Delhomme: "I'll be back to me"

Some of you believe that Panthers receiver Steve Smith was joking when he told quarterback Jake Delhomme during Sunday’s game, “I never really liked you as a quarterback.  But as a person . . . I love you as a person.”

And we realize that there’s a good chance that Smith was joking.  Or that it was a serious statement couched as a joke. 

Or maybe Smith was dead serious. 

That’s why we posted the link to the video, so folks could watch it and come to their own conclusions.

Our conclusion?  We don’t know whether Smith was joking, but it was a bizarre thing to say.  And that’s what we said last night.

It becomes even more bizarre in light of the fact that Delhomme was in a fragile mental state during his Sunday meltdown against the Eagles.

Per Steve Reed of the Gaston Gazette, Delhomme believes after watching film of the game that he was too down on himself, and he vows to change.

“You can’t let a negative thought or what not creep into your mind, like, ‘Oh gosh, something bad’s going to happen,’ because if you think that, something will happen,” Delhomme said Wednesday.  “That’s just the game.  The game’s a roller coaster, up and down.  If you do something good, hey, all right, got to move on.

“To say I did that great on Sunday, probably not.  I think I let things hang with me and that wasn’t me.  They didn’t hang with me in the playoff game, I know that.  I think Sunday I kind of let it get to me a little bit, and that was something that was very different for me. I think you are always looking at yourself and thinking what can I do better? . . . .  You can’t worry about making a mistake.  You’ve just got to go out and play.  That’s something I’ve always been able to do, and I didn’t do it well on Sunday.  How do you fix it?  Well, it will be fixed, I promise you.  It will be fixed.  I’ll be back to me.”

Time will tell whether Delhomme can get it back, or whether the guy who had Tommy John surgery now has Steve Blass Disease.

Regardless, it won’t get any easier in the short term.  This week, the Panthers travel to Atlanta.  Then, it’s off to the North Texas Football Cathedral.

25 responses to “Delhomme: "I'll be back to me"

  1. I don’t think Steve Smith’s comments were “bizarre” to anyone who has ever played a team sport. I know people are looking for controversy nowadays and WRs is usually a good place to start but its obvious that Smith was simply trying to lighten the mood with a teammate who had a horrible game. Just look at the body language. You probably have never seen TO sit that close to his QB and have a personal conversation where he was trying to cheer him up and let him know that no matter what he had his back as a person.
    And even if you still want to ignore the obvious context of the statement, who has been throwing the ball to Steve Smith all these years that he has been making the Pro Bowl?! If he had something against Delhomme as a quarterback he must have been hiding it pretty welll.
    Now Delhomme obviously stunk up the joint and if it were me and I was the Panther GM I would have scooped up Jeff Garcia in a heartbeat. So his play is a totally separate issue. But as far as what Smith said I doubt if you will be able to find anyone in the NFL or who played in the NFL who would agree with you that it was “bizarre”.

  2. The guy has thrown 9 INTs in his last two games….and his physical skills have fallen off the table. He’s done. Toast. This happens to some guys that never had great physical skills….when they go bad, they go bad like yesterday. Its also a huge mental hurdle.
    It puts the Panthers and Fox in a very bad situation already, and ESPECIALLY if he tanks it up again this weekend.

  3. considering that steve made fun of delhomme’s looks just before he made that comment i would take it as a joke these guys have been playing together for a few years now and i dont ever remember hearing about any bad blood between them.

  4. Jake needs to take baby steps. Keep it down to just three turnovers this week and that will be a big improvement.

  5. You know he’s just messing around with him from the moment he sits down… “I know you feel like crap… and you’re not that handsome anyway….”

  6. @ Mike Florio
    If I could, I’d give your September 17, 2009 9:09 AM a 1/5 rating. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

  7. Mike Florio says:
    September 17, 2009 9:09 AM
    @mborz . . . .
    I was wrong to ever add a comments feature to this site.
    Without the comments, your partnership with NBC doesn’t exist.

