Adrian Wilson might be facing a one-game suspension

The Cardinals might end up losing more than the game they played on Sunday against the 49ers.

The defending NFC champs also might be losing safety Adrian Wilson for a game.

Wilson drew a flag Sunday for his hit to 49ers tight end Vernon Davis.  Coupled with the fact that the league warned him in 2008 that the next infraction for an illegal hit would result in a one-game suspension and a $50,000 fine, Wilson might be destined for an extra bye week.

Even with the suspension potentially looming, Wilson says he won’t be changing a thing.

“I’m a ballplayer, man,” Wilson said Monday, according to the Arizona Republic.  “The rules are what they are, but at the end of a day I’m a football player and I’m going to do what’s best to try and disengage the ball.  I won’t change nothing that I’m doing.”

That attitude will only set him up for more penalties, fines, and suspensions in the future.

And it will do nothing to help him avoid a suspension for what he did on Sunday.

UPDATE:  Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Wilson will merely be fined for the most recent hit, not suspended.  But if he doesn’t plan to change his ways, a suspension is inevitable.

23 responses to “Adrian Wilson might be facing a one-game suspension

  1. One of the dirtiest players in the league. The only player I’ve ever seen steam roll a holder on a successful FG attempt.

  2. give me a break he went to hit the ball with his helmet and barely clipped the other players helmet and it did dislodge the ball which is his job……why dont you talk about how pansy the game has gotten instead of harping an a defense of player that has always done the right thing in and outside of the game its football not afternoon tea

  3. I saw so many B.S. calls this weekend it as depressing. Goddell is ruining the game. You can barely tackle a QB without taking a penalty. It is football, it is dangerous, and you will get hurt. Deal with it.

  4. Considering it was a legal hit, he shouldn’t change a thing, Florio.
    So considering “what he did on Sunday,” he won’t be suspended a game.

  5. Hey Mike-How about watching the hit before mouthing off about what A-Dub supposedly did on Sunday. He made the kind of play a safety is supposed to make. His job is to dislodge the ball from the receiver and that’s what he did. A-Dub did not launch himself. He did not lower his helmet.
    He led with his shoulder and a portion of his helmet caught Vernon Davis as he was coming down from going up for the ball. Maybe in the
    NFL touch league 2009 that’s a penalty, but to call it an illegal hit that would lead to a suspension is an utter joke. And Mike what should Adrian say about the hit? Some B.S. fake apology for what has been a clean hit for decades in the NFL? Yeah right…

  6. Florio hates on the cards again. Actually, the last thing cards fans need is Florio in their corner.
    AW is a hard @#&. Deal with it.

  7. “And it will do nothing to help him avoid a suspension for what he did on Sunday.”
    Floria, I think you menat to Say “And it wont do nothin to help him avoid a suspension for what he did on Sunday.”

  8. The hit was far from legal… he lead with his helmet… there is plenty of evidence that justifies a suspension and a fine. It was the same type of hit (helmet to helmet) that A.Boldin suffered last year that left his jaw on the turf. Anyone who justifies the hit as legal is a fool. The players must be protected.

  9. @FastEddy415
    That’s not how you spell Eddie.
    Anywho, personally I didn’t think the hit was illegal. Brutal? Yes. Illegal, no.
    What FastEddie415 just said was exactly what the announcers calling the game said. And since announcers calling the game are misinformed and under-educated, I have a rule. The rule is, the correct position is usually the polar opposite of the announcers calling the game.
    “Check 1,2,1,2. A-Dub’s in the house, whatcha gon’ do?”

  10. anyone who thinks the hit was legal should ask keith rivers. sure football is violent and its meant to be played so, but these men are humans, not robots. there has to be some kind of a way to keep it within reason for the safety of both players. just dont hit him in the head on these types of plays. concusssions cause serious problems, not just immediately but down the line as well (see link at bottom). thats not such a ridiculous thing to ask. and i’m sure if nate clements or dashon goldson or patrick willis or anybody wouldve laid a hit like that on your precious little fitzgerald or boldin or whoever you would all be singing quite a different tune. and i’m more than willing to bet that most announcers know quite a bit more about the game than some guy posting on a message board.

  11. Adrian is a girls name…oh, sure you can name a guy Adrian, just like you can name a guy Leslie.
    Their still girl names.

  12. IMO, A-Dub and All-Day have single(double?) handedly claimed the name “Adrian” for the male sex.

  13. Adrian Wilson and Darnell Dockett on the same team…. Great Gang… Nice Defense… BAAAAAAAD Brain Brawl Team….

  14. It was an illegal and dirty hit… he was a defenseless player which is defined as “a player who is attempting to catch a pass before they land their feet on the ground and begin to make a football move.” This applies here… and you would hope he would take a little more responsibility for it seeing as how this rule was put into place because his teammate got jaw broken last year by a similar play…

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