Bolts dodge blackout

The Chargers have said that blackouts of home games are a “distinct possibility” in 2009.

In their regular-season home opener, they have dodged a non-sellout.

That said, the first blackout might be only seven days away.  A total of 4,000 tickets remain the Week Three game against the Dolphins.

10 responses to “Bolts dodge blackout

  1. Screw the Chargers. I hope their remaining 7 home games are blacked out. What a garbage organization. They’ll be moved to L.A. within 24 months.

  2. Florio, stop filling this usually amusing page with blackout crap. Unless it happens, no one friggin cares. You even posted that the Cowboys might get blacked out. Pretty laughable, even from an Eagles fan.

  3. I’d rather watch LT sulk on TV than dish out $200 to watch him sit. That said Blackouts are fascist; they just punish the home team fans. Even Mexico shows all NFL games on basic cable. Viva Los Estados Unidos!

  4. The NFL needs to address the blackout policy. It’s BS and archaic. The economy is in the dumps, so, it shouldn’t be a surprise that people can’t afford to go to a game like they used to.
    So, you’re going to blackout a game to thousands of people? Lose potential revenue with advertisers? It doesn’t make sense.

  5. Mike loves the UFL,
    On further note, SD always has trouble selling out. They always will. They could be playing the Steelers or Patriots and they would have a hard time. The expansion seating is garbage and no one wants to watch a game sitting by themselves on field level. Who cares?
    5 years from now we’ll be saying the Los Angeles Chargers anyways if they can’t get a new stadium.

  6. IMO, considering that they have some seats that are in a very bad location, I am surprised that they sell out the place at at all, but of course the pinheads here who say the Chargers ought to move haven’t taken a look at the stadium layout. Not a surprise. It is easier to spout off than look into the situation.

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