Lions, Chargers get extensions, but the Jags don't bother to ask for one

The Detroit Lions and the San Diego Chargers have each received 24-hour extensions of the 72-hour deadline for selling out all non-premium seats to their respective home openers.

In Detroit, 1,700 tickets need to be sold, down from 4,000 on Wednesday.

In a release, the Chargers attribute their extension to the fact that they played at Oakland on Monday night.  The two concepts, of course, have no logical connection, especially for the first home game of the regular season. 

Meanwhile, the Jaguars did not request more time to sell 17,000 unsold non-premium tickets to the home opener against the Cardinals.  As a result, the game will not be televised locally.

The good news for Jacksonville residents is that the game will stream on at no charge beginning at midnight Sunday and for 72 hours thereafter, with the exception of the period of time during the Monday Night Football game.

67 responses to “Lions, Chargers get extensions, but the Jags don't bother to ask for one

  1. should that read “Meanwhile, the Jaguars did not request more time to sell 17,000 unsold non-premium tickets to the home opener against the Cardinals. As a result, the game will (NOT) be televised locally.”
    How much do your editors get paid? That was the most important part of the story.

  2. pretty pathetic that you cant go and watch your team…i get the whole economy down but how are the other 31 teams pulling it off? way to support your team….they dont deserve one!!

  3. IF Jacksonvillians are worried… why don’t they go to the damn game… if there is someone out there that is going to wait until midnight to watch a game they are an idiot and can’t really care about their team. GO TO THE GAME!

  4. [i]”Meanwhile, the Jaguars did not request more time to sell 17,000 unsold non-premium tickets to the home opener against the Cardinals. As a result, the game will be televised locally.”[/i]
    The game WILL be televised locally?

  5. Meanwhile, the Jaguars did not request more time to sell 17,000 unsold non-premium tickets to the home opener against the Cardinals. As a result, the game will be televised locally.
    You sure about that, Florio?

  6. Meanwhile, the Jaguars did not request more time to sell 17,000 unsold non-premium tickets to the home opener against the Cardinals. As a result, the game will be televised locally.
    WILL BE televised locally? That’s a weird blackout rule…
    And I’m glad Jacksonville finally gave up on their terrible fans.

  7. So the game is not going to be televised locally in Jacksonville? You post says that it will but then says it is good news it is going to be streamed.

  8. The Chargers logic makes perfect sense. Their bandwagon fans wanted to see if the team won Monday before they bought the tix. Typical Left Coast losers. I only have respect for Raider fans in costumes (are there any not wearing costumes?).

  9. *17,000* unsold seats? What in holy hell is wrong down there? It looks like even the Lions will manage to sell out.
    Did the economy hit the area that hard?

  10. “As a result, the game will be televised locally.”
    Should read: The game will “NOT” be televised locally.

  11. As a result, the game will be televised locally.
    I know you guy’s don’t fact check at this website but at least proof read your nonsense so you don’t write the exact opposite of what you intended.

  12. The game “will be televised locally”? Then why would Jacksonville residents care about an internet stream?
    So when will the LA Jaguars be coming into fruition?

  13. “Meanwhile, the Jaguars did not request more time to sell 17,000 unsold non-premium tickets to the home opener against the Cardinals. As a result, the game will be televised locally.”
    Um, what?

  14. You should change the language from this post to “[a]s a result, the game will be *not* televised locally.” Doesn’t matter much to me though because I’ll be in Philly watching the Birds crush the Saints.

  15. come on detroit fans…you will get to tell your grandkids you saw AP in person rush for 300 yards

  16. Last word was less than 10k non-premium seats…
    Whatever, it’s f–king ridiculous. Buncha sad-sack college football assclowns in this town.

  17. Why would you need to see the game anyway? Here’s the wrap up.
    Ari – 17 Jags 10
    Garrard 9-21 121 yards

  18. It may just be me but this blackout policy bothers me. Its not even about the economy. Why shouldn’t a game be televised just because a team cannot sell out every seat? Theres plenty of fans every week that don’t go to the stadiums for whatever reason.
    I personally don’t go to any games because its expensive, annoying with the parking, traffic sucks, and its cold. Id rather sit home in front of my HD TV and check my fantasy scores on the commercials and be comfortable. Football tickets cost more than any other sport. Some fans go for the tailgating and for the experience and thats all fine. But i dont think im in the minority of people who find it to be a crappy experience for $100 plus for a ticket. Games shouldnt be blacked out because of that. Especially in a city like Detroit where theres been a huge amount of people that lost their jobs

  19. Bummer, it looks like the Jags are going the tough love approach. I’ll be there but my poor sick grandmother who loves the Jags won’t be able to see her team. What ashame.

