Posluszny's broken arm puts Bills in LB market

According to Buffalo head coach Dick Jauron, Bills middle linebacker Paul Posluszny will be down for “several weeks” with a broken left arm. The development puts Buffalo in the market for linebacker help this week.

Posluszny, who lost his rookie season in 2006 to a broken arm suffered at Gillette Stadium, told Allen Wilson of the Buffalo News that this injury isn’t as serious because there’s only one broken bone in the arm as opposed to two which was the case in 2006. 

Posluszny said that he will need surgery but added, “I should definitely be back. From what they told me it’s not an I.R. (injured reserve) thing.”

The Bills don’t have a lot of depth at that spot with young Marcus Buggs or Keith Ellison looking like the guys on the roster who’ll replace Posluszny. Ellison was beaten by Benjamin Watson on the game-winning touchdown Monday night.

The Bills could also go after Pat Thomas, a player they released late in training camp who started eight games for the Chiefs in 2008.

The Bills also played the second half against New England without defensive end Chris Kelsay who got leg-whipped by a teammate. There’s no word yet on his status for this week.

15 responses to “Posluszny's broken arm puts Bills in LB market

  1. Yo Paul…you need to start drinking milk, popping calcium pills or something. Your arm bones are like peanut brittle.

  2. It was in 2007 that he was out for the year. And how about Derrick Brooks? I know he plays a different position but his experience helps a rather inexperienced linebacking corp

  3. are you serious pray4thebills? he was in on every play before he left the field and do you think it was a coincidence that the middle of the field was suddenly wide open when he went to the locker room?

  4. Shawne Merriman to the Bills or Bears for an O-Lineman.
    Anyone know if either of these teams are thick on O-Lineman?

  5. @johnthehillboy, The Eagles will ship you Andrews for a box of cracker jacks, I mean Merriman, and Andy himself will make the delivery.
    At the conclusion of said transaction, Andy will treat all parties to a feast at Old Country Buffet.

  6. Yes, Buffalo is loaded with extra O-line talent. Would you like a rookie, second yr greenhorn, Lions castoff, or maybe a journeyman? Or how about Jason Peters…..oh, nevermind.

  7. To bdbills:
    Poluszny may be in on every play, but he’s the last one there. And if the middle of the field isn’t open it’s because he mostly just runs around in little circles there waiting for the play to come to him. Poluszny is probably the slowest linebacker in the league.

  8. im not saying the backup is any better. He sure does make a lot of tackles…3-4 yards downfield, which any middle linebacker should do, and he often takes himself out of counter plays by committing too early because he’s too slow to sidestep, wait for the rb to choose a hole and get up in there to make a play, so he’s gotta cheat and often gets caught. Not to mention he can’t catch a cold.

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