NFL drops the hammer on Jets, Tannenbaum, Mangini

Last season, Brett Favre cost the Jets $12 million in salary.

This year, his mouth cost them another $125,000.

Per published reports, the NFL has issued three different fines for the failure of the Jets to disclose the arm injury that affected Favre’s performance during the final weeks of the 2008 season.  NFL executive V.P. of football operations Ray Anderson fined the team $75,000, and Anderson fined G.M. Mike Tannenbaum and former head coach Eric Mangini $25,000 each for their roles in the ordeal.

As we’ve previously mentioned, the notion that Favre was injured down the stretch emerged not long after the 2008 season ended, with the 8-3 Jets fizzling to a 1-4 finish and missing the playoffs.  At first, we believed that talk of an arm injury from Favre was simply cover for his poor play, given that his name hadn’t appeared on the injury report.

The league previously overlooked the reality that the Jets had fudged the injury report because, we believe, plenty of teams have not disclosed injuries to players who have played through them.  Last year, the Dolphins barely disclosed any injuries throughout the course of the entire season.  Also, Pats running back Laurence Maroney played with a broken shoulder — but didn’t appear on the injury report.  And Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger admitted after Super Bowl XLIII that he played with a broken rib, even though he was not listed on the injury report in the days preceding the game. 

As the NFL previously has explained it, the injury report focuses on availability, not effectiveness.  So since Favre practiced and played with the condition, the Jets handled the situation no differently than any other team that has failed to disclose an injury to a player who continued to practice and play.

The difference in this case is that Favre wouldn’t let it go.  And when he said last week that the problem was sufficiently bad that he should have been benched, the league had no choice but to take action — even though the league knew full well that Favre had pulled the sheet off the Jets’ shenanigans months ago.

In an unrelated note, the Vikings’ injury report will include each week the following entry under the “probable” designation:  QB Brett Favre (arm, ribs, wrist, hand, finger, ankles, head, shoulder, knees, toes, back, front, groin, taint, swine flu, polio, lupus). 

76 responses to “NFL drops the hammer on Jets, Tannenbaum, Mangini

  1. And once again, the Diva hurts a team and walks away un-harmed and believeing he is above all. He’s just as much a part of this, if not the ring leader.
    I can’t wait to see what he does to the Vikings next year when he’s playing for the Bears or Lions.

  2. Head = making sure the chipmunks running on the treadmills up there have enough amphetamine solution to get him through the day.

  3. The NFL is ridiculous in how it handles this stuff and Brett Favre should STFU! Mangini ought to take it out on his hide.

  4. $25,000? That’s it?
    That’s a drop in the bucket compared to Belicheat ($500,000.00) and Kraft ($250,000.00).
    But hey, cut Mangini some slack, he’s just BB’s student.
    I’m sure he’ll promise to do better next time.

  5. Chump change compared to what Favre is going to cost the Vikings this year.
    A. Peterson’s Salary $$$millions
    Potential Superbowl Winnings $$$$millions
    Favre choking with the rest of the Vikings before they even get to the playoffs…..

  6. Mangina is a peice of shit and Favre is peice of shit with corn and peanuts in it. They’re both worthless.

  7. The NFL is a joke with what it does and does not fine or penalize. There is absolutely no logic or reason behind it.

  8. Lame. Payback for Spygate. That’s cool. We’ll take the fines for this crap even though Bill Belichick is the queen of misleading injury reports. No worries. See you Sunday.

  9. I hope the Vikings are taking note. Favre will throw anyone under a bus to cover for his own failures.
    Some of us knew this all the way back in the 90s. The rest of you are just starting to catch up.

  10. Head, shoulders, knees and toes.
    Knees and toes.
    Head, shoulders, knees and toes.
    Knees and toes.
    Eyes and ears and mouth and nose.
    Head, shoulders, knees and toes.
    Knees and toes.
    Repeat it with me.
    Head, shoulders, knees and toes.
    Knees and toes.
    Head, shoulders, knees and toes.
    Knees and toes.
    Eyes and ears and mouth and nose.
    Head, shoulders, knees and toes.
    Knees and toes.

