Channing Crowder chirps again

Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder and Jets coach Rex Ryan got into a verbal back-and-forth earlier this year.

And, apparently, Crowder was feeling a bit left out, given the Ryan-fueled WWE smack-talk unfolding this week between the Jets and the Patriots.

So Crowder has found a new target.

John Taylor of CFT has the details.  In other words, go to CFT so you can find out.

Or you can Google “Channing” and “Crowder” and “douche” and “bag.”

Your choice.

14 responses to “Channing Crowder chirps again

  1. I’d rather click on the “comments” link on this page and complain that you didn’t post it here than actually click on the CFT link. Why is CFT even still running?

  2. I had better success googling it with the following two search patterns:
    a.) Florio trashes another dolphins not named White.
    b.) Florio Kiffin double your douche

  3. I actually Googled “Mike” and “Florio” and “Hair” and “Helmet” and got 9,050 hits.

  4. @ Florio,
    How is he a dbag for being honest? I hate the SEC, but Florida IS gonna destroy Tennessee. Lane Kiffin’s the dbag.
    Let me get this straight, Florio. You whine about every rule infraction you can find (even though the NFL was built on gamesmanship), and then you call a guy a dbag for being honest?

  5. As Predicted with the NBC merger and your newer method of blogging, your “sources” have shut you out.
    Without Twitter and ESPN to feed you, you would be more irrelevant than you currently are, Florio.
    Don’t fret…..that next lower level is soon to come.

  6. I love how moronic posters (case in point on this topic: YouGuysAreIdiots) like to rip on Florio.
    Guess what douchebag, YOU are on HIS website. Every time you idiots log in and trash him, he is hearing “cha-ching”.
    Dont like what he writes? Stop coming, and do us all a favor, stop posting.

  7. given the Ryan-fueled WWE smack-talk unfolding this week between the Jets and the Patriots.
    closer to masturbation than consensual sex

  8. Uh oh Florio!! Might wanna lie low when your in Miami for a while….
    Channing Crowder was wearing that little half-smile he often sports, so it wasn’t like he was livid or anything. But you could tell the Miami Dolphins LB wasn’t pleased with something that was written about him, and frankly I can’t blame him.
    “Hey, you know this guy from Pro Football” he asked a group of writers in the Dolphins locker room this afternoon.
    “You mean Mike Florio?” I said.
    Yes, that was who he meant.
    “Well, you tell Mike Florio to come to my house and call me a ‘douche bag’ to my face,” Crowder said. “Just tell him to come to [my housing development] and take two lefts and a right and look for the house with the Dodge Ram out front. I’ll be waiting there for him and he can call me that to my face and we can talk about it.”

  9. thats dumb u got to wait for approval… what ever u little girl.. lol i know crowder and we dont like what you said about him .. Gooo Finsss!

  10. Obviously, Crowder read the first comments you made without checking to see what was written at CFT…..looks like your teaser to get folks to click another link got you into this barb and of course Crowder’s not reading both articles….you should watch how you say things Mike…JMHO…but this isn’t the first time you’ve ‘teased’ folks to get to them to read further…I wouldn’t worry too much about it, unless you every visit Weston again…

  11. ironically, crowder is a very nice guy. funny & jokes around a lot, too.
    he doesn’t typically get pissed off unless it’s warranted…. and in this case i have to side with crowder.
    sorry florio, i do like you & your site… but crowder’s in the clear here.

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