Chargers-Raiders one-liners

The Chargers extended their winning streak against the Raiders to 12 games with a 24-20 win thanks to an 89-yard touchdown drive with 2:34 remaining in the game.

Said Chargers QB Philip Rivers, “I don’t know about
‘pretty’ and ‘ugly’ and all that.  It seems like we’re expected to
win a certain way
against Oakland because we have a streak going,
but there’s no reason to assume that.  You find a way to win. 
There’s no AP poll where votes matter.  You just find a way to win
and move on.”

Wide receivers Vincent Jackson and Legedu Naanee each made big plays in the fourth quarter to help the Chargers come back and win.

The Chargers didn’t record a sack until less than three minutes remained in the game, as LB Shawne Merriman’s return didn’t do much to help the pass rush.

Injuries to C Nick Hardwick and G Louis Vasquez left the Chargers shorthanded on the line and left Rivers scrambling under pressure.

When QB JaMarcus Russell hit WR Louis Murphy for a 57-yard touchdown with 2:34 remaining, it looked like the Raiders might wind up with the win.

Said Raiders coach Tom Cable, “I’ve been a Raider
since 2007 and I felt like that was the first time in the locker room
after a loss where it really got us in the gut, and that’s a good thing.”

The Raiders defense did a great job through three quarters, but things fell apart in the final 15 minutes.  

Other than that touchdown it was a rough night for Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell, who finished 12 of 30 for 208 yards and threw two interceptions. 

Raiders running backs Darren McFadden and Michael Bush combined for 123 yards on 29 carries.

29 responses to “Chargers-Raiders one-liners

  1. All in all, I see a lot of improvement in the Raiders thus far. Don’t misunderstand me – there’s lots of room for improvement, and there are a few areas we definitely need to polish (namely kicking team, Quarterback, and WR), but I was rather impressed by our run defense, as well as our pressure on D.
    I think Seymour is going to be a smart move as the season progresses, and as soon as Schillenz is back on the field, our pass game will improve immensely.
    The run looks great, and for the first time in years, the O-line is actually opening up some holes for RunDMC and Bush to get through and up the field for yardage.
    I’m looking for the win in KC this Sunday, but I still think we have a long, long row to hoe before we get a shot at the Lombardi again.

  2. Even with a half assed QB, the Raiders would have won relativly easily last night. More 1st downs equals less time on the field for the defence, which sagged late.
    Russell stunk bad, really bad. Dude is so inaccurate, he reminds me of Mike Vick, minus the wheels.
    Seymour was an absolute monster out there, my God man, the guy dominated pretty much every play. He was beating the crap out of San Diego’s O-line, it’s no wonder so many of them ended up injured.
    Seymour was heaven sent, haters.

  3. Is there a worse starting QB in the league right now?
    Absolutely on another level of bad. Whenever he throws outside the numbers, he misses by 10 yards. Inexcusable.
    How anyone didn’t see that bust coming is beyond me.
    Might be time to explore some other options at QB. Russell is not the answer.

  4. As an ex-Raider fan, I’m tired of watching a dumb team. They had to dumb down the offense for Russell. They had to dumb down the defense so they would get it etc. Did you notice that SD finally put together their drives late? That is because they adjusted to the Raiders defense. Next will be worse and so on. The days of Vince Lombardi running things vanilla but focusing on execution are over. Schemes matter at this level.
    Before Russell, Davis must go. He has driven his team to the bottom and really can’t go much lower.
    Let’s all just come out and point out the elephant in the room: Russell is a bust. He’s dumb. Because he’s dumb, their offense is limited in what he can get.

  5. Not one mention of the worst officiating call since the tuck rule?
    How long exactly does one need to maintain possession nowadays? I thought two feet, a knee and an elbow on the ground (while in possession of the ball) would be enough. Apparently now you need to maintain possession until you get to the showers.
    As Chris Collinsworth said on Sunday (re: the Bengals but it applies here too): Things like that happen to the Raiders.

  6. Kudos to murphy for his 1st TD. But if he had pulled a westbrook and kneeled at the goalline the raiders might have pulled it out with a rushing TD from bush or mcfadden
    something to think about.

  7. JR was 12 for 3o, but he can throw a ball 75 yards while on one knee…….
    Something tells me in a skills competition, they would need to use a tractor tire for this guy. The object would be to just try to hit it somewhere, anywhere on the 8 foot tire.