  11. So the Jets prove to be every bit as much the “Cheaters” as the team they blew the whistle on ….. the Patriots. Couldn’t have happened to a more appropriate team. And the stench follows Mangini to Cleveland, where he punked ol’ pal Romeo Crennel out of a job. Does anyone doubt Mangini is going to continue his weasely ways in Cleveland?
    As for Favre, that guys burns bridges behind him as fast as he builds new ones in front of him. He was party to this to some degree, or he would have leaked this out last year. He honestly has to have the biggest ego in sports though, to be able to throw his co-conspiritors under the bus so easily in order to have an excuse for his sub-par season.
    Brett, the longer you’re around, the worse you look. You should have retired quietly years ago, when people still respected your talent and your character.

  12. Well, it looks like favre was legititaly injured, notan excuse as the haters here claim. How does the crow taste?

  13. That stuff goes on with each and every team in the NFL. The difference is that Favre is already in the Douchbag Hall of Fame (DHOF) and would rather throw Mangini and Jetts under the bus then have anyone believe that he didn’t have a legitimate excuse for playing like garbage at the end of the season last year. I’m sure he will have some “aw shucks I didnt know no better” excuse of why he beefed out the Jetts. More proof that this turd is and always was a selfish ego maniac who put his personal stats above all else including his family and former teammates.

  14. The Vikings management decided to go-ahead and sign Favre, and all his baggage, after receiving assurances from their loyal fanbase that being stupid was not painful.

  15. I thought it was his grundel that was sprained. But you say taint, so I’ll take your word for it.
    But seriously, “drops the hammer”? 125 grand to an NFL franchise is not “the hammer”. The Jets are worth a billion dollars.

  16. Gamblers rejoice! The NFL knows how important the injury reports are to gamblers and is amking sure you get the best info possible before calling our bookies!

  17. Florio, I know you have no respect for the Jets, or Tannenbaum, but “NFL drops the hammer on Jets, Tannenbaum, Mangini”
    What would your headline be if they were fined a mil? NBC has to be out of their minds to keep you on
    headline should be “NBC sends Florio packing”… but then again who would care

  18. Bill Belicheat will not be laughing on the sidelines this Sunday, as he sees his QB destroyed play after play by our defense.

  19. “Last year, the Dolphins barely disclosed any injuries throughout the course of the entire season.”
    Because they barely had any to report.
    Tab Perry: injured during the offseason and released.
    Donald Thomas: on IR after week 1.
    Greg Camarillo: on IR after week 12.
    Justin Smiley: on IR after week 13.
    And nothing came out after the Dolphins’ season ended that injuries had been concealed or not reported.
    Get over it, Florio.

  20. Richm2256 said: “So the Jets prove to be every bit as much the “Cheaters” as the team they blew the whistle on ….. the Patriots”
    I rarely chime in on the whole cheating thing, but to compare what the Patriots were fined for to this is a bit silly. Just look at the severity of the penalties for proof of that.

  21. To quote Jimmy Dix (Damon Wayans) from “The Last Boy Scout” –
    “Why is there an injury report
    in pro football?
    Nobody else has one.
    But pro football does.
    You know why?
    That’s so gamblers will have
    an accurate spread!”

  22. Are some of you guys nuts? How do you compare video taping the signals from the other team to failing to mention that your starting QB was hurt?
    I don’t give a rats ass about either team and I hate both coaches but come on its not like its a toss up on which one would give you the better advantage going into a game.
    If you had to pick would you rather have the hand signals of the other team or have your starting QB injured and not mention it?
    If you are stuck on that question, you’re an idiot.
    To call the Jets cheaters they would have to be the worst cheaters ever. They cheated themselves by continuing to play an injured QB. Whats the cheat? “He’ll suck but the reason why will be our little secret?”

