Derrick Brooks joins a surprising team

When the Patriots lost middle linebacker Jerod Mayo to injury, there was a report that said the team was considering going after Derrick Brooks.

Privately, I wondered if they would first ask recently retired linebacker Tedy Bruschi if he wanted to return to the field.

Well, Bruschi and Brooks will end up as teammates in the end — sort of.  Brooks agreed to join the Worldwide Leader, taking a position with ESPN2’s First Take as an NFL analyst.  (Let’s just hope he’s not reduced to a yelling match with Skip Bayless.)

ESPN isn’t wasting any time putting Brooks to work; he’ll be involved in a chat Thursday.

One question that has already been answered is whether this means Brooks is tacitly admitting his playing career is over.

“I’m not retiring,” Brooks said Wednesday. “I told ESPN I would do this until I sign with a team.”

No NFL player has engendered and deserved more respect than Brooks over the last 14 years, but it’s clear there isn’t great interest in his services right now.

Linebacker-needy teams such as the Bears and Saints passed on signing him after serious injuries at the position.  If the Patriots do the same, it’s fair to wonder if Brooks will be sticking in Bristol, Connecticut indefinitely.

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  1. Skip Bayless is such a douche. He definitely angers me more than any other “sports analyst.” Even when I agree with what he’s saying (which isn’t all that often), I just can’t listen to his arrogance. And his talking in absolutes is absolutely annoying as hell.

  2. So… ESPN is now the Buccaneers’ retirement home? Guess Brooks and Keyshawn will be playing shuffleboard and feeding the pigeons together now.

  3. “No NFL player has engendered and deserved more respect than Brooks over the last 14 years, but it’s clear there isn’t great interest in his services right now.”
    What kind of a blanket statement is that to make? You should work for ESPN with analysis like that. You could be on Sportscenter and call a different guy every night “the greatest player we have seen at this position.”

  4. This confirms to me how much stupidity is rampant in NFL leadership these days.
    Owners/GMs/coaches: did you actually see the results of the first week? And not one of you thinks you have a problem? A problem which can be helped with a smart, affordable veteran like Brooks?
    Well, you all deserve what’s coming to you in week 2 and beyond, then.

  5. When is ESPN going to launch its own football channel? One has to think that aside from the reason they give, which is having a good rotation because of the amount of live programs they do, they are planning some launch of a dedicated football channel.

  6. For those of you who believe that Brooks should be playing in the NFL:
    Did you see Brooks at the end of the 2008 season? He was AWFUL. His declining performance was a HUGE reason the Bucs defense fell apart at the end of the season, which led to the team missing the playoffs despite a 9-3 start.
    Yes, Brooks is/was a smart player, but his biggest asset was his speed. Newsflash: he has lost his speed.
    THAT is why Brooks is not on an NFL roster two weeks into the regular season. He is washed up, and everybody seems to know it – except for a handful of fans who think it’s still 2002.

  7. Who cares about derrick brooks what espn should do is get Scott Ferrall to do the show. Then the it would be worth watching.

  8. Brooks played weakside, that’s why the Bears didn’t want him. You’re not going to have Lance Briggs change position to bring in Brooks. Besides they have an experienced backup in Hillenmeyer. Balance out Brook’s age with Hillenmeyer’s skills and it’s a wash, especially in pass coverage…

  9. Bubba’s comment nailed it.
    My 70 year old father could pass cover, hell, run PERIOD better than Brooks can.
    The guy deserves a seat on an analysis roster, not an NFL one.

  10. Even giving the Credit of “being a douche bag” to people like Skip Bayless and that Spencer guy on MTV is part of the problem.
    Don’t watch these people. There is that choice.
    ESPN makes itself hard to be ignored. But a lot of it’s poop can be avoided.
    Derrick Brooks is a bad man, first ballot hall of famer, no exaggeration. I’m not going to watch him on ESPN, because ESPN is gay.

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