Rhodes delivers questionable volley at Pats

First, Kris Jenkins said the Jets were preparing like Sunday’s game against New England was the Super Bowl. Then, Jets coach Rex Ryan sent out a voice mail to season-ticket holders pleading with them to make things miserable for the Patriots Sunday at the Meadowlands.

Now, Jets safety Kerry Rhodes is chiming in with an apparent allusion to creating traffic around Tom Brady’s surgically repaired left leg.

Rhodes told the New York Daily News that the Jets were going to “try and embarrass” the Patriots and rattle Brady.

“I’m sure if somebody is around his leg or he feels pressure below, he’s not going to step into his throw,” Rhodes added.

Of course, that would be true for any quarterback.  So true, in fact, that it bears no mentioning.  The fact that Rhodes does mention the Jets applying pressure “around his leg” goes right up to the line of what’s appropriate pregame trash talk.

Some might feel it’s beyond it.

And this presents a mild problem.  Because even while Ryan’s tone in tweaking the Patriots has been entertaining, Rhodes — who by no means has a reputation as a dirty player — has now changed the tone from one of merely standing up to the tyrannical Patriots to going after an opposing player’s injury.

We’re not being naive.  Of course the Jets want Brady to move laterally and be unable to step up in the pocket.  And why wouldn’t they say so?  But publicly declaring an injured area is going to be targeted, as Rhodes seems to, is not wise.

Ryan’s tail-twisting has been very general.  Rhodes’ comment?  Probably a little too specific.

55 responses to “Rhodes delivers questionable volley at Pats

  1. And just when I thought it was impossible to root for the Patriots…the Jets are doing a damn good job of getting me there….

  2. Duhhhhh………..
    League is pretty smart, they will now target Rhodes.
    Vincent Wilfork is on that list. Once you get a rep as a dirty player, the league puts you on a short list.
    They read the news. Thats why Polomalu got a 15 yard penalty for a legal hit in the Tenn game – There was a back story, and the refs knew it, so they threw a preemtive flag.
    Jets can expect a cautionary 15 yard flag to come down early if they get any where near Brady after the play.

  3. …welcome to Jetsfootballtalk.com
    Hey Im sure he doesnt mind trash talking but read the actual Dailynews article not the excerpt from NBC
    he says…
    …………………..Brady is coming off the ACL injury and wears a knee brace, but Rhodes insists the Jets will not have a bull’s-eye on his knee. “No, we won’t play dirty,” he said. “We are going to play hard to the whistle.”…………………………………………..
    now you wouldn’t be one to misrepresent the facts would you Florio.

  4. probably the stupidest part of this is that he just gave the refs reason to be extra trigger happy with the roughing the passer flags on sunday. I say no less than 40 yards of roughing penalties go against the jets it’s impossible to know how much these comments affect that, but it certainly didn’t help the jets

  5. Oh, take off your media blinders, this is the way the Jets players think, and it’s reinforced by Ryan’s bully attitude.
    Nothing new here.
    BTW, if he really wanted to rattle Brady, Rhodes should fly down a day early and flirt with Gisele the night before the game.

  6. every time they talk, my score changes.
    pats 51 jets 10
    keep talking you idiots….kerry, watch your legs pal.

  7. Really, Tom Curran? I mean, really? Evevn Florio couldn’t stretch a comment beyond its context or read further into something like you have here. He was making a statement, not a threat. To try and make it seem otherwise is beyond absurd.
    It’s ok to just not write on a slow news day. Instead you’re trying to make something out of less than nothing.

  8. The inferiority of that organization is ridiculous.
    Its their super bowl
    they want to embarass the Patriots
    and the coach is calling fans like its a high school booster call
    lame, cant imagine the fallout if the pats shock the world and beat the jets.

  9. Where did he publicly declare that they were targeting an injured area? As you say the Jets would want any QB to be unable to step up in the pocket and I am sure that is there game plan every week. That Brady has a bum wheel is coincidental.
    There is no need to try and turn this into a potential head hunting comment just so, in a later post, you can try to make a nonsensical and irrelevant correlation to Buddy Ryan head hunting punters last century.

