Report: Crabtree leaves the Bay Area

When the first NFL pass thrown to Raiders rookie receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey bounced off his hands, we thought of the guy picked three spots after him, and we wondered whether Michael Crabtree would have made that play.

And that reminded us of a recent development regarding Crabtree.

A report last week that ESPN’s Trent Dilfer recently worked out with Crabtree in the Bay Area prompted speculation that Crabtree was planning to end his holdout and sign with the team.

Over the weekend, reports emerged that Crabtree could indeed be sitting out the season and re-entering the draft.

Earlier tonight, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Crabtree had left the Bay Area, which reasonably is being interpreted as a sign that Crabtree doesn’t plan to cave.

Still, there are rumblings that Crabtree could be ready to take the offer that’s on the table, especially since the dollars might soon be reducing.

It’s not as compelling as some of the drama we’ve seen on the field this weekend, but as off-field soap operas go, this one is pretty entertaining.

UPDATE:  A reader makes a very good point, and we should have put two and two together, given that it was mentioned in a prior post today.  Monday is Crabtree’s birthday, so he possibly went back to Texas to celebrate it.

32 responses to “Report: Crabtree leaves the Bay Area

  1. glad you got your dig in against the raiders. i wouldn’t say it bounced off his hands. the pass was high.

  2. Crabtree is a buffoon!
    The 9’ers should pull the offer from the table and let him re-enter the draft… he’s useless this year to them already.
    Somebody will blow a 4th or 5th round comp pick on the loser and bring him in. Stupid people don’t deserve to be rich, and Crabby is making sure that this comes true.

  3. Matt Maiocco brought up a great point on his blog. It was Crabtree’s birthday this weekend, so he probably went home to spend it with his family.
    He has to sign soon. He has a team of advisors who cannot actually think sitting out the year would be beneficial. Within a week he’s signed. Bank on it.

  4. Um, is it possible that Crabtree is going back to Texas to celebrate his birthday with family and friends?

  5. I tend to comment a lot lately voiceing my opinion on the opinions of this blog and alot of the time its arguementive but sometimes I agree with this blogs writers too. But still this is one of my favorite websites if not my favorite. But I say that to say this.
    I use to come on the website and F5 repeately b/c this use to be the place where I could find the news first. But recently well basically sense NBC partnered with this site the news has been late. Most of the times just hours behind ESPN, NFLN , , team websites etc. but sometimes days behind. I dont know if its b/c of new responsibilties to NBC or radio spots or other career things not pertaining to the advancement of but something is making the website suffer. I dunno if u guys need more writers or what its not my place to say.
    Im just saying as a huge fan of this site thats going to continue to come here no matter what its been going down hill as of late. The news is so late half of the things I read I already know. It was never like that before I use to get all my NFL news here. I mean just b/c the traffic has went up as of late doesnt mean the site got better it just means more people know about it now.
    If other diehard orginal PFT fans feel the same way let em know maybe they will here us.

  6. Thanks Mom & Dad for the blinged out Rolex watch you got me for my birthday…but yeah, you’ll have to find some way to pay for it on your own since I’m a complete moron and haven’t signed yet and hence, I have no portion of the guaranteed millions I would’ve made already to give you. But the watch is great…maybe when I sign in the 2nd or 3rd round next year you’ll have it paid off.
    Love, your son

  7. Hey Crabtree , you are the man . I admire your tough stance and your new found dedication to national service. Yes , go ahead and join the Army and see the world for $ 200.00 a month ; after all , that’s what most American 21 year olds do when they can’t get a job.
    Football ? Who needs it . Honor and pride should come first , right ? An enlistment is only three years and that’ll give you plenty of time to make up your mind . I’m sure the 49er’s will understand .

  8. So if Crabtree reenters the draft is he going to go and live with his parents again or sumtin? How is he going to make his money? No college degree or anything so this idot better hope he knows what hes doing because at 22 26 million is every kids dream.
    Thank god the Pack took Raji instead of this moron

  9. Crabtree left to celebrate his birthday. He has since added a Cookie Puss ice cream cake to his list of demands.

  10. “…# tdprog1 says: September 14, 2009 11:00 PM
    this is the biggest douche bag in the history of the NFL…”
    ..except he isn’t officially in the NFL yet.
    That title still belongs to T.O., or 85, or Jerry Jones, or, oh nevermind.

