Wayne Weaver talks Tebow

So with the Jacksonville Jaguars struggling to fill up their home stadium and owner Wayne Weaver admirably committed to keeping the team in Jacksonville and one of the greatest football players of all time not far away from Jacksonville, could that player be the one to save the franchise?


As pointed out Wednesday by John Taylor of CFT, Jags owner Wayne Weaver recently has addressed the notion of adding Tebow to the team via the 2010 draft.

“Star power is incredible, and Tebow is an iconic figure,” Weaver said. “That’s very compelling. He clearly is an
outstanding football player and would be an asset to any football organization.”

There are a couple of potential problems with Weaver’s candor, however.

First, specific rules apply to what NFL officials can say about players who have remaining college eligibility.  As we vaguely recall the rule, there can be no comments about college players until they have been officially accepted for consideration in the draft.  So, basically, Weaver might soon be making an involuntary contribution to the Human Fund.

Second, unless the Jaguars land with the top pick in the draft (and maybe that goal is more realistic and attainable than, say, making the playoffs), Weaver has given every team picking in front of the Jaguars fuel to hold an open auction for the ability to leapfrog the Jags and snag Tebow.

Regardless, there’s a long way to go before any of this comes to fruition.  But that’s all the more reason for no coach, G.M., or owner to say anything about any of the players who are still playing college football.

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  1. I hope this was just an attempt by Weaver to quiet the masses and not something he’s actually looking to do. Any interest Tebow would bring to the Jaguars would disappear very quickly once people realize his game does not translate well to the NFL.

  2. You’re not seriously suggesting that Tebow would be the top pick in the draft, are you? He’s a great college football player but a borderline NFL QB prospect.

  3. “As we VAGUELY recall the rule, there can be no comments about college players until they have been officially accepted for consideration in the draft.”
    WOW, as a lawyer and a reporter, aren’t you even a little responsible for MAKING SURE of facts before you spew out accusations? have you NO pride in EITHER profession? or do you just half ass at both?

  4. “and one of the greatest football players of all time not far away from Jacksonville”
    Huh? When did Jim Brown move to Florida?

  5. “one of the greatest football players of all time” has never played a professional down?
    Come on, Mike. Hyperbole is one thing. Absurdity is something else entirely.

  6. I think he covered his butt pretty well. He did not make any comments with regards to HIS TEAM. He said he’d be an asset to any football organization. He also didn’t say PROFESSIONAL organization.

  7. WTF? Greatest player of all time? Do you ride a short bus? Hasn’t played a down in the NFL and he already is the greatest? Wow. Good article hack.

  8. What postion will Tebow play in the Pros, he’s certainly not an NFL caliber quarterback with that throwing motion and weak arm. Probably an H-back or tightend at the next level, and no one is using a high draft pick on a project changing position college quarterback…Tebow will fail if people think he’ll be an NFL qurterback

  9. Any of you who think Tebow wouldn’t be the number one pick in the draft should have your “Football Fan” status revoked immediately and permanently…
    The last time I checked, the role of the QB was to be a “Franchise” player – meaning leadership (on and off the field), commanding respect, performing at the top level, and above all – being a winner…
    Let me justify that for a minute – Tebow has won 2 National Championships and a Heisman Tropy… A 3rd title in 4 years is a big possibility this year, as is a 2nd Heisman with Bradford going down. 37-6 since he took over the reigns of QB at Florida (.860 W/L)… oh, and check this page out if you have any more doubts about his ability to score touch downs (throwing or running)…
    1 – Most rushing TD’s by a QB in a season
    2 – Most consecutive games scoring a touchdown by rushing and passing
    3 – Lowest Int. percentage
    4 – Most yards gained ina season
    5 – Most TD’s in a season
    6 – Most TD’s in a game
    7 – Most running TD’s in a season
    8 – Career Completion percentage…
    Tebow goes #1 – if he doesn’t – whoever passed on him will look like the Houston Rockets (Akeem Olajuwon) and the Portland Trailblazers (Sam Bowie) of the NFL when both passed on Michael Jordan who went 3rd to the bulls and ended up the greatest Athlete and by far the greatest competitor on the planet. Period.
    Oh btw – I graduated from the University of Miami and am a die-hard Canes fan.