  8. The Oaktown football franchise is not going anywhere with JaMarcus Russell at Quarterback.
    His 40% completion rate last night was terrible. So many passes were way off, not even close to catchable.
    This guy can’t run an offense.
    What a bust so far as the #1 player drafted in 2007.
    What did this guy score on the Wonderlic test? Probably neck and neck with Vince Young.

  9. The Chargers did not have an easy time of it and they have to come east a few times this year
    should be fun to watch them get beat when they do
    Rivers better keep his piehole shut or someone will shut it for him

  10. That was an absolute horrible call on the TD. I’m not even a Raiders fan and that hurts. That would have gave them 4 more points and at least a tie to go into overtime. The refs even had review time to get it right and couldn’t what a joke.

  11. Russell is not the answer for the Raiders….. although i will say Murphy looked great. What a steal of a draft pick he turned out to be.
    missed his senior season due to injury, flew underneath a lot of teams’ radars because of that. the kid could always play though. glad the raiders had *some* luck in the draft.
    i feel bad for the franchise. they deserve better

  12. “Not one mention of the worst officiating call since the tuck rule?”
    Ha Ha Ha! You Raider fans crack me up.
    And I still can believe the Raiders took Russell….or that he’s even ON the field.

  13. if rex grossman can get all the derision he has for simply being picked in the first round where is all hate for russell being the #1 pick and not being able to throw the ball anywhere near his recievers?if he completes any passess in the first half then oakland wins the game.this guy could not hit the broadside of a barn standing next to it yet is treated with kid gloves.they paid him how much to suck this bad?I dn’t care how much talent he has it doesn’t mean much if you can’t get the ball to your recievers.again why is it ok for him to suck and not say anything but grossman is the biggest bust of all time for being taken in the first round?

  14. I’m not saying it cost us the game, but the officals effed us again. Murphy was sitting on his butt, with the football in his possession in the endzone. PERIOD. then he went to the ground after the plya was over.
    To overturn that call would only happen to one team in the NFL. I am sick of it.

  15. I take shots at Al & the Raiders whenever possible, but they got HOSED by the refs and SHOULD have claimed a W last night.
    Murphy had complete control of the ball, even while he was getting wrestled WHILE on the ground – absolutely horrible call.
    The referees think that they need to dictate who wins, rather than just keep the game legal.

  16. Russell had a bad game. He has had good ones. That said, he had a TD pass taken away in a 2 minute drill he executed. Murphy had both feet and a butt down. Play is over at that nano second.

  17. That was it for me. No more NFL. I can’t stand the officiating. Let’s see, posession and both feet on the ground in the end zone and that’s not a touch down? Of course, should any other player on any other team just nose the ball across the plain as they fall out of bounds, that counts. Why doesn’t the NFL just admit that they won’t let the Raiders have a winning season ever again or until Al Davis is gone? It’s like watching pro wrestling…it’s fake.

  18. The Raiders did more than most people thought they would on MNF. Everybody knew that the smart money was on the Chargers but nobody expected it to be that close. Nobody.
    BTW, nice piece of officiating. That’s sarcasm my friend.

  19. I’ve watched Raider games for a long time now and I’m still shocked by what the refs get away with. In front of 50,000 folks, and millions on TV, the refs just pull that sh*t over and over. Hey government, forget all the baseball steroids stuff and investigate the blatant BS calls in the NFL. It’s basically fixing a game, is that not a federal offense? And another thing, this is freaking 2009 and you mean to tell me that the NFL can’t review a play from more than one stinking angle? After halftime, Golic says that he went down to the booth and asked for a clarification on that TD/no TD play and the refs say they only used the view fron Murphy’s back! Yet we cleary saw 3 to 4 other views of that play. They only get to see the worst angle available? And then all the espn/fox buttheads are doing their high-light shows and they all agree with the refs and try to explain to us all that the ref called it like this and this is why it’s the right call. I just can’t take this BS anymore. I’ll tell you this much, my life will be a lot less stressful since i got rid of DirecTv and the NFL Ticket.

  20. Wow … the Raiders are one player away from being a Super Bowl contender … the bad news it’s JaMarcus.
    After watching the Pats play … their defense is worst than the Raiders … the Seymour trade is going to haunt them.