  23. Holy balls jimmy (see former comment) you gotta calm down a bit there buddy.
    first the vikes fans are delusional becasue we allegedly think favre is going to get us a superbowl victory (something most viking fans haven’t said, but w/e), now you, AS A PACKER FAN, are saying that the vikes are better off winning the super bowl without favre? and somehow favre is going to cost us money in relation to what AP gets paid?
    Also, apparently according to your reply, not only will we make the playoffs, but we will start choking (apparently because of favre) before we get there? (to those of us that understand english, this implies that we are making the playoffs)
    Jimmy, I wouldn’t get too hard on your team this early in the season, the packers did after all win a game against the bears (granted, it was tough for both of them to get a loss) I’m glad that you think the vikes will make the playoffs but honestly, lets see how the season plays out before you get so incredibly jealous that the vikes look better than the packers. Once again, my previous suggestions that you seek professional help should be refered to again, obviously you didn’t follow them the first time.

  24. So, since the Jets “cheated” …does this mean it taints all the Jets championships…wait a sec…scratch that last thought. So since the Jets “cheated” …does this mean that ESPN will be running this story ad nauseum for the next four months until 3 days befored the Jets play in Superbowl XLIV…hold on…Ok, I think I got this one…So since the Jets “cheated”…does this mean that the Jets still suck! Let that hating begin in 3…2…

  25. If he wasn’t listed on the report and then didn’t play – then that would be one thing. He played, so what difference does it make. He wasn’t Questionable or Probable – he was a Definite. The whole injury report is a joke. I hate the Jets, but they got hosed on this one.

  26. nice try pats fans..its..not the same thing..ahh whatever im not going to try defending these annoying comments..this is all old news… be prepared to eat it on Sunday pats at least you’ll have something to be bitter and whiny about
    Rex>Chuck Norris

  27. Yep, I’ve got a hang nail, my head hurts …
    Make everyone questionable and the let the other team plan for that!
    Farve played in the games.
    So let’s game the game.
    Omega, The Last Word

  28. Yep, I’ve got a hang nail, my head hurts …
    Make everyone questionable and the let the other team plan for that!
    Farve played in the games.
    So let’s game the game.
    Omega, The Last Word

  29. why are people blaming favre? i blame the jets for trying to get away with crap.
    $125k won’t hurt them at all. This is a franchise worth north of $1B dollars. If you want to hit them where it hurts, take away a draft pick. then you’ll see a good example set & more teams will start paying attention about bending injury reporting rules…
    you need to get off the Dolphins nuts about injuries mike – they HAD legitimate injuries that WERE reported. The thing was the injuries were all season-ending, so the players went to IR. Thus, no weekly reports. Outside of that, everyone that was on the roster that was slated to play, DID play. so what shenanigans supposedly happened? because the dolphins had better luck with injuries throughout the year?

  30. Seriously, “taint?” Come on, Florio, try to keep it just a touch classier than that, will you? If I want crass humor, I’ll go to your boy at Deadspin, who’s much better at it anyway.

  31. i cant believe you said taint. i am trying to work over here and i cant stop laughing. you can also call it a choad(which worked out perfect when Tim Goad was the nose tackle for the Patriots).

  32. @ PirateFreedom
    I assume you’re mocking the “J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!” chant with your exceedingly clever “CHA! E! T! S! CHEATS! CHEATS! CHEATS!
    But I’ve got two issues with that:
    #1: “CHA” is not a letter
    #2: Look at what you spelled out: CHAETS!
    I suggest spell check and a vasectomy.

  33. “Drops the Hammer???”
    Mangini’s contract is worth around $20 million, his fine – $25,000. They showed him…

  34. ‘Farve would’nt let it go” or the”Media wouldn’t stop asking him about it”? You sure like proving you’re a fool, you back it up all the time. You guys wouldn’t have jobs if players wouldn’t answer your questions. He didn’t bring it up, the media did. These aren’t the first allegations from a player about a team and the injury report… I would expect this from a lawyer though–It’s always somebody elses fault!

