Vikings-Browns one-liners

The Vikings registered five sacks and nine hurries of Browns QB Brady Quinn during Minnesota’s 34-20 loss win.

Vikings coach Brad Childress says he thought the failed game-opening onside kick was a “slam dunk.”  (And, sometimes, slam dunks clank off the back of the rim.)

Vikings QB Brett Favre completed passes to seven different receivers, but none for more than 21 yards.

Rookie WR Percy Harvin thought that Favre would celebrate their touchdown connection by bumping chests; instead, Favre tackled him.  (Hey, at least it wasn’t a chop block.)

From the “How was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?” file, the Vikings special teams did a good job — except when Josh Cribbs took a punt 67 yards for a touchdown.

Browns WR Braylon Edwards took the blame for a Quinn interception on which it appeared that Vikings CB Cedric Griffin was the intended receiver.

Quinn took the broader blame for the loss, which included a Garo Yepremian routine from the third-year quarterback.

The columnists realize it’s a new regime in Cleveland, but they see the same sort of team.

DE Robaire Smith addressed a second-half collapse that saw a three-point lead become as much as a 21-point deficit:  “They flat-out outplayed us in the second half.  We have to
come back out there with the same intensity, the same fire we had in
the first half.  We can’t come in and be satisfied with a three-point
lead or just being in a game.”

The loss threw water on LB D’Qwell Jackson’s preseason non-prediction prediction:  “I’m not making a prediction, but we’ll be a damn good team this year.”

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  1. Mrs Lincoln said the play was not so good.
    The vikings gave up the most TD’s on returns last season and that trend continues.
    That means a lack of qualiy depth players that have to play on kick teams.

  2. Rookie WR Percy Harvin thought that Favre would celebrate their touchdown connection by bumping chests; instead, Favre tackled him.
    ….. adding that that was initially what set off Harvin’s Gaydar.

  3. The Vikings registered five sacks and nine hurries of Browns QB Brady Quinn during Minnesota’s 34-20 loss.
    I thought Minnesota won

  4. Might wanna fix that first one, Florio. “[Minnesota’s] 34-20 loss”?
    [Insert snide, witty comment about how Florio is a terrible journalist and too cheap to hire decent editors.]

  5. What a shock! Kneel and Bob Nelson running down the Vikes. Bob, watch your own bobber. Green Bay has got a lot of problems.

  6. Gosh amighty. I’ve been gone for a few months and I visit and see none other than Bob. On the Vikings page. No WAY, BOB! Damn, I’ve missed you. I’ve been in the land of intelligent and stimulating conversation for so long, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to read your ideas here. I should have stayed in Kansas with the little dog and the chick with the shoes. And the Scarecrow. He was more interesting than Jimmy, and the Lion (from Oz, not Detroit) is more articulate than literally anybody from Wisconsin at the moment. At least the ones in the bowling alleys. Dorothy grew up and, well, that’s all I’ll say about that.
    Adrian Peterson will use all the anti-Favre heat and head-fake, stiff-arm and bulldoze your 3-4 D into the walls at Lambeau, boys. Hoot all you want about beating Chicago last night, Cheesers. There are a few high school teams in Texas that would have humbled The Teddies with that stunningly bad QB performance. Way to go, Rodgers. Nice come back late. Good thing you had 4 additional possessions thanks to ‘Ol Jay. Nice to have a final shot and a guy that can catch it deep. Otherwise, you blew up exactly zero skirts. You dominated no one and were able to capitalize on mistakes handed to you. Jared Allen is watching your tape right now and deciding how to eat you for dinner. Your O line needs help, Rogers. Jared specializes in Safeties, by the way. Good to know you have experience in that (on-your-back-in-the-your-endzone) thing.
    All Bob has to hate on is a returned punt. Jimmy showed up elsewhere puking some usual tripe. I’ll take that every damn week when AD runs for 180, Bobby. I also like the INT stat for the geezer. Goose Egg. Nice. If Geez does that every week and AD owns the turf every week, and there are some third down completions and few idiotic coaching moves, I’ll be crowing every Monday.

  7. You know what they say, The National Toiletry Motto For Saving Water.
    “If it’s Yellow , let it mellow. If it’s Brown, FLUSH IT DOWN.”

  8. I watched that game. and was a total meltdown in the secound half. as it was a adrian peterson show. on the 64 yard td he pushed the browns players around like rag dolls. going to be a long season for the brownies.

  9. Bob Nelson is a Whiney Titty Baby says:
    The usual Bob Nelson rant. Where are your boys Jimmy, jimi, and Dewey Headwound?
    Dewey is a Bears fan. Ergo, it will be a while before we see him again. Nice username. You know what they say about imitation..

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