  20. Are you ladies serious? 90% of the comments are about a freakin’ typo. You know what it was suppose to say, Calm the F down.
    17,000 tickets is alot. There is no real chance of selling half of that.
    LA Jaguars. I’m telling you, it’s happening. MJD went to UCLA so that even sweetens the pot.

  21. “…# severs28 says: September 17, 2009 2:17 PM
    17,000 tickets??? Holy Crap that is a lot of unsold tickets….”
    And for the Season Home Opener no less.
    It will only get worse. That’s unbelievable.
    No wonder they blew off an extension.
    What do you think that does to the confidence of the team? Stick a fork in ’em.

  22. If you guys hate Florio that much and ALWAYS have to correct please don’t come here anymore. You are probably the same people who post racist comments on youtube.

  23. i like how everyone keeps commenting on the mistake even after 200 people have mentioned it. seriously do you guys skim through every post he makes looking for mistakes so you can complain about it? christ you know what he meant. get a life losers.

  24. And it is like $14.95 (cheap) for most tickets to JAX.
    I guess Jethro has better things to do with his allowance.

  25. is it really necesaary to show the 20 something comments that informed you that you forgot the word “not”.

  26. People in Jacksonville are notorious for waiting until the last minute to decide on attending events (and not just Jaguars games). That’s not the reason for the blackout, of course, but it will be interesting to see how many seats the Jaguars sell now that it’s been announced the game will be blacked out.

  27. When San Diego enlarged Qualcomm
    one downside was sellouts became much harder.
    Another is that most of the last few tickets to sell
    are not great seats. I don’t mind paying NFL prices
    for quality seats. I’m not willing to shell out big
    bucks for crappy seats.
    I realize that this info won’t slow idiots who ignorantly
    attack “Typical Left Coast losers” but for those of
    you who actually are interested in reality…

  28. Wow check out all the grammar police around her really. He missed a word how about 40 different guys post about it.

  29. The Jacksonville CBS afiliate had the number at 10K as of last Monday and the TU has it at 17K. Now the Jags are not releasing the number. It’s all a game to get more people to buy tickets. That’s why they hide the true number as a mystery. Bottom line is it’s a blackout, but like previous blackouts by 1pm Sunday the last minute shoppers buy tickets and it will be reasonably full.

  30. Are all the bloggers on this site teenage girls? Everytime there is a typo they get all excited like they are at a slumber party.

  31. Not televised on local TV, yes, but all the meaningful plays will be televised live on Red Zone (for those who get it), so Jags fans in blacked-out areas can still see all the meaningful action live.

  32. No surprise about the Jacksonville blackout, but I sisn’t know there were THAT many unsold tickets. 17,000?! Wow. This for a team that made it to the divisional playoffs just two years ago, playing its home openers vs. the NFC Champs, no less.
    They might as well just tarp off the entire upper deck. How bad will it get as the season goes on? This will be interesting to watch.

  33. I live here in Jacksonville and I just read about 10 different posts that ask what’s going on down here? The fact of the matter is that people believe they don’t have to buy tickets to have their own franchise. They believe that sitting at home watching the game is helping just as much as attending the game at the stadium. There are also a lot of younger people who already believe the franchise has been lost. We can attribute that to 15 years in the league and no SuperBowl. Its tough to even bring up the Jaguars here locally because people don’t think they’ll even be here much longer. Its a sad time. I remember when the AFL”s Jacksonville Bulls were here. I sat in the same stadium enjoying every minute of it. Now, many years later, I am thankful that we have a team as extraordinary as the Jaguars. It must be unfathomable about what we’re experiencing here right now but its nothing that can be fixed overnight. 17,000 Unsold Tickets is PRODIGIOUS!! That’s a sign as to what’s to come. Again, from someone that lives here, its a sad, sad day.

  34. I agree with dlmcc0909. In Detroit, you gotta park your car in some freakin slum, 10 blocks from the stadium, freeze your tail off walking past 250 HoBo’s begging for change, just to see the freakin Kitty Kats get their a$$ kicked week in and week out.
    I’ll crack a cold one in front of my 61 incher and watch the good games.

  35. In general if the team is bad enough that it cant sell out its home games, I’d rather it not sell out.
    With the game blacked out you get to watch a better game at home.
    I loved it when the Falcons stunk and were at home. I’d get to watch a good game.
    Additionally I hated it when they stunk and were on the road. They broadcast 3 hours of a lousy game, and I’d be tortured seeing the score flash by of a great Giants/Eagles or CHI/GB game.
    So if I were in Jax or Detroit I’d be rooting for a blackout. SD is a different story.
    So follow up your opinion on this story by finding out what JAX might get to see instead.

