So where's Marvin Harrison?

With the Colts needing a receiver due to the injury to Anthony Gonzalez and signing a guy in Hank Baskett who has generated fewer receiving yards in his entire career than Marvin Harrison racked up in eight different NFL seasons, the obvious question arises.

Why in the heck isn’t Harrison on a team?

Former Colts coach Tony Dungy, who made his debut five days ago on NBC’s Football Night In America (7:00 p.m. ET/4:00 p.m. PT/those of you in the other time zones can do the math), had this to say on Sunday night about the man who spent seven years playing for Dungy:  “Marvin does want to play, he can play, but Marvin does want to get paid.”

Those last six words are the key.  Though the details are still sketchy, Marvin likely passed on a final offer from the Colts worth far more than anything any other team might have suggested as a possible contract during his seven months of free agency.  And now that the Colts have taken a steep cap hit for cutting Harrison, it will be difficult for them to put back on the table the deal Marvin rejected in February.

At this point, the question will be whether a contender has needs at the position during the stretch run, and whether Marvin will take what he can get for a chance at getting another Super Bowl ring.

21 responses to “So where's Marvin Harrison?

  1. He will never take a deal to get a ring. He wants green, plain and simple and he’d rather sit then play for less.

  2. Maybe he and Michael Crabtree can rent an apartment together until things work out in the “I want to be paid WAAAAAAY over my value ” department.

  3. “…# Dan says: September 17, 2009 9:02 AM
    Teams are too worried he will be arrested for conspiracy to committ murder 1 hour before gametime…”
    He could always ask Ray Lewis to mentor him.

  4. He can’t play
    He never came back from the knee injury and now he’s oooooooooooooollllllllllldddddd
    So he’s a guy with average speed, who won’t fight for more yards, who wants a lot of money.
    And Florio doesn’t know why he hasn’t been picked up?

  5. screw him, he isnt that fast anymore, he has a 80’s porn style mustache, and he might just be a murderer. I have an idea- he can sign with the Redskins, that way both 80’s porn stars will be on the same offense- Mustachio Harrison and Mustachio Campbell. They could do a remake of every 80’s cop show ever made with those gross hairlips. ” We need a fluffer over here for Marvin, he is losing it…….”

  6. I am wondering “where is Matt Jones”….I understand the off field issues he had and i’m not making an excuse for him, but other players have had more serious and numerous off field issues than Jones and they are back playing. He is a great receptions receiver, tall target etc. and we all know there are several teams in dire need of wr help. Nobody seems to even want to talk about the issue??????????

  7. Lovie Smith, Andy Reid , Tony Dungy etc. etc. all get on the vick bandwagon arguing that he deserves another chance but no one seems to give a chit about matt jones………is he really that big of a coke-head?????

  8. Marvis Harrison has pending legal issues, as does Matt Jones. Michael Vicks legal issues are over. He could of course get into more trouble OJ Simpson style, but the previous dog fighting thing is over. That is a major issue in why both Harrison and Jones are free agents who there aren’t even any Chris Mortensen total lying bullshit rumors flying around. Plus Marvin Harrison free agency will stay because he believes he should be paid. I mean he has some expensive legal fees kicking in soon…

  9. Can we all move on from this Marvin Harrison. Look, he was a good reciever but not the hall of fame legend everyone makes this guy out to be. Is he better than Issac Bruce? Is he better then Tim Brown? Is he better then Randy Moss? Terrel Owens? Tory Holt? Can you guys actually say he was THE BEST receiver from his era. He will eventually, maybe get into the Hall of Fame, it will depend on the class. The bottom line is those receivers all caught passes and PERFORMED well in playoff games and superbowls, Marvin Harrison is even an argument on whether he was the greatest regular season receiver of all time, maybe so. Issac Bruce has had a similiar career but has showd up in BIG games and when his career is over may actually pass Marvin on the reception list. I’m sure Colts fans will make yet another excuse on why he’s just the greatest that ever lived and form excuses like they are now on WHY he can’t get a JOB. ONE word for you OVERRATED!!

  10. Marvin Harrison is one of the greatest receivers ever in the NFL and passed Jerry Rices record with td s and in half the time. Also he has made so many amazing receptions all the years he played, and colts not paying him what his contract stated and i hope he will come back and play for them or if not for someone else and soon!! As for the accusation against him nothing has been proven for over a year and dont believe anything will ever come to trial. Also if you look at the tapes he has been double and triple covered last few years because he is so great and to me is one of best ever!! Good luck Marvin and hope you can come back to the NFL !! Have a nice day!!

  11. Bro, look though….Your Colts fan, and I understand your reasoning. Marvin Harrison was a great receiver in his prime, but there is no way a legend all time. Marvin Harrison in an offense where he was the only passing option for years until Wayne arrived, I understand, and he had a remarkable season of 144 catches. But he’s not the greatest receiver to come out of his era, there are still receivers playing like an Issac Bruce who put up comparible numbers in the regular season, been to more SuperBowls and accomplished more in the postseason. Harrison DOES not own the touchdown record, its still owned my Rice, Terrel Owens is actually second on the list. Marvin Harrison is second in receptions all time currently. But what will you say when Moss, Owens, Bruce surpass Harrison, what legs will he stand on then, I’m betting he gets surpassed and by the time the Hall of Fame rolls around they will say that there were other receivers who were just as productive or more then Harrison, his postseason numbers will hurt him getting in the hall of fame, look up the stats on Harrison in the postseason for 16 games, you will find that he is almost a non factor.

  12. Well, he’s not better than Terrel Owens, Randy Moss, they all have more touchdowns and fewer games played if you want to go that route. And they are still playing, so sooner or later they’ll pass Marvin, then the commitee will have to look at his era and really ask themselves is he a LEGEND of the game. I don’t think so. He has a record that may never be broken, that could get him some votes though. Argueable Jimmy Smith, Issac Bruce, Tim Brown had great careers for their teams but I really think Marvin Harrison fall into that category as being great for their team only. I can’t remember the last playoff game where Marvin Harrison just dismantled a defense, but I remember Dallas Clark doing it being a third guy during their run. I remember Issac Bruce winning a SuperBowl and during their runs with St.Louis he was a major contributor. I remember T.O’s SuperBowl on ONE LEG destroying the best Dynasty in the NFL since the Cowboys……I can’ remember Marvin’s and neither will the Hall of Fames.

  13. LOL this guy MIGHT have hired someone to execute a witness why the hell would any team with half a brain take a chance on skinner bell of the NFL?????

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