Win or lose, forget about Week One

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Today’s topic?  Week One is over, so it’s time to get over it.

Read more right here regarding the reasons why the first week of the season means very little in the grander scheme of an NFL season.

9 responses to “ Win or lose, forget about Week One

  1. I noticed the Cowboys bashing. I usually laugh at the people that say you hate every team other than Pittsburgh (in fact you can tell that the people whos say you hate Pittsburgh don’t read this daily), but I think it’s clear now. The Cowboys played terrrrrrrible defense and is definately an area of concern for them. But what about their Offense? I mean come on now, many people, probably you privately, wrote off this offense. Hell I did too. But there were signs that point in the right direction. Do I think they will win or even play in the superbowl, hell no, but I do not feel they deserve to be singled out in a column.

  2. Don’t forget to mention how the Giants barely won against a god awful Redskins team.
    Who predicted the Redskins would go to the Superbowl?
    Even with a poor defense against the run the Cowboys will own the Giants!!!

  3. May I politly disagree:
    2008: playoff teams 8-4 in week One
    2007: 9-3
    2006: 9-3
    2005: 8-4
    2004: 11-1
    and many of the losses can against other playoff teams.
    16 teams win in week one, 16 losers. On average only 3 of the 16 losers make the playoffs and 13 loser have little or NO chance.
    Goodbye Buffalo, Oakland, Cleveland, Arizona, St. Louis, Kansas City, Cincinatti, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Carolina, and Houston.

  4. Hydra, go play in traffic you fool.
    It’s not that hard to turn off your caps lock key, and you are the one making the predicition for miami based on a lucky win against a terrible bears team. grow up and get a life.
    p.s. You are in middle school to learn important things, not to be making worthless comments on a TMZ for football.

  5. @DocBG-
    OK, so in your mind, we weren’t un-lucky at all last season when we lost 7 games by 4 points or less. We were a bad team, even though every loss came on the heels of a last second play made by our opponent or some kind of fluke like a botched field goal.
    This season, we win a close one in the final moments of the game and it’s us being lucky.
    So which is it? You can’t call this a lucky win while simultaneously labeling us as a bad team last season, not when the circumstances are the same.

  6. @CA_viking:
    May I politely disagree. I actually researched your statement (on average only 3 out of 16 teams who lose in week 1 make the playoffs.) While the numbers themselves are true, it’s something that is very obvious from an analytic point of view.
    Sorry to push my website (I don’t make any money off of it), but I wrote about this exact thing today.
    Basically, the stat you just mentioned would apply to any week – not just week 1. if you limit your sample to teams that lost, you’re usually going to get an overwhelming amount of teams who lose regularly – i.e. don’t make the playoffs.

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