Childress says he won't fudge injury report for Favre

The money that the Jets, G.M. Mike Tannenbaum, and former head coach Eric Mangini paid for hiding Brett Favre’s arm injury last season has provided Vikings coach Brad Childress with a valuable education.

When it comes to Favre, Childress plans to disclose every nook or cranny of his body that might be hurt.

“My exact words [to him] were, ‘I don’t have an extra 25k, if I need to
list you on the injury report with every mucous membrane on your body,
I will do that,'” Childress said, per the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Favre’s name has not yet appeared on the injury report this year, despite accounts that he has a partially torn rotator cuff, cracked ribs, and sore ankles.

Next week, however, maybe we’ll see something like the list of suggested injured body parts that we’ve now posted twice, and that if we post it again someone will add a comment stating that the gag is as played as the “hello” voice made by the navel of Jerry’s girlfriend, who suffered injuries to multiple body parts when she was struck by a giant ball of oil.

19 responses to “Childress says he won't fudge injury report for Favre

  1. Booyah! Two Favre stories in a row!
    The NFL should be able to follow the NHL guidelines and not have to specify injuries. Generalities like “lower body injury” should suffice for everyone except the bookies.
    Happy Brett Favre day +4!

  2. Ya, the only fudging that will be going on is going the other direction, Favre will be packing Chilly’s.
    You would think Col Klink would just not even go there in his conversation but it is obvious that he is as much of a media whore as Favre is. Why else would the head coach drive to pick up a player from the airport? Bad move for establishing team leadership but then again, why start now?

  3. Dig deep MF
    I know you can find another way to get your shots in at Favre.
    P.S. Philly over the Saints ? R U freaking high ?
    MF is ( Mike Florio ) not the MF that would indicate a person who gets intimate with ones female parental unit.

  4. Of course he won’t cheat. He has Favre on his team. Favre will just squeal on him like he did with poor Eric Mangini. Childress isn’t stupid.
    Well he is, but not THAT stupid.
    Favre has really dropped a notch in my book over this.
    I mean what did Eric Mangini ever do to deserve having a former member of his organization move on to another team and then stab him in the back by blabbing about how he cheated?

  5. If Chilly needs $25K to pay a fine, I’m sure Bratt could give it to him out of his pin money. Of course, that implies that Bratt isn’t the most selfish person in the NFL so Chilly better be saving his pennies.

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  7. @ Jimmy,
    Media whore? Um, they have weekly press conferences, where, you know, they get asked questions by the reporters? The Jets were fined this week, so it’s a topic of conversation……
    As for the “fudge packing”, from what I have read in most of your posts, you sure seem to have an intimate knowledge of the subject.
    Maybe you’re jealous tha Brett didn’t pack yours?
    He only cared enough about you Packer fans to give you the finger.

  8. @ Chickenfoot-
    The Packers gave Favre the finger, remember, they were the ones that told him he wasn’t welcome back. Then they traded him to the Jets instead of Tampa Bay because Favre wanted to play for the Bucs.
    Man I hate Vikings fans. This coming from a guy who hates Packer fans too.

  9. @akuehn, The finger I’m referring to, you drooling troglydyte is playing IN MINNESOTA!
    Man, I hate unknowledgeable fans of any team.
    Let me guess, you are a Bear fan, right.
    Don’t you hate it when you don’t have a clue what you are talking about? I’m sure this happens to you on a regular basis though.

  10. Favre retired and wanted back. At that point the team had moved on in their offseason program (where champions are made) with Rodgers. Minnesota let Favre come into camp three weeks late. Joke. Thank you Ted Thompson for making the tough but correct decision to part ways with Favre. Thank you Thank you Thank You!

  11. Hey….minimaverick…that is some pretty funny stuff. I have never heard that before! Did you make that up?
    You should thank the Lord himself that being stupid is not painful, or you would be rolling around in the fetal position clutching your AP beany-baby doll.
    Another moron…the list just keeps getting longer.

  12. “Childress says he won’t fudge injury report for Favre”
    Man does this title reveal alot about Florio. Is there any evidence that Favre asked his old team to falsify an injury report? No. Shouldn’t the title of this post be “Childress says he won’t fudge injury report for Favre”? But no that would be fair and balanced, something that Florio can rarely be accused of in Favre’s case.
    JoeSixPack says:
    Favre has really dropped a notch in my book over this.
    You know I doubt Favre loses sleep over your thoughts, but don’t you think Favre could “squeel” on a lot more than a missed injruy disclosure? This makes you one of the incredibly few people in the entire NFL world (including the biased Mr. Florio, who demanded an apology over this issue) who would defend Mangini.

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