  11. Or, if it’s a ploy like B.J. Raji used in Green Bay, he might have left the area in a desperate attempt to force the 49ers hand. Worked for Raji who was signed rather quickly thereafter.

  12. The quality of the site has certainly gone down. My friend, who has some sources in the NFL, used to give me the info almost moments before or right as it would go up on PFT. Now its way before, today for example, he was telling me that Basket was headed out of Philly well before PFT had it up.
    I think the problem is not lack of writers, or more obligations, but possibly the fact that they have to be right. If PFT says Terry Bradshaw is dead and is wrong, no one cares, if NBC says Terry Bradshaw is dead than thats another story.
    Theres a lot of things I can get past about this site, Florio’s tendency to have an opinion about a team and stick with it regardless, Florio inserting his opinion into every news article, and of course the random tangents and assumptions, but I will not be a regular visiter of this site if the quality heads in the same direction and I am getting all my info from my friend, ESPN, and NFLN well before it shows up here. I can leave comments on all those sites too Florio.

  13. “Earlier tonight, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Crabtree had left the Bay Area, which reasonably is being interpreted as a sign that Crabtree doesn’t plan to cave.”
    Go back to the draft…….!!!!!

  14. Or it could be that he is close to signing the contract and his agent asked him to leave town to give themselves a tiny bit of leverage to get back the 200K he lost from week 1. Why is he even in the Bay Area if he’s going to sit out the season?

  15. What I hate more than anything is these posters who constantly tell Florio how late he is with this news or that news. Some of you act like you are on top of every story and have the inside scoop on all that his happening. If you know so much ahead of time, build your own damn site and stop coming to this one. By the time you get the scoop on what has happened you are late because you learned it from someone else…all of us who aren’t personally talking to the “MAIN” person involved is late on the scoop…rather you heard it on your local news at 12pm or read it on PFT at 4pm, you’re late…so shut the hell up

  16. Maybe he went home to get a job while he waits. Is this guy already well-off or something? How can you sit around not working, generating income? Who’s paying for him to flounder around all this time?

  17. Who says the 49ers need Crabtree? They did just fine without him on Sunday.
    People talk about T.O., Brandon Marshall, Chad Ochocinco and all the others as being divas. At least they’ve done something in the league. Crabtree, the 10th pick in the draft, thinks he’s entitled to veteran money before he’s even played a down in the NFL.
    I hope he falls out of the first round if he enters the draft again. Let him see what it’s like being one of those guys who earn every penny they receive in the NFL.

  18. if crabdiva doesnt sign soon and does sit out, there is no guarentee he will even be a 1st rounder, especially with dez bryant coming out next year as well as others. who will want to put up with his BS.sign now dude b4 its too late

  19. Trent Differ worked out with Crabtree, gee, one bloody stupid jerk working out with another bloody stupid jerk.

  20. craptree want’s to sit out all season? go ahead, and next draft when ur picked in the 20’s, u can hold out again saying you should have been picked in the top 5 2 years ago. the 49ers don’t need u,as u saw them pass all over the nfc champs on the road. we want winners , players who want to win… not craptree who wants his money , before he even plays. by the way, ask ur agent about the rookie salery cap dumbass. now the fans h8 craptree. he has no chance to be good anytime soon. see mike williams.

  21. does this kid have paremts? dont they have any say with him? maybe his mommy will straighten him out after his birthday party. who raises a kid to behave like the world owes him something just because he can catch a ball! if he was raised by parents with any integrity at all he will be set straight by the time he gets back from birthday partyin. if his parents dont say anything to him, then it becomes clear why he behaves in such a disgraceful manner!

  22. As nauseated and angry as I was with my Raiders and their selection of Heywood-Jablome at #7 overall, I thank the good lord every day that we did not waste our pick on Craptree.

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