  10. I’m a Raiders fan. I remember the Tuck Rule. Yes, it still annoys me. I really really really really don’t like New England.
    That being said, I hope the Patriots turn the Jets into roadkill. Maybe when the Jets actually step up and go to the playoffs, they’ll have a right to talk big. Until then, the team’s talk sounds just like a little terrier running around yipping and nipping at someone’s heels.
    Just because the Raiders had a solid game on Monday I’m not suddenly running around proclaiming we’re gonna crush the Chiefs like a pork rind under Rex Ryan’s ass and making snide allusions to Matt Caseel’s knee.

  11. Classic lawyer talk, and it’s not even from Florio. At this site, a quote doesn’t mean what it means in spirit, it only means what you can drag out of it literally in a court of law. Boring. The Jets are all saying the same thing: smash the Pats. Period.
    I’m sure if Brady “feels pressure below” it’s because he needs more children from more gorgeous mothers.

  12. I don’t think Rhodes is trying to be dirty or say they are going after Brady’s legs. Heck even the annuncers Monday night made numerous references to, and showed several replays of, how Brady wasn’t following thru his passes when people were around his feet. Brady is freshly back from missing the entire season due to the injury, and it’s going to take him time to get back to the point of fully trusting it not to get hurt again. So any team that can use that to their advantage while they can isn’t being dirty, just smart.

  13. come on…he didn’t say he’s gonna break his leg or go for his leg or any other allusion along those lines. he simply said that if there’s people around him, he’s gonna be a bit apprehensive.
    listen, i’m an eagles fan, i have no personal interests in this game, but this is grasping for straws (articles).

  14. More locker room fodder for Pats Offensive Line. The Pats Oline is probably going to have a great game. Most players know that they should let their play to the talking.

  15. I dont get it, what’s the big F-ing deal that Rex Ryan sent a voicemail out to all season ticket holders trying to get them pumped up? As a Titans season ticket holder Jeff Fisher has been sending voicemails out to season ticketholders and doing this for YEARS the week before big games. Fisher sounds much more motivating on the voicemail than the 27 um’ um’ um’s I heard out of Ryan’s fatt a$$ mouth.

  16. I just don’t get it…. Why would the Jets be talking shit and try and piss off New England? I mean, in the last 5 years the Jets have a whopping one playoff victory…

  17. Historically, teams who try this don’t fare well. Or players, for that matter. Why not just predict a win, Kerry?
    I hope it rings true again on Sunday. They’re digging themselves in for a fight, and I hope we bury ’em.

  18. @ Florio
    Do you even read the articles or listen to the interviews before you regurgetate this crap?
    “I’m sure if somebody is around his leg or he feels pressure below, he’s not going to step into his throw,” Rhodes added.
    Where does it say he’s going for the knee?
    It doesn’t!
    There is nothing bad about what Rhodes said, at all!
    I started coming to this site b/c it seemed like real football talk… I’m stating to realize that it’s not… all you do is publish BS Florio… you might as well go to work for TMZ!

  19. I just realized that this was written by Tom Curran, and not Florio… but what’s the difference; you both reach for crap all day long!
    This site sucks now!

  20. You ladies really have some issues with yourselves. Are all Pats fans this sensitive?
    Please read (and report) what Rhodes and the Jets say, not what or how you interpret them.
    This website is getting ridiculous.

  21. I’m disappointed with how late these stories are being posted. The old PFT used to have a scoop right away and didn’t care whether they were right or wrong. I don’t know if it’s a lack of writers or a wait and see approach to some developing stories (to keep NBC out of hot water with any potential controversies), but PFT is falling behind. Sometimes’s I’m reading news that I saw hours before the post on PFT. I miss the old website. You could actually rate people’s comments. Those were good times

  22. “tacious says:
    September 17, 2009 5:31 PM
    @ Florio
    Do you even read the articles or listen to the interviews before you regurgetate this crap?”
    I just realized you recognized your mistake.
    I still want to specifically highlight what an ass you just made of yourself.