  36. “We can attribute that to 15 years in the league and no SuperBowl.”
    No, you can attribute that to lousy fans who don’t care about their team–which has been a frequent contender during most of their measly 15 years of existence, going to the playoffs 6-of-14 years. The Lions have been around 75 years, and have had exactly one playoff win since the 1957 “NFL Championship Game” (as it was then called).
    The NFL expanded into a market where there was no market; that’s their bad. But please, don’t blame the Jaguars’ poor attendance on their lack of success.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  37. Why does the NFL act like theyre doing people a favor by rebroadcasting the games on the internet at midnight? The blacked out games usually get rebroadcast on one of the networks at like 10-10:30 anyway. Gee thanks NFL.
    For all of you complaining about Florio’s typo; you guys must not read many posts. He CONSTANTLY has typos. It drives me insane.
    I believe you’re whats called a “fair-weather fan.” For me there is no “better” game than watching my team….and I live in DETROIT! There is always a second game on early anyway. Plus the afternoon game, the night game, and MNF.

  38. I love the LA talk… When will it happen? Maybe when they put a stadium up? Since there isn’t a stadium there capable of handling an NFL team (see Raiders and Rams) it’s nothing but a media “time filler” to even discuss it. A team in London? Ha! The NFL doesn’t even play 2 games outside the U.S. a year, and we’re just gonna throw a franchise in another country?
    Seriously, speaking of “fans” – I remember, living here in Indianapolis, a particular stadium called the RCA Dome (seating capacity of under 58,000) that couldn’t be sold out – even in the dead of winter when the temp was a nice 72 degrees inside. For years the Colts had blackouts… up until just a few years ago.
    San Diego – perennial playoff contender – has sellout problems too. WTF?
    Jacksonville has one of the 5 biggest stadiums in the league and the smallest market. Well, sorry, Green Bay is (if you don’t consider that the stadium is halfway filled up with Milwaukee residents).
    Consider that Jax has to fill 67,000 seats for a sellout with well under a million population. Then consider that Chicago has to fill 8,000 less seats with 5 times more the population (not counting the metro area adding another 6 million people to draw from.
    Seriously… It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the problem. Big ass stadium and no one to fill it!

  39. I lived in Jax for 5 years and I have to say that they are the WORST fans of all pro football. I can’t tell you how many times I heard on the sports talk shows fans calling in and saying “because of the loss today I will never root for the Jag’s again”.
    Fans in Jacksonville are spoiled by their college football (Georgia, Florida, Florida State, Miami). These teams year-in and year-out are top ranked teams. Fans have been spoiled for so long with this that when they did finally get a pro franchise they expect the same success.
    The team is better suited to relocate to another market that does not have direct competition with so many solid college teams.
    Just one man’s opinion….

  40. Jacksonville’s stadium seats 67,000? That’s one of the 5 biggest in the league? Why don’t they just eliminate 10,000 seats somehow (build a couple more bathrooms or add a restaurant with a view in those crappy seat areas) so they can deem it a sellout?

  41. Detroit coming even close to a sellout is amazing, considering their record breaking futility over the years.
    On the other hand, Jacksonville and San Diego continue to prove that they aren’t big league cities and don’t deserve to be in the NFL.

  42. So jacksonville which was a last place team cant sell out and people are up in arms, yet a first place super bowl contender in San Diego cant sell out and people dont seem to mind? Isnt San Diego closer to LA? Just throw the equipment in a van and drive up to your new home LA Chargers….

  43. dlmcc0909
    You say the NFL is the highest price ticket that is pure BS why dont you see what tickets cost at the house that steinbrenner built in NY or for that matter a lowly Flyers Game Footballs cost less better game
    Jacksonville is just into it so the team sould pack up and find a city that will support them
    Screw LA move the team so place where people care
    Chicago could support another Team Hell Phila needs a real team as does Dallas and Washington

  44. Hey DJ, as an unfortunatel Lions fan, I wish it had only been 16 years without a Superbowl. Try going a decade with Moe, Larry and Curly running your franchise and a season hoping for ONE REGULAR SEASON WIN. If there is one thing that should be known in professional sports it is that geographic location does not equal support. If these owners want a full stadium, put a competitive product on the field. I hope there are more blackouts this year in Detroit, Jax, St. Louis, etc….

  45. Thats ok…that we dont sell out but when we go to the playoffs this year…look da hell out.

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