Ochocinco plans to do the Lambeau Leap

On Sunday, the Cincinnati Bengals will return to Lambeau Field for the first time since 1995.  And since that was six years before Chad Ochocinco entered the NFL, it’ll be his first chance to put on a show for the people of Wisconsin.

And he intends to make it a good one.

During a Tuesday conference call with Green Bay reporters, Ochocinco said that he plans to perform one of the routines usually reserved to Packers players who score touchdowns.

“[H]opefully I can Lambeau Leap,” he said.

Asked whether he’d really do that, Ochocinco pointed out that he has done it in Cleveland, jumping into the Dawg Pound after scoring a touchdown.

“They embrace me,” Ochocinco said.  “I’m looking for the Cheeseheads to embrace Ocho also.”

If by “embrace me” he means “pour a beer on me” or “angrily give me the finger,” we agree.

Ochocinco also told reporters to inform linebacker Nick Barnett that “I’m coming for his head,” and then in the next breath Ochocinco changed his tone, “[L]et the Packer Nation know that we’re coming to town, and I’m
looking forward to entertaining and bringing a little fun to the city
and with no disrespect.”

Yeah, no disrespect.  Except for Barnett.

We’ve got a feeling that Barnett might like to make Chad remember one of his other visits to Cleveland — one that Chad likely doesn’t remember at all.

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  1. Well he’s got the easy part done and thats the talking, next comes the actual act of scoring a TD. If for some reason the Packers slip and fall and you do score I wouldn’t count on getting a warm reception Chad. Granted you’re not really worth wasting a perfectly good beer on but I think Packer fans would make an exception just for you.

  2. Chad left Oregon State in 2001 and Barnett left in 2003. I’m pretty sure that was just a dig at his former teammate.

  3. Ochocinco has played for eight seasons with one playoff appearance and zero playoff wins.
    I honest to God do not get the fascination.

  4. Packers fans seem very passionate about their football. Jumping into the crowd seems like a very dumb thing to do. I’d expect a broken nose and a few beers to celebrate your TD

  5. if i was front row id punch chad johnson in the throat if he tried sittin on my lap after a td…no homo
    maybe we can knock his ass out for the season like we did brian softlacher

  6. I would love to see him try. First you have to score points to be able to do that, and second I don’t see the fans accepting him to kindly. I hope he likes smelling like stale beer while he’s loosing a football game

  7. if he put half the effort into football that he puts into being a jackass he’d be amazing. As it is now, there’s 10-15 guys in the league better than him and 10-15 more guys that I’d rather have on my team.

  8. Ochocinco, you are the man. Don’t listen to all the haters. Keep entertaining the masses. You might want to tell Carson to help you out a little though.

  9. I love Chad but sometimes he has to realize he does play for the Bengals and if it takes 57 minutes to score against the Broncos, then I sure hope we’re going to be playing the Packers for a lot longer b/c it’ll take quite a bit of time.

  10. “Ochocinco has played for eight seasons with one playoff appearance and zero playoff wins.
    I honest to God do not get the fascination.”
    What a dopey comment. Playoff appearances and wins rarely have anything to do with teh receiver. That is almost always put on the QB. You forgot to mention the fact that in their playoff appearance, the starting QB got injured early in the game. So I am guessing that had a lot more to do with a loss that Chad. We all know the Bengals stink, but if you put Chad on the Cowboys, Eagles or any good team, then who would you blame playoff losses on. Most idiotic comment of the day.

  11. You guys have to remember, he plays in Cincy. He has to do something because the city stinks, the team stinks and it’s one of the most irrelevant sports town in the country. He needs to have fun somehow while suffering through another 6-win or less season. The Qb stinks, coach stinks, defense etc…. I don’t blame him for trying to have some fun in that forgotten town.

  12. i hope he does it. football fanatics, not fans, need to stop being so uptight. it’s a game, and he’s an entertainer to say the least.
    as far as 10-15 receivers better than him… idk bout all that lol. he just plays for the bengals, as you guys have pointed out countless times. not really his fault he ain’t had a solid qb in over 2 years.

  13. I hope he does score and try it. The Packer fans will grab him by his balls and squeeze till his eyes pop out of his head.
    We will see how he plays after that.

  14. We’ve got a feeling that Barnett might like to make Chad remember one of his other visits to Cleveland — one that Chad likely doesn’t remember at all.
    Ted Johnson just got a headache.