  23. “Jets can expect a cautionary 15 yard flag to come down early if they get any where near Brady after the play.”
    really? a cautionary flag, for what? “personal foul… intimidating the passer”?
    who the hell cares about this? he’s not saying they’re targeting his injury, he’s putting word out there that they’re going to PRESSURE him all day (he said they’re going to hit him more than six times) and that brady should be nervous. that’s what a defense is supposed to do… not re-injure the guy, but make it harder for him to make plays because he’s running scared.
    this is not a low blow, it’s not tasteless. they might lose, they very well might get blown out, but they’re starting to get a winning attitude, that they don’t have to lie down for the pats just because of the past few years’ losses. it’s already well known that rhodes is going to be rex’s go-to, big-play, big-mouth guy, and this rivalry needs a little bit of real (football) drama to it… not this belichick/mangini handshake nonsense.
    bravo, rhodes. go get ’em. just don’t get embarrassed yourself.

  24. You would think Rhodes would have something better to do right now.
    Like, plan for the Pats or….have his semi-annual rape party.

  25. PFTiswhatitis says:
    September 17, 2009 5:54 PM
    Jets and their fans SUCK!
    Careful there, Emily Post. Someone may take offense at such unflattering remarks.

  26. While I don’t disagree with Ryan’s attempt to install a little hometown pride and team spirit by rallying the “troops”, this was way over the top, if not downright stupid.
    Looks like the Pats have their bulletin board material after all.
    Smooth Rhodes.

  27. Jumbotron84 says:
    September 17, 2009 4:43 PM
    I hate the pats (Ill admit, only because they are so good) but I am starting to hate the Jets even more.
    WOW someone is honest!!! “only because they are so good”

  28. Brady knows he is playing the renters not the owners of the place
    He also knows the difference between the Giants D and the jets d
    All you jet fans who have to sit in those nice blue seats to cheer on your team the ones who have made the Giants owners rich all these years

  29. if you enter a game with the idea of doing damage to the opposing teams qb,this can be turned against you in an instant.

  30. Football is violent.
    Good defenses attack the quarterback.
    I see how Kerry Rhodes’ comments could be construed as the Jets players will be targeting Brady’s leg but I’m fairly certain that Kerry meant the Jets defense has a greater chance of success getting after or rattling Brady (not his leg) because Brady doesn’t have full confidence in that leg.
    Essentially, the Jets have a greater chance of victory with their aggressive brand of defense against post injury Brady than pre-injury Brady.
    But really this is just Florio being a savvy businessman. Look at the amount of comments on Jets/Patriots blogs as opposed to the other blogs this week.
    Florio adds fuel to the fire, insinuates but doesn’t outright accuse and then leaves it to us to be outraged or defensive on behalf of our favorite teams.
    @ hayward giablommi
    How many times do I have to tell you… When you have a name that means “Come and suck my unit” you don’t get to talk about class or criticize anyone else for being “Utterly lowbrow”.

  31. I live in philly and seen the stupid things that buddy ryan did to the eagles, now his son is following in his fathers foot steps with the jets. These guys are just loud mouth idiots and they will never win at this level as head coaches

  32. This is just funny. Tom Curran, you and Florio are nothing more than the Patriots go to propaganda spreaders. You try to sell your readers with biased opinions. Anyone with half a brain can see this trend in your writing. If they don’t, then they are just naive and ignorant. Why don’t you guys actually say what is being said, instead of taking little snippits, and throwing your own one sided spin to it. I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less, when the Patriots owner, Kraft, owns NBC.

  33. Regardless of what we as fans might read into the comments, the coaches and players will interpret it their way once they see them and it will either have little or no effect or they’ll decide to use them for motivation. But, since this is the NFL and since both teams still want to win every game regardless of someone’s comments, I doubt the execution of either team will be impacted by these words.

