Giants kick tires on tailbacks

With the departure of Derrick Ward and injuries hampering the New York Giants’ backfield, their Tuesday tryouts included visits from veteran tailbacks.

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, Dominic Rhodes and T.J. Duckett worked out for the Giants.

Rhodes was a surprise cut by the Bills before the season.  It was presumed he’d have a spot on the roster, given the three-game suspension being served by starter Marshawn Lynch.

Duckett found himself bounced out of Seattle, given the arrival of Edgerrin James.

UPDATE:  Neither will likely be signed, because as Rosenthal pointed out yesterday the Giants claimed Gartrell Johnson on waivers.  I’m bracing for the e-mail from Rosenthal that says, “Thanks for reading PFT.”

9 responses to “Giants kick tires on tailbacks

  1. Another disgusting and absolutely inaccurate post. The Giants worked out these players before being awarded Gatrell Johnson off waivers from San Diego. That you already noted the Giants addition of Johnson makes this even more despicable. Again, I stress, maintenance of this site requires absolute perfection and no mistakes can be accepted. Please cease operation of this site immediately.

  2. I played against TJ Duckett last week in our flag football league. Lets just say he is big fan of the half-pound burritos at Taco Bell.

  3. To all who insist upon perfect form and accurate journalism from PFT; I don’t believe this site has ever suggested that they were going to be free of errors in either ideas or text. It is a fast paced pro-football gossip site that slams out rumors and throws in some facts. I read it because it is FUN….if I want hard news I’ll read the NY Times, not that they are all that accurate or without bias either, but you get the idea.
    Still, I think it is fairly amazing that the staff at PFT often do scoop ESPN, etc. with breaking stories.
    Hey Florio, you’re not perfect! But then, who is? Until you do attain that unquestioned level of perfection in all things, THANKS for bringing some insight into what is going on in the NFL and providing some enjoyment in the midst of my otherwise routine day.

  4. favrecansuckit, the fact remains that I am an absolute and unquestioned wizard of all things the NFL. The day you become a wizard, we can hash this out. Until, then continue to sit back and defer all judgement to the true wizard. In fact, I envy your position of being able to relax and drink in the sheer wonder that my wizardry provides you with. You will always be a fan who looks up to Florio. I, however, will always be a wizard of enormous proportions. You may call me names if you wish but the breadth of your ignorance stands is surpassed only by my wizardry.

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