Cards Wilson absorbs $10,000 fine for hit on Davis

Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson dodged a supension for the head shot applied Niners tight end Vernon Davis during last Sunday’s season opener, but he didn’t avoid getting fined.

The league office said today that Wilson’s hit on Davis will cost him $10,000. The specific infraction was for going in high on a “defenseless receiver.”

Davis had jumped for a pass, he appeared to secure it, and he was on his way down when he was met by Wilson.

Wilson wound up going helmet-to-helmet with Davis, but Wilson didn’t intentionally lead with the helmet.  Instead, he was leading with his forearm toward Davis’ chest and the helmet clash was incidental.

Wilson has been fined three times since 2007 and was warned by the league last year that he was in line for fatter fines and suspensions if he went too far outside the lines again.

9 responses to “Cards Wilson absorbs $10,000 fine for hit on Davis

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The NFL is getting way too cazy with the whole “protection” aspect. Give me a break. It’s the NFL. You can hit harder in college football and the damn CFL now. Every good hit is a suspension or penalty. It’s getting sad!!
    If you don’t like contact, don’t play in the NFL.
    Also, by making rules that get players to hold up and think before reacting, and receivers that feel invincible because they can’t get hit, you’re going to create worse injuries. The only times people get hurt really bad is when they try to hold up or think they’er invincible.
    It’s just like hockey. Take out fighting and you see things like cheap shots and high sticks go way up. Same thing in football. If you don’t have to be careful, then the QB starts taking more liberties throwing the ball into coverage and the receivers are more comfortable going up to get it. They no longer are taking the precautions necessary to protect against the hit. Then, even if the hit is not brutal, it will look such and people will really get hurt.
    Stop making the NFL into flag football already.

  2. Stupid rule. He used his shoulder to hit his upper-body, not even his head. It should’ve been a clean, magnificent hit.

  3. Correctly enforced, I guess…but I’m not a fan of the rule. I’m feeling that way too often in regards to the NFL lately.

  4. Theyre scared someone might die. Ahem, Carson? Sont you have something to say? You cost Adrian $10 Smackers

  5. Agree with the flag football comments, but I also hate how they make these rules so subjective. The hit on Davis wasn’t any worse than the hit some Raiders receiver took (Higgins or something), and the Raider/Charger one wasn’t even flagged, and that receiver got hurt (isn’t that what they’re trying to prevent?). It’s just another rule that gives the officials the ability to manipulate games with…
    Let the players play!

  6. $10,000 for a potential life-threating helmet to helmet hit.
    $25,000 for writing on you shoes.
    Smooth Roger.

  7. This article backfired on you florio. Fans of other teams also agree that this is just playing football. And for AW and AZ fans, worth EVERY penny. LOVE IT. That’s why he’s here. To do that.
    Go over the middle on AZ and guess who is coming?
    First Vernon’s own coach made a #@%&* out of him, and now AW did. Singletary would have lit him up the same way back in the day.

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