  35. toddpearson says:
    September 16, 2009 5:06 PM
    The polio and lupus references were in extremely bad taste.
    Clearly, Todd, you’re visiting the wrong website. Sensitivity training is down the hall, third door on the left.
    To all the Jets lovers (or Patriots haters), cheating is cheating, whether you’re trying to film the other team, or failing to disclose an injury of your player. The fact that he played doesn’t diminish the fact that if the opposing team knows your QB has a bum arm, they can scheme an entire game to take advantage of that. You lied for a reason, and lying is cheating. Bill Bellichick does not hold exclusive rights to the concept of cheating in the NFL.
    Repeat after me: cheating is cheating. One form of cheating is not more acceptable than another.

  36. hahaha rite in line with many others hu have commented…the inclusion of “taint” is absolutely brilliant
    nice work, florio!

  37. Sorry Jets fans…A broken rule is a broken rule. All the haters wanted to call the defensive signals taping “cheating”…guess what …you just joined the club Jets fans. This is hillarious, how the tiniest miniscule meaningless issue can send the Jets fans scrambling to defend the differences between their breaking of the rules and the Patriots breaking of the rules or the Broncos breaking of the rules. Welcome to the club…new guy brings the beer on Sunday.

  38. This has nothing to do with the money, fines or draft picks. It has nothing to do with the actual advantage you gained, however small it could be. It’s all about the fact that you broke the rules and now you’re on the other side of the fence. Welcome to cheatersville. I’ll show you my rings if you show me yours. I can’t stop laughing.

  39. Have the Patriots (by the way Manginass learned from Belicheat) mentioned Mayo on the injury list today? if so, is it true?
    Patriot fans, this was about the J.E.T.S. not you, and after Monday night you have fear, fear of Green beating down your qb, so you come here and blow out your mouths.
    The Patriots will prove to be “yesterday’s Team’ this year
    Go JETS

  40. So Brett is honest and he’s the bad guy ? Seems to me the right people were reprimanded.
    I find it humorous that you say Brett wouldn’t let it go. Brett is hounded non stop by the media, he can’t even take a Kanye without getting asked how big it was or how long it took to circle the bowl.
    Like how I replaced the word sh1t with Kanye to keep up with current events ?

  41. Lay off Farve!!! (long time cowboys fan.. personally i hate him but have respect for him)… like every other american man.. he has the right to work for whomever whenever he wants… any of u who have parents or know anybody thats retired… ask them if they had second thoughts… or 3rd or 4th thoughts about going back to work… now u imagine if that work was football and it was you… … The point is Farve was terrible at the end of last year and we didnt know why… HIS BICEPS BRACHI MUSCLE ON HIS THROWING ARM WAS TORN. Give him a break. He deserves the right to say why he wasn’t good. None of us knew what was wrong, we jus thought that he just all of a sudden sucked. Whats going on here in this article and most comments is just unfair. Its his responsibility to protect himself…. Really theres something wrong with every person who thinks a football player has to look out for the best of the team. Most times more than not the team always looks out for itself. Better yet everyone of yall should go ahead and ask for a pay cut at work tommorow. Absolute rubbish, every damn person spitting out the same foolishness…. its like me telling florio to hang it up… you’re not as active or energetic as you were in ur 20s… u made enough money… prbly better that you spend more time with your family… kids… you dont “need” any more money…… i dont kno…. cuz REALLY ITS NONE OF MY BUSINESS…. he can do whatever he wants… if you dont like florio… dont visit his page…. you dont like farve or zygi wilf…. then dont watch his team…. as simple as that … florio is good…. jus that he’s totally missed the boat on this one…. I feel like if he really thought about it in respect to himself or the fact he (farve) has every legal right to do watever he wants… then anyone would back off the guy…… If it was you, think about it. Playing football since you’re like 6 years old, thats like 30+ years of doing something you love everyday. Believe me i’m sure that everyone one of us that actually played knows what i’m talking about. We would do anything to be able to play again. Only people who are very hateful would pile on to this guy. Its his f-ing right to chose what the hell he wants to do….. I saw an old man run and tackle a rookie (his own guy) after he made his first touchdown reception. It wasnt Harvin congratulating farve’s first passing TD. If you love the game then you would have felt that in ur gut..cant explain…….

