Desmond Clark has a cracked rib

This cracked rib thing is going around.

Bears tight end Desmond Clark “could be out a few weeks” while he waits for his rib injury to heal.  Clark said on Monday that he was “fine,” but that’s what NFL players do.  (And we don’t blame them for it.)

By Tuesday, on his radio show, Clark admitted it was difficult to move around.

The Bears will likely use tight ends Kellen Davis and Michael Gaines more while Clark is out. 

They may also get three wide receivers on the field more in an effort to get speedster rookie Johnny Knox on the field.

7 responses to “Desmond Clark has a cracked rib

  1. why the rush to get 3 recievers or an extra tight end on the field not to throw to?when was the last time you saw the bears offense run a pass play that worked more than once a game?unlike say the colts where manning throws to wayne or clark every other play.sure they don’t have a wayne on the team but my point is if a play works don’t they and every other team that runs a nfl offense keep running it untill you stop it?not turner and the bears,nice catch olsen now go sit on the bench or stay in and block and didn’t we already call a deep pass to hester today?.but hey we get off the bus running wether we gain any yards or is this man still coaching let alone in charge of a nfl offense?

  2. Wow, those Bears really got knocked around by the Packers.
    Stretched out to get a ball and got whacked. Not sure if it was this play, but he took a nice hit.
    Serves him right for stopping his route short earlier in the game.
    Wouldn’t surprise me if Cutler might have floated the ball a bit being the diva he is.
    He’s a blocking TE, leave the pass catching to Olsen idiots.
    Turner is a fool. Working to hard to work Bennett into pass catching and Olsen and Forte (top two receivers last year) hardly saw the ball thrown their way.

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