  10. Tim Tebow will be a backup quarterback at best. Any team who picks him in the first 3 rounds will be disappointed. He shouldn’t by any means be considered for the first pick.

  11. Florio’s “greatest player” comment isn’t too far off the mark, if you happen to live in the Jacksonville area. The opinon of many people here (well, Gator fans, anyway) is that Tebow could, very possibly, raise the dead and make the blind see. When he announced he was committing to Florida a couple of years ago, they turned it into a gigantic media even at his high school…thousands of people showed up, and you would have thought you were hearing an Obama-induced orgasm when he named the school. As if his choice was a big secret.
    There’s no denying the guys college ball skills, but those who believe it won’t translate to the NFL are correct. If he does draft, it will be as a tight end or a receiver.
    Frankly, I’m of the belief that Christian Ponder up the road at FSU is a better pro candidate.

  12. All Mr weaver did was respond to a stir the pot type question. Typical in this day and age of media bed wetters like yourself Florio. The question was asked because the tickets are available and Tim Tebow is coming out this year. Tebow is a great human being and a decorated college player. What else could we expect Weaver to say? Weaver has honored Tebow at halftime of a game when he won the Heisman in 2007. Weaver did not say anything different from what the 31 other owners would say if asked the same question about Tebow. Stir the pot TMZers of sports like Florio want to make it seem bigger than it is. Garrard is the QB and the Jags are 0-1. Who knows where they end up and who knows where Tebow is drafted. Wayne Waever is much smarter than Florio realizes based on this story.

  13. I’m sure that Florio meant greatest COLLEGE player of all time.
    I’m a huge believer in Tebow. A local radio host put it great this morning when talking about his prospects as a pro Quarterback – “Just because a guy hasn’t been ASKED to do something doesn’t mean he CAN’T do something.” The kid is going to be a great pro player.
    Think of it this way: You’re picking in the first round and are undecided on a bunch of guys. You know that previous draft results indicate that you have a 50/50 chance of hitting or missing on your first round pick (as compared to what the perceptions of a 1st round pick should be). The unknown variables are how will money affect the player and will the player’s game transition well? If you have Tebow sitting there and you have a grade maybe 10-15 spots lower, don’t you still take him knowing that (1) he will NOT let money affect him and (2) that he will put every ounce of effort into becoming a better player? There’s little “Bust” potential but a high “Reward” value with taking Tebow. All other players are much more of a crapshoot, in my opinion.

  14. @ RaidersSavior
    Tebow is 24-5 as a starter at UF. You can’t just give him Chris Leak’s 13 wins in 2006. The year he ran 22TDs, 15 were from 3 yards or less. The bottom line is Tebow has been in a system that has given him the most opportunities around the most talented players any QB has ever played with at the college level. Comparing his stats to a QB like Matt Stafford is meaningless. Comparing his stats to anyone is meaningless. Percy Harvin was the best player at UF the past three seasons but he didn’t get the ball every play like Tebow. I think he will be a good pro but I doubt he is drafted #1 overall. I am sure a GM will fall in love with him for his on field and off field accomplishments and pick him in the 1st round. With that said, I don’t think the Jags will be that team.

  15. I can’t help but wonder if the people who believe Tebow will not be a successful QB in the NFL also believed that players like Matt Leinart, Vince Young, Brady Quinn, Ryan Leif, etc… were can’t miss all-pro prospects. The point is you just don’t know and plenty of QBs who came out of college with questionable arm strength (Joe Montana and Tom Brady quickly come to mind) have used there other skills to become very successful QBs. I am not saying Tim Tebow will be a Hall of Famer, but the guy is a proven winner and leader and has earned a chance to prove he can play QB in the NFL. I think he is a first round pick for sure and will be a successful QB if the team that drafts him adjusts their system to compliment his strengths.

