing the Passer Calls on Philly last year too…IE..Remember Trent Cole phantom touch on Matt Ryan??? Maybe they should fellate every owner like Jerry Jones and let a scoreboard hang 30 feet above every field so the refs can get S$#t right………..

  5. No penalty when McNabb is on the receiving end of a cannonball from Carolina’s defensive lineman while he’s already in the end zone, but a flag is thrown when Juqua Parker gently re-adjusts Delhomme’s facemask? For shame, refs. For shame.

  6. the player that you are talking about was running full speed and diving at the play…the idea was to stop the touchdown…yes it was too late but it was only because of his momentum…

  7. The Panthers have a history of late hits, steroid use allegations and other cheating. If your season is (already) over, why not try to wreck other teams seasons too. This won’t help. Panthers will be 3 and 13.

  8. The reverse-endzone view showed best how-late that hit was – I thought he took two steps in the endzone PLUS the time to fall down on his butt: in another game Sunday a late-hit was called on a ball-carrier with ONE foot out of bounds.
    Coincidentally the last rib injury he had was against Chicago where a player dove at him while he was helpless on the ground on his back.
    Where’s Maurice Jones-Drew in all of this?

  9. McNabb will probably never shed the reputation for being an injury prone quarterback. Many of the national columnists like to bring this up as much as possible. It just sucks that it seemed no one even brought up the point that it was a late hit and bogus that they didn’t get a penalty.
    I guess the writers were to busy building their stories for when Vick will get a chance at the QB spot.

  10. That is pretty ridiculous. When I first saw the hit, I was a little shocked there was no flag for personal foul. It was definitely late and inappropriate since McNabb was already in the endzone.

  11. Thank you, Mike, for being the first person (at least that I’ve seen) to report on the fact that it was a dirty hit. It has looked dirty to me every time I’ve seen it replayed. I didn’t understand why no one else was talking about it.
    It’s just like the hit the Panthers put on McNabb a few years back in the NFC Championship game that also broke his ribs.

  12. Looks like he was possibly trying to go left and got tripped by his own guy then fell on McNabb.

  13. The two Panthers close to McNabb at the goal line were trying to make a play. The first one was trying to swat the ball and cause a fumble. The second player, Lewis, looks too hefty to stop on a dime. Although he did hit McNabb after he crossed the line Lewis has enough momentum while trying to create a play that he just finished his stride. I dont think they should be fined and the ruling was a good one.

  14. Maybe its only Manning, Brady who get the special treatment. I agree that DT would have been fined if it was one of them.

  15. That is a bad decision. If that was Peyton Manning or Tom Brady that guy would have been flagged for a penalty AND fined.

  16. McNabb must not like playing Carolina, between this hit and the cheapshot that knocked him out of the ’03 NFCCG game.

  17. This is disgusting man! this is the same team that assaulted McNabb in the championship game with the same type of late stinkin hit when the man was clearly tackled! Why the red headed step child treatment from the league with one of the games most marketable faces? This needs to be looked at again. FOUL!!!!

  18. That is rediculous. If you watch the video, you see that this guy had plenty of time to pull up or simply not jump on McNabb. Watch how number 96 handled the play, that is how Lewis should have finished the play. 96 knows the play is over, and drops straight to the ground, while Lewis saw an opportunity to take a cheap shot at an unprotected QB. I am not saying that this was a blatant attempt at injuring McNabb, but it highlights how defenses look at the opportunity to get a hit on a QB. This is exactly why they have “protections” in place for QBs, because some defenders will take any chance they can to get an open shot on a QB. That is exactly why this guy should have been fined, to show the players that, while this was not an egregious attempt at harming another player, there needs to be a concious effort to not lay hits on players after the play is dead.

  19. I’m an Eagles hater, and McNabb getting injured is akin to the sun rising in the east.
    But I would call it a late hit.
    The guy had to aim for the ground to get him.

  20. I issue a retraction…….looks different from the back angle.
    That said, happens to running backs and receivers all the time. McNabb was a rusher at that point.

  21. Dirty play by Damione Lewis. It appears to have been a spur of the moment decision to slam into McNabb while he lay on the ground, but it should result in a fine, at least.

  22. if it was tom brady or brett favre it’d be a fine…that’s some bullshit.
    and the eagles signed jeff garcia according to sal pal. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy would andy do that

  23. .
    incidental hand to quarterback’s helmet, flag.
    intentional elbow drop on quarterback’s spine, no flag.
    got it.

  24. People get hit in the end zone all the time. Why should it be different for a quarterback?
    If a QB takes it upon himself to run up the score when they’re already up 31-10 he should be prepared for a little abuse.
    If I were an Eagles fan I’d be more upset that they weren’t playing safe and running the ball in that situation.

  25. Once again, McNabb is a puss….
    I will say Lewis did a god job of disguising the knee to the ribs.

  26. i call BS against the league. we lose our franchise and no fine? if that was brady or peyton, it would be a different story.

