Tomlinson not expected to practice Wednesday

The offseason puff pieces have been written, complete with references to quieting the “critics” and the “haters.”  The talk about whether LaDainian Tomlinson is still the “best back in the league” is now old news

Just one day after the season opener, Tomlinson is once again fighting a battle against father time that running backs over 30 years old rarely win.

Tomlinson is not expected to practice Wednesday after hurting his ankle, which isn’t surprising.  The San Diego Union-Tribune believes that Tomlinson’s status against the Ravens will come down to a game-time decision.

Look, we’re not going to bury Tomlinson just because he’s hurt going into Week Two.  But his inability to stay healthy is a trend, and it’s one that usually doesn’t improve with age.

Chargers coach Norv Turner spoke earlier in the offseason about getting Tomlinson 320 carries this season, but all parties may be better off with a reduced workload.

Tomlinson may not give Turner a choice.

32 responses to “Tomlinson not expected to practice Wednesday

  1. LT won’t even sniff 1,000 yards.
    This off seasons biggest move should have been:
    Larry Johnson

  2. Inevitable.
    Injuries are part of the game and hes getting his monies worth of them now. He’ll never be the same as 2006 but who besides himself really expected him to be?
    I wouldnt say he’s done. He’s just very close to the end. Unless he finds the fountain of youth before January I cant see him being on the roster next year.

  3. Classic Tomlinson of late, the Oakland Raiders shut him down flat, they shut down Sroles flat as well.
    You could see the look on his face on the sidelines, he was stunned. His Chargers managed a whole 74 total yards in the first half.
    Tomlinson is not injured, it is his way of trying to have people look past what happened to him on Monday Night against the Raiders.
    Charger fans do not worry he will play in your next game because the hurt his ankle on the fumble run is pure fantasy to try and save his pride.

  4. How much better would the Chargers have been over the past few years if they had kept Michael Turner? I’ve never seen anyone talk about this in the media but I think it has to be one of the biggest personnel gaffes of the last few years. Michael Turner in the line up would have got them to at least one superbowl if not more.

  5. In his defense he has always started the season slow. He may yet break 1000 yards… he’s probably already at a closer pace than he started last year.

  6. Here is some audio from Norv talking about the injuries from last nights game and whether the injured players will practice this week. “>>

  7. Frank Gore had 19 carries for 30 yards. Does that mean he is done? Maybe? Does it mean the Cardinals were ready for him? Yes. I think the Raiders have a much better defense than most people expected and they had one focus, shut down the run. They got to LT early and made it very hard for him to get in a groove. He is certainly past his prime, but I don’t we should jump to any bold conclusions based off one game.
    Personally I think he probably is finished and looking at a sub 500 yard season, but we should wait until at least week 3 to make a conclusion, anything before that is sheer guess work.

  8. Let’s lay off Tomlinson (refuse to call him “LT”), he was the best back for a long while. It’s not over for him at all. He just can’t do the things he used to. Purple Jesus is the flavor & it taste damn good!!! Thanks for the memories as the best & continue to add to your legacy as a classy guy with great skill & talent.

  9. I think LT still has a little tread on those tires but last night he looked slower than usual. I’m not sure if he’s done though because I might have been comparing LT in the hole to Sproles. Sproles is just much much faster at this point but to LT’s defense there was just absolutely nowhere to run. The Oak DLine just smashed on the line of scrimmage. Neither Rivers or LT/Sproles had any help from the OL yesterday.

  10. ….their is only one LT – “no player is bigger than the game” little lt had it right after the fumble last night “my bad” move on……….

  11. Running backs die young, but they die hard. LT has been on the decline since he started believing his own press, but if he starts the season against Oakland and can’t get it going, he’s got a fork in him.

  12. There seems to be plenty of LT haters commenting on every article that mentions him, usually Vikings fans coming to the defense of Peterson. The sad thing is that Peterson will probably be lucky to have the same length of career that Tomlinson has and will probably see his decline happen much sooner due to his running style. He already has quite an injury history going back to college. Look at his rookie season after his knee injury for the last 7 games he was pretty pedestrian.

  13. I won’t say he’s done. He is a china doll. He can’t stay healthy I expect him back by week 8 no sooner than week 6 and he won’t finish the season. Good luck Cha Cha’s. Your offensive and defensive lines looked horrible last night. You have all lost a step and took a beating. You got lucky.

  14. Peterson looked pedestrian in his last seven games of his rookie season.
    Stupid crap like this is astonishing. Anyone can pick an area to expose something that they want to see. To bad ignorant monkeys can’t see the better of AD. Even after his “pedestrian” seven games, he’s still only topped by two, count em, two RB’s in yards in their first two years. LT isn’t one of them by the way. Neither RB is horrible, they both were\are pretty damn awesome. Maybe some of you should just admire and respect what you get to see on Sunday’s. (Blackout excluded)

  15. okay first of all everyone has to realize that LT is getting old.
    hes not as good as he use to be, you cant expect him to be.
    hes a good football player no matter what. and he was the best.
    now its time for him just to play..not be the best but to do his best.
    ithink everyone should just stop talking bad about him cus ibet your werent saying these things a few years ago.
    now we have sproles..and ithink hes a pretty good running back.
    im thankful for having him on the team.
    and for LT and SPROLES hater’ guys can all suck it!
    talking bad, doesnt make you any good.

  16. “Stupid crap like this is astonishing. Anyone can pick an area to expose something that they want to see.”
    Here’s a fact, and it’s not a knock on AP, but in his first season alone, AP missed more games than Tomlinson has missed in his whole career.
    Tomlinson missed one regular season game ever, and that was a week 17 rest-for-the-playoffs miss. He missed one game in the playoffs, and two more if you count the “tried-to-go” games where he played a little in the first quarter before giving way to Turner/Sproles.
    But hey, it’s Tomlinson, who’s soft. It’s Tomlinson who disappears in the playoffs, despite the fact that he had a few good playoff games before those injuries.
    The bottom line is that when you’re the best, there will always be plenty of critics looking to tear you down.
    Now that AP gets to be the best for a while, it will soon be his turn. No, wait…those critics are already here!
    AP’s running style will get him hurt. AP can’t play on 3rd down. AP can’t catch passes.
    Blah, blah, blah.

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