  34. Some people seem to be missing the point here. Football is a sport played by large, powerful men with bad intentions. It’s a game of passion and emotion and in the heat of the battle its easy for these gladiators to lose control and cross the line.
    The reality is that in all likelyhood the Jets won’t try to hurt Brady but these type of comments can lead to a serious backlash. Do you really think baseball pitchers are the only people capable of seeking retribution? How do you think these comments will effect players like Vince Wilfork or the rest of the Patriots defense? Are you really so naive to underestimate how protective these guys are of Brady?
    The reality is that Rhodes just opened Pandora’s Box. The player under the greatest threat is probably not Brady, it’s likely Sanchez. The last thing this sport needs is players making threats through the media. This type of thing can get out of hand and turn ugly very quickly. There’s a reason why this sort of thing has never been deemed acceptable in the past. I love Rex’s enthusiasm but if it leads to players like Rhodes making threats, he needs to get control of his team and nip this thing in the butt. That’s completely unacceptable.
    And like I said, it’s not about just protecting Brady or whoever is directly threatened. It’s also about protecting the guys from the team that made the inital threat. All these comments have done is place the bulls-eye on Sanchez and it would be a sad, sad thing to see him carted off the field. NOBODY WINS WITH THIS SH!T.

  35. mrzazz41387 says:
    I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less, when the Patriots owner, Kraft, owns NBC.
    *******************************************He doesnt own NBC you DUMBASS!!!!!!!
    Yeah he owns NBC but has a CBS sports rest. at
    Patriots Place. DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. # davis1281 says: September 18, 2009 7:33 AM
    mrzazz41387 says:
    I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less, when the Patriots owner, Kraft, owns NBC.
    *******************************************He doesnt own NBC you DUMBASS!!!!!!!
    Yeah he owns NBC but has a CBS sports rest. at
    Patriots Place. DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Davis, wrong. He owns a television station in the Boston area (WNEV-TV). While it was a CBS affiliate in the 80’s when he bought it, it is not affiliated with NBC. Why don’t you chill with the caps lock and do a little research before sounding like a little kid reciting facts he heard the grown-ups saying.
    As for this “article”, if you want to call it that, just poor journalism. If anyone read the article this is based off of, or an actual transcipt, they would know that Rhodes was talking about how Brady’s knee doesn’t seem 100% and how he seems tentative when there are bodies flying around his feet (not because they’re diving at his knee, but because in the NFL, on passing plays, there are bodies flying in the pocket). Way to try to use a blog and a mass following to twist a story guys, very responsible.

  37. Hey its GREAT the JEts are talking……Mangini made them into robots……and all the talk means NOTHING either way it is just fodder for an anti-Jet fan (Florio) to stir the pot…..The Jets should be confident..for this reason..for the first time in ten years the Jets have both the better OL and DL in the matchups……I expect Sanchez to struggle..but they will run it down there throat…
    J E TS

  38. This is going to be one hell of a fun game to watch…
    Revis will be matched up against Moss, Rhodes on Welker. The Jets have Keller who thrashed the Pats middle D last year and I am really curious to see how they counter him this year.
    BB will plan to take the running game out, but Cotchery has a way of making some of the strangest plays. Remember when he was hit hard, flip onto his head onto of a Pats defensive player, landed back on his friggin’ feet and ran into the endzone? That shit just doesn’t happen, but this guy has the weirdest plays.
    But as a fan of the Pats I hope they go down there and make it 9 in row on the road against Gang Green as I’m tired of their mouths.
    I just hope Rex keeps his shirt on and doesn’t shake his Pom Poms on HDTV, that would make me throw up my beer through my nose…

  39. Hey Rhode, Did you remember the guy name AARON SMITH with his big mouth? What happen to him after BRADY ripped him apart?
    he couldn’t even make a roster with Pittsburgh anymore and you will be NEXT………………….

  40. “Utterly lowbrow, dispicable and pathetic.”
    From a Boston fan. I guess it does take one to know one.

  41. What I find amusing is the fact that the Jets feel the need to email their season ticket holders to come to the game….in Foxboro even the preseason games are sold out…no emails needed, good times or bad we are there for them.
    GO PATS!!!!

  42. Years ago a Canadian Football League player said people (probably gamblers) would let it be known that any player taking a star out for a game or the season could expect a brown paper bag of cash to arrive at their door. Take that money bet times 10 plus for the NFL, you’d have to be naive to believe it hasn’t been offered if not accepted. If someone was really headhunting though, would they advertise it? I’m sure Brady and every star in the league is aware they are targets. As he said “Talks’ cheap”.

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