  8. “That’s what we said last night” – Florio don’t bring your lawyer semantics crap here – you were wrong, and you absolutley skewed the viewer by what you wrote, no to mention a lot of people won’t even look at the video and just go by your interpretation. JUST SAY YOU SHRUNK IT!!

  9. @dldavidlong . . . .
    maybe ken lucas will ask him.
    @kidekk . . . .
    so NBC’s business plan was to partner with a glorified message board?

  10. This just makes Atlanta’s gameplan easier… Go after Jake early and HARD and rattle him… Once he makes a couple mistakes he’ll be toast for the rest of the game (and possibly the rest of his career, i.e. the rest of this season).

  11. Delhomme has Brandon Lidge syndrom. His talent is still there guys, he has some zip on his throws. His head is getting into the way. Whether or not he can stop thinking and just playing, who knows, but dont say he has no talent. Ryan Leaf had talent, but talent in the pros isnt everything these days. Would anyone really argue Jerry Rice, Emmit Smith, or even Adam Viniatieri were truly the most gifted at their positions. Talent needs smart game playing decisions and good teams and coaches to be successful. Right now Delhomme has everything but the smart decisions. We shall see if it ever comes back, especially with Fox on the hot seat.

  12. @Mike Florio
    No, NBC’s business plan was to partner with a successful site, which yours is. That being said, I’m sure you’re aware that the fact that you allow comments drives up your traffic because of the reader interaction. If you’re site did not have the comments section, while it would still be relevant because there is still news and good insight (although it is watered down by some of the fluff you put out regularly, and I’m sure you would admit that you are aware of your audience and cater to their needs as you are essentially selling a product), there are a lot of people that come on this site who want to see how people are responding to stories and give their input. Your stories are the catalyst for that discussion because unlike regular journalists, who (supposedly) try to remain objective, you are very subjective. Subjectiveness brings controversy, even if unwarranted. Controversy garners attention, and creates debate.
    I’m not overlooking the fact that your site was built on the fact that you used your sources to break stories, and that’s what brought your site credibility/popularity (as a former gambler, I remember when you posted before anyone else that Bryan Westbrook would be out for the game against the Giants in 2007, who were underdogs that game, you can guess who I bet on and what happened). I’m just saying, and I’m sure that many will agree, that the comments have become a very large part of your site.
    Some of the stories that you post, and I can tell by the way you write them, are there just to spark reaction/debate. I don’t fault you for it because I would do the same thing in your shoes–it is smart, business-wise–but to say that the comments section isn’t a big part of your site would be absurd. There’s a reason why you took down the “Mike Vick to the Eagles” article, there’s a reason why you monitor the comments, delete comments, and kick racist idiots like empty13 (who is now slipkid), off of this site. It is all representative of your site, and the comments not only show that your site is relevant and is actually creating debate among fans, but is also representative of the kind of product that you are presenting. While you can’t control what people say, you don’t want to look like you condone some of the things that people say because people will question it (much like some posters question why other “offensive” comments get through, but their’s did not).
    Yes, this is long.
    Yes, that’s what she said.

  13. back to me?? Jake my friend…that WAS YOU out there on Sunday…
    thats the Jake we have grown accustomed to seeing at least 5 times a year since you have been the starter!!
    Good Jake vs. Bad Jake

  14. Mike Florio said: “@mborz . . . . I was wrong to ever add a comments feature to this site.”
    You’re not going to make it very far in this business if you can’t take it! Ya gotta be tough! Boooo! Boooo! Hissss!
    (Florio subsequently runs from PFT headquarters in his basement and has is pinky toe severed by a passing 1983 Chevrolet Chevette. Some locals help him re-attach it with duct tape.)


  16. This sounds like things a quarterback would learn as a rookie, better yet in high school. Jake has been to the playoffs 3 times with 1 Super Bowl. I’m not buying the whole ” If you think negative thoughts then negative things will happen” bulls**t! You would think an NFL quarterback would already know this. It really seems like his skills have completely diminished . Hopefully we can just get through this year, keep our core of good players and move on.

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