Favre doesn't show up on Wednesday injury report

In the wake of the news that the NFL has fined the Jets, G.M. Mike Tannenbaum, and former coach Eric Mangini a total of $125,000 for fudging the injury report in 2008 regarding quarterback Brett Favre’s partially torn biceps tendon, we suggested the following entry for the Vikings’ weekly submission to the league office:  “QB Brett Favre (arm, ribs, wrist, hand, finger, ankles, head, shoulder,
knees, toes, back, front, groin, taint, swine flu, polio, lupus).”    

On their Wednesday injury report, however, the Vikings omitted any reference to Favre.

The information likely was communicated from Winter Park to 280 Park Avenue before news broke of the fines.  Regardless, the absence of Favre’s name fairly should be interpreted as an indication that he is 100 percent healthy as of right now, despite recent musings about a partially torn rotator cuff, a cracked rib, and/or sore ankles.

36 responses to “Favre doesn't show up on Wednesday injury report

  1. This just in: Brett Favre had Cheerios for breakfast this morning.
    Update: It has been confirmed that the aforementioned Cheerios were of the Honey Nut variety.

  2. Florio is the biggest Farve hater ever, which is going to make it that much sweeter when he hoists the Lombardi Trophy and walks off into the sunset this year.

  3. Lord Favre will wait till next offseason, which for the vikes will start sometime in mid January, before he makes comments about playing with broken ribs, torn rotator cuff, concussion, , dislocated elbow, sports hernia, bruised ego and any other number of excuses he can come up with as to why they still don’t have a Lombardi trophy in Minnesota.

  4. He tackled Percy Harvin in the endzone Sunday and based on your grim take on his health, that made me pretty nervous. I’m not sure he’d be tackling anyone if his injuries were that bad.

  5. I agree with WiscDave, you need a new schtick, this one has worn out its welcome. It was barely funny the first time you did it. Now its just pathetic.

  6. Everything is looking great for the Vikes so far even on the injury front. McNabb is injured, Urlacher is out for the year, etc. That two key contenders without their team leaders. The Giants lost Nicks for awhile. That’s huge with their lack of quality receivers.

  7. Surely there is something else you can find.
    Perhaps one on why Brady insisted on not speaking to Suzi Kolber?
    Maybe I missed a posting.
    Perhaps an update on another QB? McNabb, Cassel or Cutler?

  8. Hey you meanie-wienies! Don’t pick on my Farve-ee!
    He’s cool, it taint nice to suggest he has girl parts! He’s the best! And you are all bad people! You need to step off! Brett will show you! Go Brett! Go Brett! Leave all those bad people in the dust! Bad People! Bad People! Bad People!

  9. there is nothing funny about lupus seriously…i have family members affected by it and its a very painful condition
    thanks for joking about it though..

  10. Man…….I clicked on the article thinking maybe there was a rumor Brett was hurt and no one else new it. But again….a bunch of BS by a individual who calls himself a writer. Give it a break already….and what we blame Brett for all the articles? I’m also tired of seeing articles on Ben and his trouble…..there has got to be news out there somewhere but florio just sits in his office and makes up things that he thinks we’d be the least bit interested in reading…..fire him already…there has got to be someone who cares about what is really going on in the NFL and not all the sideshows or the ones the media creates.

  11. It’s those pesky hemorrhiods acting up. I just migt have to retire again this week unless the Preparation H does the trick. I’ll hold a news conference to cry a little, and get some media love if by butt still feels this itchy, burning sensation. But then, I just love the game and think I’ll unretire again this week so I can, you know, be my old gun-slinging self. Oh, don’t foeget to buy Wranglers.

  12. @DRUniversal . . .
    sorry, it was primarily intended as a seinfeld reference.
    p.s. what’s the deal with cancer?

  13. So Mike you spend weeks mocking Favre’s injury arm last year as an excuse; and just Favre looking to save face. But turns out he was injured and the Jets get hammered for it. And you still are obsessed with Favre. Let me guess you offered him a coke after a game and he didn’t give you his jersey.

  14. Yeah, every player is 100% healthy. But, for some reason, you’re not worried about every other player. I’m sure you’ll try and make some kind of scandal out of the Vikings on Farve not being on your injury report, but the report YOU posted only issued players availability– not preseason injuries you speak of. Dude, just go ahead and post your ‘naughty daydreams’ of you and your boyfriend Farve. You obviously can’t get enough of his tasty nuts.

  15. Florio, I’m one of your biggest fans, but man, you either hate Favre, or you just realize mentioning his name gets hits.
    Dude’s out there every Sunday. That’s something, bruised taint or not.

  16. It’s amusing that you guys don’t get it: Favre says PUBLICLY he has injuries (torn rotator cuff, broken ribs) and yet he is not on the injury report.
    So, either he is not injured and just putting it out there in the event he has a bad game; or he is injured and the team is not reporting. Pick your poison.

  17. I would list every player on my team that doesn’t have a significant injury as Probable just to keep from being fined.

  18. Because of the fine, coaches are gonna start listing every little injury.
    Carson Palmer – Broken nail on right ring finger
    Derrick Ward – Jammed middle left toe

  19. @ Hydra Deuce It’s on a girl, t’aint ass & t’aint p***y–
    @adrenaline junkie –thanks for grasping the obvious others seem to be missing…

  20. Good lord give it a rest with that stupid joke. It was dumb to begin with, now you’re just becoming annoying. If you were talking about Carson Palmer I’d understand, but you’re talking about a guy who’s played 270 straight games….so you just sound like a douche.

  21. The taint is a resting place for your tounge as you work your way from the fron t crack to the back crack 🙂

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