  21. The Seymour trade looks great now for the Raiders. You can’t sit back in man coverage without blitzing if you can’t get any pressure from your front 4. Now they can, and it looks like that isn’t a guaranteed top 10 pick anymore. Horrible call from the refs. A complete mockery. I miss the good ole’ days when picking the ball out of the air before it hit the ground counted as a catch. The NFL pulled one over on the Raiders in front of millions and got away with it once again. It’s a sham, and it’s a shame. Good game Chargers, congrats on the win, hope your injured Oline men are not injured badly.

  22. nuts and bolts, nuts and bolts, once again screwed by the refs, and was approiate they were wearing orange stripes like a bunch of clowns!
    I love when the refs on the field call it a touchdown, they show the replay on the big screen, and everybody gets to applause the TD again, and the the ref comes out to speak, utters some words about “the reciver caught” and then the microphone cuts off and about 4 seconds later you see him make an incomplete signal.
    Lets face it, there was not a coach in the league who would have thrown their red flag to challenge that, but leave it to the NFL upstairs in their booth to once again figure a way to bend the Raiders over…Raiders can beat any team, but nearly impossible to beat the Refs.
    That hurt loss, but hopefully Raiders can grow from it.

  23. On the official website, they frequently have videos of various players & their activities within the community. One day, Kirk Morrison, Thomas Howard, & JL Higgins went to one Oakland elementary school to talk with the kids.
    In the video, the 3 players end up in an impromptu version of “Are you smarter than a 5th grader”. OMFG. They could not pronounce some elementary english words which are simple for 5th graders. They did not know the meaning of some english words, which the 5th graders knew. They struggled with 5th grade math…
    My point is this: When a smart guy like Philip Rivers watches film of dumb guys like Howard & Morrison, what do YOU think the outcome is going to be? Rivers already KNOWS that those boneheads are going to play without discipline. He already knows they will be out of position at the most critical time because they ALWAYS are. Do you think it is a coincidence that the we cannot beat SD, ever since those 2 have been starters?
    Rivers already knows how he is going to exploit their feeblemindedness. He already knows ON THE PLANE TO ALAMEDA how he is going to give them bad choices, of they will always pick the worse of the 2 (because they always do). Rivers does not panic when the Chargers are behind late, as long as he knows he will have the ball last.
    Seriously, folks. The outcome was never in doubt as far as Rivers was concerned…
    Morrison & Howard bring their lunchpails every game. They can run like the wind. They are strong as a horse. Fast as lightning. They hit like a truck. They are tough as nails.
    Unfortunately, they are as SMART as nails, too…
    They give away all that underneath shit worse than DeAngelo Hall does, and allow the other team to march right down the field to score with no time left, ever since they’ve been starters.

  24. Oakland’s DL is pretty damn good. Maybe top 5 in the league this year if they stay healthy. Gotta give it up for their personel decisions, they’ve been good. Unfortunately they don’t have a good coach and their QB might be the absolute worst in the league, maybe the worst I’ve seen in 10 years. Couldn’t hit wide open receivers and stares down the middle of the field like crazy. Why the Raiders support him is beyond me. But they played hard, just very very vanilla as usual. If they had a half ass QB and a half ass DC then they might have something but as usual no one wants to coach the Raiders……ever.

  25. The raiders will win the afc west this year, grab some popcorn, I’m selling bandwagon tickets for all the doubters and Kleenex for the haters…..

  26. Smart players don’t slam the ball down next to players and get taunting calls. Rivers is a good QB, but smart? Not all of the time, that’s for sure.
    Also, Merc, Morrison & Howard were doing as they were instructed to do. They are not to blame. The DC is. That was just terrible play calling during that drive, and it wasn’t those two who called in the plays. It doesn’t take a “smart” person to realize this, so that says a lot about you, as someone who doesn’t. I would have thought they were out of position myself if they hadn’t done it several times on the previous drive. That defensive play should be ripped from the playbook.
    Unlike some, I knew the Raiders were going to play as well as they did. Anyone playing attention to the team, and not the media knew that as well. Sadly Russell had a terrible game. Did someone put Vaseline on the football? On some of those throws, I had to ask who in the hell he was throwing to. He needs to step it up, or step aside.
    Rest assured, the Chiefs are in for one hell of a game this Sunday. The Raiders will win.

  27. The Raiders should have won the wrestlin’ match. These “games” are rigged.
    In American football, two feet, one arse and one elbow is a completion. Too bad the NFL aint American football.

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