Bennett could get bumped up by the Bolts

When the Chargers snatched veteran tailback Michael Bennett on waivers last November, the thinking was that the Bolts were trying to keep Bennett away from a Broncos team that was light on healthy tailbacks.

Since arriving in San Diego, Bennett has played in zero regular-season games.  (He did play in the postseason.)

But that could be changing on Sunday against the Ravens, given the fact that LaDainian Tomlinson is wearing something on his right ankle other than a fancy bracelet.  (He moved the bracelet to his left ankle.)

People haven’t really seen me play enough for a while,” Bennett said Wednesday, per Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune.  “I’m excited to
go out and play if given the chance.”

The once-blazingly fast Bennett, a first-round pick in 2001, had a huge second season in Minnesota, gaining nearly 1,300 yards on the ground.  But a treadmill-induced stress fracture during the 2003 offseason derailed his career, and he hasn’t rushed for more than 500 yards in a season since.

The potential absence of L.T. also could mean a much greater role in the offense for Darren Sproles, which could limit his work as the kickoff or punt returner.

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  1. im sure the ravens are terrified by this breaking news..i can see the def coord huddled around the table with his coaches trying to game plan for michael bennett

  2. They’re not taking Sproles off KR/PR duties. He’s one of the best there is at that. He’s up there with Joshua Cribbs and Leon Washington in that category. You don’t give that up if you have any sense as a coach.
    Oh wait, they have Norv. Maybe you’re right.

  3. “Since arriving in San Diego, Bennett has played in zero games.”
    He did play in both of SD’s playoff games last year.

  4. You learn something new everyday. I had no idea a treadmill could induct a stress fracture.
    I am curious how does a treadmill ceremoniously place the fracture? Help me out Florio!!!

  5. Wasn’t it Bennett’s treadmill-induced injury that gave way to a certain Whizzinator-toting Viking RB?
    That worked out great!!!

  6. First four comments. The worst set of 4 comments ever. Only thing more stupid and less of a contribution to a discussion then those four is the comment you are reading now.
    But Geesh guys….

  7. well considering a stress fracture is from putting to much stress on the bone, i think the treadmill gave it to him while he was running, smart ass
    and dont you think its about time you give norv some credit, AFC championship game and divisional playoffs back to back years, i would like to know what other current head coaches have gotten their teams that far, with large amounts of injuries both years might i add.

  8. “AFC championship game and divisional playoffs back to back years.”
    And the team was STILL on the verge of having its HOME OPENER blacked out???
    Great fan support.

  9. Yeah, let’s make fun of a city’s fan base for not spending uber dollars on NFL tickets after 1/2 their money went down in the stock market, their home values have been slashed & a significant % of people are probably underwater at the moment.
    Go ask dad for some cash & keep calling yourself a “true-fan” cuz you got tickets.
    NFL tickets were pretty pricey BEFORE the economy went on the fritz.

  10. Norv Turner has that weird thing going on that Roy Scheider had, where his face always seems to look wet.
    It’s creepy.

  11. Juror, your comments make no sense. One thing has nothing to do with the other. Nothing.
    LT is a pussy. A finesse back on a weaker run line.
    People point to his avg of 4.2 last week but he tripped on his own feet, fumbled, and screwed his ankle all in the first quarter.
    Bennett is a tough back, he’s a bit slower than he used to be but he looked GREAT in preseason. I’d rather see him start over LT.

  12. That might be the stupidest post I’ve ever read:
    Someone took Florio’s
    “Bennett has played in zero regular-season games.
    (He did play in the postseason.)”
    Deliberately altered it to:
    “Since arriving in San Diego, Bennett has
    played in zero games.”
    Then wrote:
    “He did play in both of SD’s playoff games last year.”
    as if to CORRECT the story, which WAS correct.
    Don’t know if it’s more ignorance or dishonesty,
    but it’s a candidate for “Worst Post EVER!!”

  13. Lance19,
    Actually, I copied and pasted the original text as-is. It seems Florio updated the text in reaction to MY post.
    I call shenanigans!

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