Urlacher will have wrist surgery

With the Week One game against the Packers on the line and linebacker Brian Urlacher on the sidelines with an injury, we wondered what Bobby Wade might have said that Jay Cutler might have said about the leader of the Chicago defense.

If Cutler had said anything, Urlacher would have been justified to punch the quarterback in the mouth.

With his left hand.

Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune reports that Urlacher will undergo surgery to repair a dislocated right wrist.

The injury occurred in the first quarter of the 21-15 loss at Lambeau Field.  X-rays confirmed the problem at halftime.

The extent of Urlacher’s absence isn’t known.  The Bears are hopeful that he won’t be out for long.

Based on last night’s performance by Cutler, the Bears also might be hoping that Urlacher’s surgically-repaired list will permit him to play quarterback, too.

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  1. Good job reporting Florio, but there is no way you need surgery to repair a list, an eraser should do just fine.

  2. And what were the concerns coming into the year for Bears fans not blinded by the Jay Cutler kool-aid tour?
    QB prone to terrible decision making…
    Suspect offensive line…
    Possibly the worst receiving corps in the league…
    Thin, injury prone defense…
    Uh Oh.

  3. This is the beginning of the end for Urlacher. There’s a lot of mileage on the tires — 31 is ancient by NFL standards. He clearly won’t be as effective the rest of the season.
    I remember Urlacher’s contract extension having a relatively small signing bonus, which the Bears will eat.
    Unless the guy takes a pay cut next year.

  4. Bobby Wade can fly to Chicago now and take care of Urlacher now that he has been released from the Vikings.
    Too bad Wade didn’t keep his moth shut, Bears could use a receiver that knows how to run routes.
    Hester looked sharp for most of game, too bad Cutler is pushing the ball to his Vandy buddy.

  5. as long as turner is in charge of the bears offense anybody who plays qb is going to look bad.go ahead and get your digs in now florio as I expect you will be jumping on his bandwagon when he and the bears start playing good.butwho knows when that will be with this awful play calling.let’s see we threw to to hester once for a td so we won’t call his number again and we get off the bus running so that’s what we will do once we get a lead no matter how many guys are lined up for it.and hey that sweep play does not work so let’s keep running it.Joe montana would look bad trying to run this offense get rid of turner now!

  6. Urlacher out for the season according to the Chicago Tribune.
    Brian Urlacher appears to be out for the season after dislocating his right wrist, the linebacker said Monday. The team has not given the official word, but Lovie Smith is expected to address the issue during his afternoon press conference.
    Urlacher injured his wrist in the first quarter of Sunday’s 21-15 loss to the Packers. He was ruled out after halftime.
    When asked about his status Monday, Urlacher said in a text message that his “season is over.”
    He was scheduled to undergo surgery Monday morning upon the team’s arrival back in Chicago from Green Bay. A dislocated bone had to be surgerically put back in. The surgery might have revealed more extensive damage.

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