  15. Chad is the best WR in the league, at least in his own mind. The only reason he’d call out Barnett like that, and not Woodson or Bigby, is because Barnett is too slow to catch him.
    Way to motivate the other team, idiot. I bet Bengals fans either wish he’d play as well as he talk for once in your career, or that they’d traded him to the Skins when they had the chance. What happened to that “great season” your were going to have last year jackass? Think you’ll do better now that Housh literally went as far away from Cincinnati as possible?
    I DARE him to try a Lambeau leap.. Unless his team is already down by 20 points, that one act may well end his season. It was hard to get pumped for this week’s game, after all, no one gives a damn about the Bengals, but I’m excited now.
    Most people know you’re supposed to WIN, then talk. Chad was never quite smart enough to put that together. Now he’s not smart enough to avoid jumping on top of a bunch of drunken Wisconsinites either. His only hope is not to score a TD at all.

  16. “…dawk20db says: September 16, 2009 1:13 PM
    Ochocinco, you are the man. Don’t listen to all the haters…”
    If he’s your idea of a role model, your life must really suck.

  17. @Beer Cheese Soup
    “Now he’s not smart enough to avoid jumping on top of a bunch of drunken Wisconsinites either.”
    At least he could count on it being a soft landing.

  18. Packer fans are very friendly people and would be only too happy to share their beers with Chad if he should try a Leap.

  19. Scorpiodsu is exactly right! Damn you cheese clowns need to pipe down. The guy is an entertainer; and hes just trying to bring some harmless fun into your one track lives.
    BeerCheeseSoup you really need to get laid man. You DARE him to do the leap? You gonna sit in both ends of the field and do a Mike Tyson on him if he does? Stfu………………………

  20. Ocho is a mike-seeking moron. By the time Nick gets done with him, he won’t be able to walk to the sidelines, let alone leap (even a low) wall.

  21. To score a touchdown Mr. Ochocinco, one would have to cross the endzone with possesion of the ball, and THAT is exactly what Sir Charles Woodson will make sure you never do. My guess is C-Dub holds Chad to 2 catches for 18 yards, ZERO Td’s.

  22. JimmySmith says: September 16, 2009 1:43 PM
    I hope he does score and try it. The Packer fans will grab him by his balls and squeeze till his eyes pop out of his head.
    I suppose it would be nice for packer fans to know how exactly an operational set of those feel (from outside of the family)
    Honestly Jimmy, if you have some repressed memories, it might be best to seek professional help instead of ranting about your desires.

  23. Pfft, screw waiting for Barnett to put a hit on him. After the play Jolly made against the Bears, let Johnny “cover” him by body slamming him in the 5 yard jam zone.

  24. The packer fans WILL push him straight back onto the field before he gets all the way up. He’ll get a bath of “Old Style” too.

  25. I can remember some opposing player doing that a while back. He was quickly pushed back onto the field and then a lady used some foam cheese to scrub off the area he had touched. Funny stuff.

  26. This guy never learns.
    1) Remember his checklist of opposing cornerbacks in his locker. It disappeared after he disappeared against Al Harris. That checklist thing stopped at the Packer game.
    2) Last time he promised everyone he was going to do a polka dance. He never did because he was nowhere near the endzone. He got only 1 pass for 10 yards.
    In 3 games (2 preseason and 1 regular season) games the idiot has only 6 catches for 72 yards and NO TD’s. That’s an average of 2 catches and 24 yards each time they have played.
    The media never holds this guy accountable for his stupid ramblings.
    Ocho B.S. Cinco never ever backs up his stinko pile of crap.

  27. It took the Bengals 59 minutes and 22 seconds to score a point against the Broncos – you’d think he’d have bigger things to worry about.
    He was irrelevant last week.

  28. There is almost no chance this tool gets into the end zone. But if by some freak accident he happens to find himself in there anyway, then he should expect not only to be tarred and feathered, but he should also expect some tall cups of very warm piss on him as well!!!
    I wouldn’t waste my beer on him either, but putting stickers all over him would be a nice way to send his ass back Siberia-natti.

  29. OCHO your gonna think you are in a Drive through cars wash,with a Leines Rinse!!! what a waste of GOOD BEER dammm
    DudeOchodaPieHole. your PO gonna let you leave the state on the hueber law ?? LOSER

  30. Oh my god…the media never holds Chad OchoStinko accountable…Oh no, not that…
    What a bad man you are Mr. Chad — you’re play never matches your mouth against the mighty Packers.
    My question is why would anyone want to jump into a bunch of drunken Sconnies in the first place?

  31. None of you people get it. Chad is still a top 10 receiver in this league. Sure he didn’t get into the endzone last week but Carson Palmer is not the same qb he was in 04-05. Chad runs some of the crispest routes in the entire league and DO NOT FORGET THAT HE LED THE AFC IN RECEIVING OVER A 4 YEAR PERIOD. He runs his mouth…fine…all wr’s do including the throwback guys like Hines Ward.
    And people questioning his work ethic are out of their mind. Chad has historically been the hardest working player on the bengals. For years he would even sleep in the locker room days at a time in order to watch more film. He works harder at his craft than he does at coming up with his gimmicks.

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