Rex Ryan's emotions come through after first win

Maybe Rex Ryan is actually Dick Vermeil’s son, after all.

Ryan, the first-year coach of the Jets who won his first NFL game on Sunday, became choked up after the victory.

As Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News points out, the 24-7 thumping of the Texans came in the same city where Ryan’s father, Buddy, once thumped co-worker Kevin Gilbride upside the head. (As Cimini also points out, Rex Ryan recently joked that, when he saw the incident on television, he assumed that he’d be doomed to a career coaching college football at the Division I-AA level. He’s not the only one who made that assumption.)

“It meant a lot to him,” Jets guard Brandon Moore said. “He had to work his way up to get his chance and he wins his first game.  A lot of coaches don’t get that opportunity.”

“It feels great,” Ryan said. “You know, shoot, I’m glad we’re 1-0. That’s where we expected to be.”

But it’s also where the Texans expected to be, along with Houston fans and media who previously expected the team to go to the playoffs for the first time in the franchise’s eight-season history and who now expect them to go 0-16 after losing to a non-playoff team with a rookie head coach, a rookie starting quarterback, and an embattled G.M. who finds himself dealing with an injury-reporting mess created by a former head coach with a bad habit of saying too little and a former starting quarterback with a bad habit of saying too much.

For now, though, the Jets have the aura of a team destined to play in the middle of January, and the Texans have the stink of a squad doomed for the basement of the ultra-competitive AFC South.

And while we’ve got no beef with Rex Ryan shedding a few tears, we’re still bracing for the torrent of expletives that will fly after he endures one of the inevitable defeats that are coming, possibly as soon as next week against New England.

We’ll have more details about the Week One game between the Jets and the Texans in a One-Liners entry.  Hopefully without a torrent of expletives.

11 responses to “Rex Ryan's emotions come through after first win

  1. My God, Florio, it’s game one. Crowning the Jets and ceding the first pick in the draft to the Texans seems a little over the top.

  2. Gotta hand it to the Jesters. They came out and dominated the Texans in all phases yesterday.
    It will be interesting to see if Rex can keep his team’s ego in check now that they have had a taste of success. As inclined as I am to agree with Florio that the Jesters will be brought back down to earth next week, their pass rush combined with New England’s questionable protection could cause problems.

  3. Haha tannenbaum was never “embattled” except on your site. He’s a greAT gm even an idiot with blue and rose colored
    glasses can see the job he’s done when it comes to creativly bringing talent in here. His only mistake is sitting in Cleveland leaking cliches..

  4. Texans looked really, really bad. They’ve got some weapons, but who’s gonna get them the ball?
    As for Ryan… he was emotional because he’d just seen his cholesterol count…

  5. Gotta hand it to the Jets; they looked pretty good yesterday. Have to keep in mind though, the Texans looked AWFUL. I’ll reserve judgment until later in the season when boy wonder has faced not only better competition, but a playoff atmosphere.

  6. Embattled GM?? If I start a blog and rumor does it make it truth? You are the ONLY one that had Tanny on the hot seat… and you had him there as recently as July. I hate when fan’s complain about biased coverage but with you and the Jets it might be right.
    You also reported that Tanny would not be able to get a coach to come to the Jets after Eric M and that Mangini was going to be “black balled” from the league or some other nonesense?
    When it comes to the Jets you clearly have some slant and rarely get things right. Is Tanny really in an injury reporting mess right now??? Will you soothsayer please clue us in as to what may happen with said mess.

  7. yes, the texans looked terrible. yes, it’s only one game. yes, we’ll have to wait till later in the year to see if they’re for real or not.
    that being said, it’s pretty quiet in here with all the “Jests” haters. calling sanchez a bust after his first freaking training camp pick? “oh he looked good in preseason, but wait till he plays in a REAL game.”
    well, sanchez did make a couple mistakes, as rookies will inevitably do. but he also looked poised, confident, strong, accurate, and versatile, and looks to be one hell of a good starting qb, a possible pro-bowler in the not-so-distant future. after having pennington’s accuracy and IQ, and favre’s strong arm (and lack of IQ), he looks like he could be the perfect blend of those two, with the savvy to make it in NY. we’ll see.
    he also showed that you don’t need to go out and get an all-pro (diva) WR as long as the guys you have can catch the damn ball. cotchery, stuckey and keller looked great, as did the running game.
    i’m not even going to get into the defense. houston is supposed to be somewhat of a juggernaut and couldn’t do ANYTHING, and the jets didn’t even have ellis or pace. they finally have a defense with some balls, and anyone who thinks this team is rebuilding or is going to lay down has another thing coming… they have a tough schedule, especially in the next three weeks, and i don’t expect them to win all those games and go to the super bowl or anything, but this team is well underrated and should be good for the next few years.

  8. illspaz … I thought you said you weren’t going to get into the defense 🙂
    Jets fan for 30 years…liking our outlook…maybe not this year but barring injury, it’s coming…

  9. Hello! You play to win the game!
    Any team at this level can win a game on Sunday.
    JETS vs. PATS. Can’t wait!

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