Apparently, Keyshawn called no one a "bum"

Yesterday, we posted an item regarding the Ravens’ 38-point outburst against the Chiefs — and receiver Derrick Mason’s post-game outburst against ESPN’s Keyshawn Johnson.

The verbal assault was prompted by this line from Keyshawn during a recent media conference call:  “You want a bum, you pay a bum.”

When writing the blurb initially, which was based directly on an item from Mike Freeman of documenting Mason’s comments, my cranium temporarily had been inserted into an opening other than the one created by a straw hat, and I mistakenly wrote that Keyshawn had uttered that phrase in reference to Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

ESPN contacted us Monday night to point out the error, and to request that we correct the story. 

Without hesitation, we did.  Clearly, Keyshawn wasn’t talking about Flacco.  (Of course, it didn’t change the fact that Mason unloaded on Keyshawn, but we usually aspire to be mostly accurate.)

So we thought the case was closed.  And, once again, we were wrong.

We heard from ESPN today, requesting that we again change the article, which now attributes Keyshawn’s “bum” statement generally to the Ravens receivers. 

But what the hell should we change it to? 

Here’s the relevant portion of the transcript, as provided to us in the e-mail from ESPN asking that we revise it further.
Cris Carter:  “One thing I have to respect of [G.M.] Ozzie [Newsome] in Baltimore, they have a philosophy to their team.  They have a philosophy . . . spend money on Ray Lewis and defense to keep people off of Ray.  They’ve won that way and I’m not going to knock that.  They only have a certain number of dollars out of that pie still available for the wide receivers.  Wide receivers, you get what you pay for.  You don’t spend no money on them, that’s what you going to get.”


Keyshawn Johnson:  “Hey it is true though.  You want a bum, you pay a bum.”

OK, so if Johnson isn’t referring to the Ravens receivers, who in the hell is he referring to? 

Meanwhile, we’ve contacted Freeman directly to confirm that we haven’t completely lost our damn minds, and Freeman has fired off a response that makes Mason’s attack on Keyshawn look like an exchange between Chip and Dale.

So if any of you have any idea as to whom Keyshawn is referring to, please let us know.

46 responses to “Apparently, Keyshawn called no one a "bum"

  1. I wish I could snap my fingers and make ESPN go away.
    The only decent personality they have is The Herd.
    Everybody else is rehashed crap that steals stories from others and claim them as their own by saying…”ESPN has learned….”

  2. Baltimore is a good team. Their receiver corp is suspect. It’s just a fact. They step up from time to time (see Tennessee), but they are not thoroughbred wide receivers who command attention. It’s just fact.
    Sorry your feelings got hurt Mason. You bum.

  3. My hat goes off to both PFT and Freeman for sticking to their guns on this one. ESPN is obviously terrible with the exception of Ditka, Berman and maybe a few others, when it comes to the NFL. Finally Keyshawn is being told what all of us already thought. The only problem is that it is coming from one of his “peers” rather than one of ESPN’s sponsors customers. From my count this is the second time a current NFL WR has called out Keyshawn for being a tool. I’m sure more have but we havent heard about it or I just didn’t notice, which is entirely possible. I think everyone would rather laguh at Emmitt Smith and his inability to speak the English language or Michael Irvin attempt to be fashionable then see Keyshawn continue to have any links to the NFL. Move on.

  4. My first inclination was to alert you that Key was referring to the PFT staff but that little “HAHA” seemed like hitting a Beachball with a Tennis Racket off of a Tee. Instead Im on your side here.Lay the freaking lumber to ’em, Florio! ESPN, again, is playing the bully. If thats indeed the transcript then its obvious Key was referring to the Ravens Wr’s as “Bum”s. You corrected it once and thats good enough. I guess Im not sure what the problem is considering that the Ravens Receivers are in the same class as the Titans, 49ers, Raiders, Dolphins, Redskins, and Rams. Theyre not exactly going to fill out the Pro Bowl roster on the offensive side primarily because theyre BUMS.
    @ ESPN… STFU, already, before you end up like Fox Sports Net.

  5. Another awkward moment for the lawyer turned very successful blogger- and finding increased scrutiny.
    Maybe some better quality control would help. Then again PFT’s own ombudsman might help- oh wait you do not have one…

  6. You took it all out of context. MeShawn was referring to himself.
    Think of it this way.
    “Hey Baltimore. You want a Bum? Pay me!!!”

  7. Keyshawn and Cris were called out for saying something stupid and now they are back tracking…
    Stay strong Mike.
    They are still stinging from the Ben ROethlisberger cover up and b/c you and NBC are beating them to just about every scoop.

  8. Keyshawn is right. After Mason the Ravens receiver’s are bums! The Ravens won’t pay for a top flight receiver; however they may not have to if Kelly Washington continues to develope and they “Give him the Damn Ball!”

  9. Don’t worry about it, Mike. ESPN sucks anyways. There is absolutely NO reason to watch that network anymore. I get all my sports news elsewhere. I can’t stand ESPN.

  10. I prefer is you just keep running Derek Mason’s comments on Keyshawn. I think he summed up the situation the best. Meshawn is/was an overated loudmouth has been who was thrown off his team because he sucked on and off the field!
    His claim to fame is he opened the door for guys like TO and Brandon Marshall to be what they are today! Congrats

  11. Hey, ESPN can’t bully Florio. Only WE can bully Florio!!!
    Tell ESPN they can take Keyshawn’s matching shoes and hankerchief and shove them so far up, they can polish their tonsils with ’em!