  16. One of the greatest college football players of all time, yes, doesn’t mean he translates to a great or even good pro.
    RaidersSavior , 0.00% chance he will go #1. Unless the Raiders hold that pick I suppose…

  17. Tebow asked for a position estimate in the draft last year… You think if he was expecting to be a top pick he would have gone back? He’s no Matthew Stafford, and he found that out last year, that’s why he’s trying to become more of a polished passer…. Unfortunately that can’t happen in Urban Meyer’s offense, and he doesn’t really have the arm or mechanics for it, so…. He’ll make a fine Chris Cooley style H-Back taken in the 2nd or 3rd round.

  18. Teebow’s not going to be drafted in the first round, and RaidersSavior pointed out, for one simple reason:
    1 – Most rushing TD’s by a QB in a season
    Teebow is a prototypical College QB. Athletic, and can run the option. That simply doesn’t cut it in the NFL, and history is littered with (failed) players who fit Teebow’s mold.
    There’s a place for him, at RB or TE or something, but he needs to get into the right system to make that work.

  19. Tebow is not responsible for his success JESUS is doing it. Just ask him.
    I talked with JESUS last night and he said that Tebow was on his own in the Pros.

  20. t-money: Rex Grossman was a “proven winner” too. I think Tebow has a better chance than most because of his attitude, but still think his game doesn’t translate to the NFL.

  21. @Seeryer…
    Legitimate point regarding Leak – my journalistic apologies – fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) my profession is in Finance so I don’t confirm all the research, I just find something that works and post it – kind of like Florio (Maybe NBC should pay me!)… that being said, his stats are superb… and regardless of whether he scores from 3 yards or 50 yards, he still scores, and he still leads, and above all – he WINS. Product of a good system? Sure – a system built around him – maybe the NFL should try the same thing… if I were a GM and had the chance, I certainly would.
    If you ask me if I prefer Jamarcus or Tebow, there is absolutely no hesitation… I hope and pray we have the chance to take him.. though he doesn’t fit the Raider mold… maybe we can convert him (or for the love of God he can convert our franchise back to Excellence)…

  22. Here are 2 quarterbacks that were both coached by Urban Meyer, and played under his system.
    Tim Tebow, 2008 Passing (14 games): 192/298 (64.4%) 2,747/30/4
    Alex Smith, 2004 Passing (13 games): 214/317 (67.5%) 2,952/32/4

  23. Tebow is the best COLLEGE PLAYER of all time. As far as how he’d fare in the NFL, that remains to be seen.
    If I were 31 of the NFL owners I would not draft Tebow in the 1st round. If I were Wayne Weaver, I would.
    Seriously, what has he got to lose? There are currently 17,000 tickets available for a game in 72 hours against last years NFC Super Bowl representative. Weaver would be wise to try ANYTHING at this point.

  24. @asensibleperson…
    If you ask any basketball officianado, or for that matter, fan, marketing/PR director, GM, Head Coach, Assistant Coach Teammate, or media member the question of “who would you rather draft, looking at the 1984 pool of players, and having access to being able to see their careers as they panned out.. Akeem Olajuwon or Michael Jordan”… I would be DUMBFOUNDED if the percent that took AKEEM (yes – it’s spelled correctly, its not HAKEEM which you seem to try to point out) over Michael Jordan exceeded 10%.
    There is nothing wrong with AKEEM as an individual, player, or NBA great – but with hindsight as a benefit, you are a MORON if you think Jordan was not a better pick in that draft.
    Just like you will be a Moron if you don’t select Tebow ahead of anyone else.

  25. Yet another Heisman winner who will flop in the NFL. Tim Tebow will be a gimmick quarterback at best. Maybe his best bet is to join the Dolphins and be part of their wildcat.

  26. did u just call tebow 1 of the greatest football players of all time? i think u either meant to put “college” ahead of football, or you stayed up all night “chasing the dragon”

  27. I would thingk the LA Jaguars might be more interested in a USC quaterback since they will not be in Jax much longer.

  28. The only NFL team I have any interest in watching is the team Tim Tebow plays for. I did not go to UF, I’m from Cal, Berkeley.

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