Vince Young comes up big for McNair's kids

We know this was mentioned earlier today in Josh Alper’s capably compiled “One-Liners”.

But it’s worth popping out a separate post to point out that Vince Young did a good thing Wednesday.  A really good thing.  He took Steve McNair’s two young sons out to breakfast at The Pancake Pantry in Nashville.

McNair’s sons attend the St. Paul Christian Academy.  On Wednesday, there was a “Dear Dads Breakfast,” in which fathers take their kids out to breakfast as a group.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that Young stepped in for McNair, who was slain July 4.

“It was a great, great gesture.  All the kids had been talking about the dads’ breakfast and [Trenton and Tyler McNair] were wondering what was going to happen with them,” said St. Paul admissions director Julie Dilworth.

At McNair’s funeral two months ago, Young pledged to McNair’s sons that they could count on him going forward.

“Those are my boys,” Young told Wyatt.  “I wouldn’t say it was to pay anyone back; it was just out of love.  Steve would do it for me.  He pretty much did it for me when I was growing up.  I have a history with the boys and I want to do anything I can.  I am their big brother.”

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  1. Very cool of him. The guy gets a bad rap over some of the things he’s said/done(deliverably so) but this was really awesome of him to do.

  2. We are far too fast to point out the bad things people do. This is awesome and I highly respect Vince Young for doing this. THIS SHOULD BE THE LEAD STORY ON ESPN!!!! It’s not the big splash that will sell sponsors, draw ratings but it is an awesome thing and should be pointed out.

  3. A class move if there ever was one. His football head may be a bit off kilter but I’m happy that he knows what truly is important in life.

  4. It’s about time we see something positive associated with the private lives of NFL players. This was not a publicity stunt, but a genuine act of goodwill. I’m an Eagle’s fan but I think that Mike Vick or any other NFL player should take note. This action is the classic example of “proactive” behavior. Congratulations to Young for showing that many players do actually have a heart.

  5. I am not a big fan of Vince Young but that was an awesome thing to do, and it will be remembered for a lot longer more than anything he ever accomplished on the field.

  6. Doesn’t matter WHEN it was reported nut jobs! The fact is, boys need good role models…amle and female. Vince did what a real man, and a real hero does. “He paid it forward”!
    I’m out!~

  7. This is a total PR stunt and done to get appeasement from the TN fans that cannot stand him……..Give me a break.
    ..and it worked based on your lame-a&% responses above. The gullible are so easily deceived.
    He probably also wanted help from them on reading the Titans playbook!

  8. What a great story. Vince Young did something for these two boys that they will remember for the rest of their lives. We all should be more giving.

  9. @Nofootballtalk: ” this was mentioned earlier today in Josh Alper’s capably compiled “One-Liners”.
    Along with everyone else, I wanna say “Thanks” to VY for how he stepped up. Suddenly, I want him to turn his NFL career around and become the success everyone expected…

  10. Vince very well done nice to see with all the thugs in the NFL that there is still some class and while it was a private act I am glad we got to hear about it and praise him
    Well done VY now learn how to be QB and show the kids your a real man.

  11. golongboyee…PR stunt or no, the two kids had someone there on a day when their father’s was surely a major source or pain for them. Whatever he reason, the end result is that he was there for those kids.

  12. @ golongboyee:
    Really? You’re gonna rip on a guy after he takes two children out to a father’s breakfast when their father couldn’t make it because he was murdered? Really? Dude, you’re a dick.

  13. NCM42……..thanks for proving my point….
    “Suddenly, I want him to turn his NFL career around and become the success everyone expected…”
    This quote from you shows how easily it is to deceive a decidely stupid and gullible public…and you are perfect proof of this……
    If McNair had been spending time with his kids instead of someone else in the first place, this article wouldn’t even exist.

  14. Some adults may see it as a PR stunt, ( I don’t ) but I guarantee those kids saw it as someone there for them when their dad could not be.
    Three cheers for Vince Young!

  15. I can’t believe Florio actually posted something this decent. Or that he would even know what a nice gesture is.
    Too cool…….way to go Vince.

  16. for the record the pancake pantry is the most popular breakfast restaurant in downtown nashville so the fact that he was seen, whether intentionally or not it would have been noticed. so dont give me that PR bs know what your talking about b4 you talk or youll just look like a fool..from the article in he tennessean thats where alot of the parents and kids went so its not like he did that on purpose..get a life and stop being such a p rick

  17. …don’t even care if young’s in the league next year – but character goes a long way for me…AWESOME move vy – GOD bless you for that…

  18. I think it is a great thing as well. I am very happy to read news like this for a change. Thanks for mentioning it specifically Florio.

  19. golongboyee..PR stunt? Where is the video? Pics? What is the benefit as PR? As others have said, he was there for those kids. I didn’t see anyone else step up, I recall him at the funeral saying just that, “I will always be there for you” He followed through on that promise.

  20. He’s officially off the dooshbag list. At least until he’s incarcerated or any “alleged” domestic abuse against a wife and/or girlfriend. Attaboy

  21. Nice Vince could be there, PR stunt or not.
    At least he wasn’t off with a mistress like McNair was.
    Should use some of your daily post quota to acknowledge the players who have their own non-profit group up and running dealing with various issues. Not some douche who takes kids out to breakfast once.

  22. @ golongboyee
    There always has to be someone jealous because no one stepped in for them when they needed someone. Get over it.
    If McNair had have been home then none of this would have happened but it did happen and those kids had nothing to do with it.
    I’ve never been a VY fan but this isn’t about him, it’s about those kids.

  23. Maybe if their father wasnt a womanizing douche bag who had more than 1 mistress on the side whom he bought cars, rented condos for he could have been there to make that breakfast. But its ok he will be remembered as a great guy because he played football.
    But yea nice job for taking the kids out.

  24. golongboyee is clearly a troll
    it has been known for a looong time that mcnair was like a father to vince young and young was a big brother to these kids…..its clearly NOT a PR stunt…

  25. I don’t care what his motives were. Adults often have motives little understood by children. Love and attention are always understood by kids.

  26. gee…….who is more of a troll…….someone who all of a sudden thinks someone is a good QB because he does a good deed?……and, if it is so good, why does it need to be reported????Can’t anyone just do some good without proclamation. I don’t post billboards of the charities I have donated to!!!
    sad there are so many idividuals such as yourself that are so easily swayed by stories. But, that is why these are spoon feed to the public, because, dim witted individuals such as yourself fall so easily and so hard..which is why there is a field called public relations to begin with……hey, I helped a grandmother across the street today……can I start at QB for the Skins????? LOL

  27. This is really a good thing Vince did, in anyone’s mind; given that they have possession of a mind. This was a selfless act done expressly for a couple of kids who just lost their father in an unexpected and most horrific way.
    Vince Young, comparatively speaking, is a class act; he’s never gotten into any trouble with drugs, alcohol, or sex; his issues aren’t based on overweening pride or self-indulgence. Sure, he’s had some emotional and on-the-field setbacks. Fighting and dealing with those issues might make him a better man; if he gets them resolved, he might make a decent football player. If this event is any indication of his future direction, it’s certainly looking brighter now, whether or not his future involves football.

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