  12. Ravens fan here and it sounds to me as if he is adding to the argument and not directly calling anyone a bum.

  13. After reading the quote a few times, Keyshawn was, in my opinion, just making a generalized statement about the money spent (or lack of) on players. I didn’t take it that he was referring to the Raven’s receivers in particular…just piggy backing Carter’s comment. Which I believe was a more direct slam on the Raven receivers. Chris Carter is the one making the implication/comparison directly!

  14. Florio keep writing the way you write and reporting on the things you report on. You are clearly (relatively speaking) as non-biased as it comes. I hate ESPN for what it has become and what they have left behind. They represent shameful NFL coverage, obvious bias for potential heisman candidates in specific covered conferences…i.e. SEC, and just poor and I mean poor reporting. They pulled Adam Schefter in with money to firm up Clayton and Werner. My guess because it was becoming too apparent that bias/sloppy coverage/piss poor coverage was making them look bad. I can’t remember the name of the Cowboy fan taunting Werner, but that Romo situation was a classic example. Bristol will soon implode, or at least only one can hope.

  15. Media bitch-fight!
    Florio and Mort outside by the playground after school. But don’t let the teachers find out.

  16. I am no fan of Keyshawn…he is a jackass.
    It is pretty obvious to me though that he was trying to say that you get what you pay for.
    Want a fun drinking game while you are watching football? Every time Keyshawn says “at the end of the day” take a drink.
    Make sure you aren;t driving anywhere that day – you’ll be smashed.

  17. This is pretty hilarious…. ESPN is pathetic… just own up to it! Obviously CC was saying that the ravens WR’s are crap because they don’t spend money on the position, and key responded by saying their WR’s are bums…. how can you try to spin that any other way ?! People are not ignorant as ESPN would like to believe

  18. Keyshawn is an ass… that is exactly what he meant and what mason said was correct.. Keyshawn still wants to play but cant because no one wants his slow ass…BUM

  19. We all know how Carter and K. Johnson shamelessly attack current players on that set. It sounds like ESPN wants to whitewash this story to protect their guys. Analysts who I think are way too aggressive vis-a-vis colleagues and current players in the first place. I don’t mind a critique, but you’ve got to temper what you say sometimes.

  20. Apparently cris carter and keyshawn Johnson are not only bums, but they are f-cking cowards. Man up ladies, you ran your mouth and got called out. Men stand up and apologize or back up their arguments.

  21. I’m not sure why anyone would want to run with this story, considering there is more confusion than there is clarity. I certainly wouldn’t risk a bit of reputation for the purpose of just getting the story out either.
    You do realize that you are asking us for clarification now? That doesn’t exactly speak confidence on the part of the author. I sense some back peddling going on right now.

  22. anyone else chuckling that ESPN is asking YOU to alter stories?
    tell them you’ll correct it as soon as they report on the Ben Roethlisberger rape case…… oh wait.

  23. Be Easy with ESPN, as much as you knock them, you wouldnt even have a site if it wasnt for them. 90% of the articles start with “clayton of espn is reporting” or “mortensen has just reported” schefter of espn has confirmed the deal” then you have some bizarre cult following on here agreeing about espn saying they dont know football. Im pretty certain cris carter, jackson, etc understand football a lil more than everyone else.

  24. Sorry, Florio. Time to punt
    Keyshawn is citing a well understood element of economic pricing principles. As a former WR he’s supporting Cris’ observation on a value theory as it applies to the position.
    It would be wrong to infer he is directing this comment to any particular team personnel.

  25. “…ESPN contacted us Monday night to point out the error, and to request that we correct the story…”
    IOW, they threatened, in no uncertain terms, too sue your ass.

  26. “Don’t worry about it, Mike. ESPN sucks anyways. There is absolutely NO reason to watch that network anymore. I get all my sports news elsewhere. I can’t stand ESPN.”
    No reason? Where could I have watched the Charger game last night? I am a huge Charger fan and I would have watched the game on a iPod broadcast on the woman’s knitting network for dead muppet’s if I had too. So, pray tell, where could I have seen the game?
    And, I really wish I could have skipped those morons Mike and Ike. What were they talking about anyways.

  27. Ok since it looks like we have bashed Florio plenty, my guess is that Keyshawn was referring to the conept in the abstract, not the ravens receivers specifically. Cris Carter was talking specifically and made the comment, but Keyshawns agreement was a general statement as to what happens for any team that doesn’t spend money on receivers.
    Now look what you’ve done Florio, I’m defending Keyshawn……grrrr

  28. Ok first:
    Go Florio!
    I don’t get all the people calling Chris Carter a bum, as in crappy athlete/receiver. Keyshawn I get, but Carter? Carter is one of the top 5 most productive receivers of all time and maybe the most clutch guy in the red zone of all time. I’m not Vikings or Eagles fan, but bum? Ok both of em are asses, but Carter a bum?

  29. I wish I could contact my wife and edit the stupid things I’ve said, but it ain’t happening. Keyshawn is a dumbass.

  30. Its actually an easy fix, and doesn’t alter the meaning of Keyshawns comment at all.
    The original article said “during which Johnson at one point said of the Ravens receivers, “You want a bum, you pay a bum.”
    All you would have is one word, “philosophy.”
    So it would read:
    “…during which Johnson at one point said of the Ravens receivers PHILOSOPHY, “You want a bum, you pay a bum.”
    I think that would still convey the same general idea.

  31. I thought he was talking about Rey-Rey…since the only person in Carter’s quote in the singular that was referenced as being paid was Lewis.

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