  27. Florio, what is a swine dive? its typically a swan dive or did you do that because lewis is 300 lbs haha

  28. Seriously?
    You would think McNabb played for WVU with that kind of analysis…or Lewis played for USC.

  29. Maybe they should start letting the QB`s wear Pink Tu-Tu`s? Once they take off running they should be like any other player. Have you ever tried to stop 350 pounds at full speed. He could have stomped on him trying not to fall on him instead.

  30. It looks like he tried to hold himself up at the end there, but it was a bit late. I couldn’t really tell from the video if the late tackler dived on his team mate full weight or if he was using his arms to keep some of his weight off of McNabb.

  31. So apparently the NFL and Philadelphia is against McNabb. A penalty should’ve been called on that and there should have at least been a fine afterwards. Because I guarantee that if Brady or Manning receive the same hit there is a fine afterwards if not a penalty called right there.

  32. If you look at film of all of McNabb’s games you’ll see way too many hits that would have been flagged if it were another QB. Always been that way and apparently always will.
    “swine dive”
    Most literate people say “swan dive”. But then you’re not literate; you’re “special”.

  33. I have no vested interest in this outcome, but I see nothing that looks actionable with this hit. We need to stop trying to read minds.
    If we force defensive players to step back and examine the exact position on the field that a hit will take place in advance of making the hit, for fear of losing hard-earned money, the only thing we are ensuring is the quality of defensive play will deteriorate as they pull out their surveyors hats and adjust thir angle to arrive at the player prior to crossing essentially an imaginary line (that happens to be represented in 2D on the field and is easily visible from our eye-in-the-sky vantage point, allowing us to easily second guess these decisions.
    I saw nothing more than a guy trying to keep McNabb out of the end zone and having a teammate force him to redirect his momentum.
    Lets TRY to keep the game as pure as possible, while taking reasonable steps to prevent injuries.

  34. The reason for no fine is the league would be hypocritical to fine the Panthers. This kind of flopping on top of players who are already down is very, very common in the NFL. I’ve frequently complained about these kind of soft cheapshots and said that if the league called late hits really strictly they could easily call a dozen each game. Since they don’t in fact call them, it would be hypocritical to fine a team now just because it resulted in a star player being injured. I agree with your sentiments that what the Panthers did was wrong, but either clamp down on all teams or none at all.

  35. Fine or no fine……..It was definately a late hit…..Watch the video, he slows up when McNabb gets into the end zone, then speeds up to pile drive him…….No doubt

  36. Florio, if it were Warner that was hit that way, you wouldn’t be writing anything. Except something about how Warner should expect that in the NFL etc.
    Nice to see others get the shaft from the officiating too.
    Most importantly, you don’t hear McNabb griping about it do you? Just you. You see Mike, that’s because McNabb is a grown up man.

  37. what a joke. that was cheap and late, cleary blatant. the eagles should be p*issed. lewis deserves a fine as does rodney harrison for is ignorant/assanine commentary and attitude.

  38. It’s a late hit even if that were a running back. Once the ball crosses the goal line, it’s a TD and the play is over. If he went out of bounds and got hit like that, tell me it’s not a late hit.

  39. If you are an Eagles fan you might remember your beloved Brian Dawkins spearing WRs and RBs at the end of plays after the whistlewhile they lay on the ground…doesn’t make it okay what happened to McNabb but just sayin’…

  40. VoxVeritas says:
    September 14, 2009 6:36 PM
    cry cry cry Florio. Somebody call a waaahmbulance.
    You really are a 12 year old aren’t ya…….Can you ever watch football with some prospective?…..Or did whomever in an Eagles jersey who beat your ass scar you for life?

  41. Yeah Bigblue…….He did that alot, when he slowed, I know…..Not early in his career…..But as time passed, he definately did…..I admit he dove after the play, doesn’t make it right either way….I could care less if 92 gets fined or whatever, but it was definately late……..he sped up to hit him……

  42. As a former 300+ lb DT and a current official, there is an emphasis placed every year on hitting players in a defenseless position. Lewis had plenty of oppertunity to at the very least “soften” the hit. McNabb had already scored, was on the ground, and the hit was to the back. Every circumstance about that hit was questionable at best. When you combine the factors, I am shocked that there was no disciplinary action.

  43. I guess no one saw the blatant no-call on the Eagles’ TD punt return, but the tape doesn’t lie.
    Guess we have off-setting no-calls. Don’t we?

  44. Damione Lewis is a cheap piece of garbage, that was a late cheap hit and his sole intention was to injure McNabb. Can’t believe he wasnt fined.

  45. Who cares? It is done. If it was a late hit, file it away for next time you play them and pull a Runyan style dive at the pile hit on him. A fine means crap McNabb is hurt and we move on and do not make any excuses.
    If our team is not good because of this injury then the GM nmust be help accountable for not having a suitable replacement.
    We should not cry like the Jersey Giants fans… But Osi was out and Plax shot himself. That is the only reason we lost. Balls said the queen, if I had two I would be king.

  46. I hate to say it but if McNabb was white, there would have been a fine. Apparently the NFL doesn’t care about protecting black quarterbacks.

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