Atari Bigby to miss roughly a month

Packers safety Atari Bigby’s up and down career has reached another downer.

The team’s oft-injured starting strong safety will miss “at least four weeks,” with a knee injury, according to the Twitter account of Tom Pelissero of the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Aaron Rouse is a capable backup and will replace Bigby in the meantime.  

21 responses to “Atari Bigby to miss roughly a month

  1. Rouse could only be considered a capable back-up due to the fact that Bigby hasn’t been playing very well. Rouse makes some big hits but also some big whiffs and takes a lot of atrocious angles and/or wrong coverages. Capers will try to cover him up and mainly use him in the box, but Pack better hope that guy they traded for from Baltimore has something to offer and is close to being ready to play.

  2. I’m sure this won’t be a problem for the Packers because TaliBob Nelson always says that the Packers depth is unmatched in the league.
    I mean they cut guys who could be starters on other teams and probably become All-Pro if they stayed with the Packers. The Packers have lists of players who they could call to fill in for situations like this.
    The fact Bigby is starting is probably not an indication of his talent but merely the Packers coaches think he has the coolest name.
    I’m guessing everything will be just fine in Packerland…

  3. Between Bigby always hurt and Collins “hurt” anytime he makes a mistake, the Packer secondary is sure looking strong once again.
    Maybe Thompson could have addressed that weakness in free agency? Oh wait sorry, I forget, he cuts his free agent signings.

  4. No big event.
    Their schedule coming up is
    Bye week
    The Packers will have no trouble for the next 7 weeks.

  5. Vick in the box,
    You might be right about Kravon passing cheese, but I think you have the direction wrong.

  6. typical vikings fans; talking shit about how bad the packers suck BEFORE the game is played. it will go the way it almost always does… the shit talking will be deafening until about 11:00 pm on October 5, then, crickets.

  7. @dbag nelson
    the only week that the packers ineptitude isn’t likely to generate a loss during that stretch is the bye.
    Favre will beat the packers, both in the dome and at that swirling bowl of watered down beer and imbreds you call a football stadium. If you are lucky (its going to be luck, not talent) you might be able to pay off the refs for 1 or possibly 2 or the other games against the browns, cincy, or the rams. the bucs will wail the glorified practice squad you call a team. Come to think of it, with the amount of sheer stupidity over there, you guys might just be able to get a loss on a bye week, just put your collective brain (not a spelling error) to work and figure out a way.

  8. Where is the story and comments that this guy is injury prone or a pussy like you get with McNabb and Westbrook?

  9. Golly whiz. If any team’s players start to run low on witty trash talk, they can just stop by any Packers-Vikings blog – even a subset of PFT – and pick up a whole raft of good stuff –

  10. BG, if there is one team that can’t say shit about anyone else’s stadium, it’s your purple joke of a franchise and the historic and infamous Humpty Dump. Worst stadium in the league, as rated by everyone from Goodell and Jerry Jones right on down to Florio.
    Also, don’t call anyone inbred when you’re not even smart enough to spell it properly, and finally, quit talking like Favre is suddenly an elite QB when I know you were one of the many Viking fans calling him washed-up for years.
    The blatant hypocrisy of the purple faithful NEVER ceases to amaze me. I pray to five Gods the Lions or Pack beat you so you’ll all disappear and I don’t have to read this mindless drivel anymore.
    Bob Nelson-do we need any more bad karma? Bigby’s out, replaced by Rouse the louse, who only the TT-loving Press Gazette would call capable. Barbie sucks an ass even bigger and less mobile than his own, yet retains his starting job, special teams are a disaster, and yet you still want to talk shit? Please, do us all a favor, go to hell and die.
    Hopefully Capers has a plan in mind. this is a bigger loss than most of you realize.

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