Seymour strikes with a sack

Defensive lineman Richard Seymour, playing for the Raiders only two days after reporting for duty and only eight days after being traded from the Patriots, made his presence instantly felt with a first-quarter sack.

It puts him on pace for 64.0 sacks for the season.

And Seymour already is lining up at various positions — left end, right end, and tackle.  The sack came on a first down play with Seymour lined up on the right end.

Though we still don’t believe that he was happy to be traded to the Raiders, we definitely believe his vow to be the one on top of the quarterback.

The Raiders lead 7-0 as of this posting.  You can follow the action right here at

24 responses to “Seymour strikes with a sack

  1. Let’s see… should we believe un-named sources and a bitter ex-player or the only 3 people involved in the actual situation, Davis, Cable and Seymour?
    You Florio are either completely biased or a complete moron. It’s apparently lose, lose for the Raiders. Speculation that he was unhappy about the trade but let’s wait and see. Then the guy comes out and gives his reasoning (family) and you still don’t believe him.
    Again, you’re and idiot.

  2. “…# hayward giablommi says: September 14, 2009 11:19 PM
    …damn right he’s going to be racking up the sacks…”
    hey hayward, he’s not a Patsie anymore.
    You can crowbar your nose out of his asscrack now.

  3. no offense but has jamarcus thrown a spiral yet? he’s got the arm but what the hell?
    aside from that, the running game is looking really good.

  4. Unfortunately, he’s also getting a first hand look at why this team will never have a chance. Al Davis suing his partners for 20 years = THIS.

  5. Seriously, the more I think about it, the more I think that was a good trade for the Raiders.
    So what if they gave up a first round pick for him. He’s a great player. If they kept the pick, they’d just burn it on another receiver that can’t catch (Heyward-Bey), another QB with no accuracy who stares down his receivers (Russel), or another bust (Michael Huff, Fabian Washington, Robert Gallery, and so on). I mean, they have 2 good first round picks in the last decade – McFadden and Asomugha. Richard Seymour is instantly one of their top 5 players. Much better than a 1 in 5 chance of getting a legit player.

  6. He’s obviously hating his trip to the west coast. He’s obviously got a chip on his shoulder. I can see why you’re “not buying into the love affair”.

  7. thank you belicheck…I wonder if Pioli would have made that move..Seymor has definatly still got it…The question is in 2011 whos pick will be lower the pats pick or the raiders one. the balance of power in the afc has swung on this deal…they got no pressure on edwards tonight with a ROOKIE offensive line…we (jets) are going to win by 10 write it down

  8. oh, crap. The Raiders are keeping it close. So much for us posting a bunch of mularkey if, “Things get outta hand”. Did I mention they got robbed of a TD?

  9. He could get 64.0 sacks this year, and it would still be a horrible deal for the Raiders unless they can sign him long term (they won’t)
    The Raiders are still going nowhere this season, which means they gave up a high 1st rounder for a guy that’s going to play for one season.

  10. Now he’s only on pace for 32 sacks.
    Try finding the “Raiders got fleeced giving up a 1st-round pick (two years from now) for an aging (29?) d-lineman” crowd now.
    Think New England might want a do-over on that trade after struggling mightly before snatching a lucky win vs. the Bills while Seymour was a force vs. SD?
    No, you’re right, I’d much rather have a draft pick two years from now who won’t be of help for at least 3 years and has only a 50/50 chance of ever being any good, than have a bona fide 5-time Pro Bowler and one of the best d-linemen of his generation today.

  11. AutumnWind999, you can also rephrase that to:
    “I’d much rather have a top 10 draft pick two years from now with a rookie salary cap in place because Seymour wasn’t going to be able to be re-signed after this year anyway without screwing up the Pats salary cap. The Raiders can rent Seymour for one year for that first rounder, after which he will leave for another team. Unless Grandpa ridiculously overpays him (as he normally does in these matters) and keeps screwing up his salary cap that stops the Raiders from building a competitive team and allows that top 10 pick to be a top 3 pick.”
    Check back in 2 years. I’ll take odds on that scenario.

  12. @madsqgrdn
    Spoken like a true JESTS fan after game 1. If the JESTS lose next week you (and big mouth Rex) will be DEVASTATED. If the Pats lose it’s just one game out of 16 and time to prepare for Atlanta.
    And then, after the JESTA’s lose a couple of games you can start the annual “WE CAN’T BELIEVE WE’RE NOT AS GOOD AS WE KEEP TELLING OURSELVES” Jets inferiority complex bleatings that emanate from GIANTS stadium every Fall. Then again you’ll always have the girls at Gate D to take your mind off of it; instead of that lame “Jets-Jets-Jets” chants you can change it to “Tits-Tits-Tits.”
    Don’t make the chant more than 4 letters however as Jets fans can only spell at the 2nd grade level (after their Ritalin dose).

  13. So he’ll have a good year this year. After the Raiders finish 4-12, he will leave tread marks on his way out and the Raiders will be on the hook for our #1 pick in 2011.
    Face it: We fleeced you guys. Again.

  14. FloriosHairHat says:
    hey hayward, he’s not a Patsie anymore.
    No shit, asshole.
    You obviously missed the point of what I was saying, failing miserably.

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