Kubiak addresses Dunta's shoe message

A day after one of the most disappointing losses in franchise history, Texans coach Gary Kubiak was able to focus during his press conference on something other than the team’s performance.


Kubiak addressed the decision of cornerback Dunta Robinson to place the message “Pay me, Rick” on his shoes.  Robinson was then laughing about the maneuver in the locker room, following the 24-7 loss to the Jets.

“I found out after the game,” Kubiak said of the Robinson’s actions, in comments distributed by the team.  “I obviously didn’t know anything about it.  I’m disappointed but it’s been dealt with as a football team and it’s been dealt with as an organization so we’ll move on from there.”

Asked whether Robinson would be fined by the team, Kubiak said, “No, it’s been dealt with between me and [G.M.] Rick [Smith] and Dunta and we’re moving on.”

The decision to give Robinson a pass is no surprise, since Kubiak needs to find a way to get the most out of Robinson and
the rest of the Texans players, because Kubiak’s seat got a lot hotter with a 17-point home loss to a rookie head coach and a rookie quarterback in
their first NFL games.
But Robinson most likely will be fined by the league, since the placement of personal messages represents a clear violation of the uniform policy.

Robinson also talked about the situation on Monday, saying that he won’t do it again.

“It was all fun and games,” Robinson said. “I don’t think Rick took it
personal.  It wasn’t meant to be personal.  Originally, when I got
them, that was like three months ago and me and Rick weren’t really
seeing eye to eye.  Now, it was just one of those situations where if I
thought that it would bring some negativity in here, then I wouldn’t
have put them on.  Like I said, Rick didn’t take it personal at all and
the guys laughed a lot.  I guess it proved its point.”

Yeah, it proved its point.  It proved that Robinson isn’t able to separate his desire to get paid from his desire to play, and that getting paid nearly $10 million this year isn’t enough to get him to set aside his desire to get paid. 

As a result, the behavior could affect the willingness of anyone to pay him the kind of money he wants.

13 responses to “Kubiak addresses Dunta's shoe message

  1. I don’t see how anyone can laugh after a game when they were whipped that bad. I am so tired of grown, overpaid men acting like immature children.

  2. I heard that Rick Smith had “for what?” written on the back of his shoes yesterday.
    Dunta Crabtree needs to get behind DeMeco in the pay me line. He had his chance with that $23 million guaranteed offer he turned down.

  3. Yea exactly. Those chumps put up zero offensive points and allowed a rookie qb to come in their stadium and pick them to pieces; and that fool wants a raise…no chance!

  4. The Texans are becoming the Lions of the South.
    It was so exciting when Houston got another team. The town expected so much. And they even got a new stadium.
    After all that, and a few decent draft choices, where’s the wins?

  5. aj says:
    September 15, 2009 8:05 AM
    I heard that Rick Smith had “for what?” written on the back of his shoes yesterday.
    That’s funny

  6. But Collinsworth’s comments were in jest. So when the guy comes out and admits that is was all in good fun, you lambast him for it. When your colleague has a video come out from 25 years ago, you chalk it up to the antics of a 25 year old. You’re as consistent as a coral reef.

  7. …I don’t see what’s so offensive about this. I can see how it’s a tongue in cheek joke. Yeah, he wants a contract, but at the same time I don’t see something like that as an act of defiance, I see it as almost sarcasm. I feel like it was just a joke.

  8. Kubiak & Co. built the Texans the way they wanted. Unfortunately, that has made them a finesse team in a football league.
    Every football team needs a combination of physical strength and finesse. The Texans have too little physical strength, and too much finesse.
    The fault for this mess is in Coach Kubiak and the front office for bringing in this particular mix of players. They just aren’t going to win a lot of NFL games together.

  9. Dunta Robinson was franchised and is being paid like a top 5 corner in the league. He is not even close to being a top 5 corner. Who is he getting his career advice from, Michael Crabtree? Robinson was good his rookie year but hasn’t done crap since then. I hope the Texans get rid of him. If he wanted to know how a top 5 cornerback plays, he should have looked across the field Sunday at Darrelle Revis. He shut down Andre Johnson convincingly. Robinson can’t even shut down the Titans’ WRs twice a year. What a joke.

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