  42. Brett drags another team to the dirt….and not a scratch or a fine for him???nope .. Brett is the one that started this mess, didnt want to end his most games started by a dumbass. He is God-all little buddy he wont do nothing to Brett, Brett helps his ratings… how manny games did brett play for the packers hurt?? to manny, he cost greenbay 2 more superbowls… fact, this i know.
    I own a nice bar in Hayard Wi. Brett, Chewey,Franky have been there more than a few times,during Bow hunting season, Musky fishing.Brett will never step foot in my bar or my hunting land ever again. all the rest of the team more than welcome plus free room and board..
    I am not a Viking fan.but i feel sorry for them, What mess will he bring to them?? not share the ball with peterson? hang him out to dry over the middle. he only cares about him self.. To bad what a great player he was at one time in his life.
    Come the packer vs Viking game you will see what a selfesh man he is, kinda think Peterson wont even break a sweat…
    Never welcomed in Hayward Wisconsin again

  43. “Welcome to cheatersville. I’ll show you my rings if you show me yours. I can’t stop laughing.”
    @ cutler _eats _it:
    What rings do you speak of? Are you a player? An ex-Patriot, Steeler, Giant? If not, then shut the F up… b/c you, personally, have no rings!

  44. Brett was honest. Nothing wrong with that. You know how the media portrayed it last year and during this off-season? They said Brett didn’t tell the Jets about his shoulder injury. Fact of the matter is, they knew the whole time.

  45. If anyone can give the 2 most overhyped and overrated teams( Jets and Vikings,besides AP) in the league press it is you Florio. Here is my Injury Report: Jake Delhomme: Broken confidence. Donovan Macnabb: Wiplash Ladainian Tomlinson: Bruised Ego Mike Florio: Brusied Rectum For all this Favre,Jets,Vikings BS you spill on this site THIS MESSAGE IS SPONSOR BY MATT MOORE O9: “HELL IF WE ARE TO GOING SUCK WE MIGHT AS WELL LET ANOTHER UNDRAFTED FREE AGENT TRY”

  46. # 4+28=2SB says: September 16, 2009 7:12 PM
    Suck it, whiners. Vikes are Super Bowl bound with our old, beat up, lying, gunslinger.
    That’s the funniest crap I’ve ever seen spewed on here! First of all…Vikes in the Super Bowl??? LMAO What are they going for the record of most losses in the big dance? Second of all, Brent and his late season meltdowns are the reason he doesn’t have more Super Bowl rings. This certainly hasn’t changed with age and I’m sure it will only get better…. Go drink some more of your purple Kool Aid!

  47. Wow…so you mean..the Jets* and the Steelers cheated last year? Wow….where’s the howling? Oh yeah…I’s mostly their fans doing it and they have double standards LOL

  48. Good for Brett! He is just reporting the truth.
    Belnicheck (or however you spell it) is the only true cheat in the whole league. Why that man has a job is unknown. See? I don’t even care to know how to spell his name. Nice clothes for a game too. Looks like a homeless man! And PLEAASSSEE tell him to stop smacking his mouth after EVERY sentence… blah, blah blah..smack. Yada yada yada..smack.

  49. So I’m guessing that Favre didn’t ask you out to the Prom, Florio? Is that what this is all about? I’ve never seen such a consistent and pathetic series of attacks on a sports player for no obvious reason.
    Yeah, Favre’s handled his on-again and off-again retirement poorly. Yeah, he’s not what he was ten years ago. So…?
    It’s hardly like there aren’t just as big of Drama Queens out there as him or players that ought to have been put out to pasture long ago, riding on their glory days and name.
    You’re obsessive about this guy! What’s your major malfunction in all this? Try to act like your something other than a 12 year old girl who’s been spurned but who still has a crush and a blog.

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