Flozell, Sensabaugh fines push total for the week to $280,000

A pair of Cowboys found themselves $5,000 lighter in the wallet today.

According to Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the NFL determined that Dallas left tackle Flozell Adams  “unnecessarily struck his opponent in the head area” while blocking on an end-around.

Meanwhile, safety Gerald Sensabaugh got docked for a horse-collar tackle on Tampa running back Carnell Williams.

The NFL doesn’t give a full accounting of all fines assessed to players in a given week, only those about which the league is specifically asked.  Still, between game-action fines we’ve seen reported and the fines handed down to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Texans corner Dunta Robinson, there have been $155,000 in fines imposed.  (Robinson’s $25,000 fine was levied by Houston.)

Tack on the $125,000 fine Lorenzo Loose Lips cost the Jets and their 2008 braintrust, and that’s a cool $280,000 in fines levied by the NFL or its clubs.

That we know about.

6 responses to “Flozell, Sensabaugh fines push total for the week to $280,000

  1. Where do these “fines” go? Into the owners pocketbooks?
    I wish they would donate them to a good cause, like the Shriner’s children’s hospitals.

  2. These fines are pointless anyway.
    A $5,000.00 fine to a Pro Football Player is like a typical working stiff paying 25¢ for a speeding ticket.

  3. Does that include the 7 count ’em 7 Eagirls players that were fined? That’s $65k.
    DeSean Jackson, Brent Celek and four other Eagles were fined $10,000 each for their end zone celebration after Celek’s second-quarter touchdown in the Eagles’ 38-10 win over Carolina on Sunday.
    Jamaal Jackson, Kevin Curtis, Stacy Andrews and Alex Smith also were fined.The players received letters today from the league office via FedEx.
    After Celek scored on a nine-yard TD reception, he handed the football to Jamaal Jackson. Several players encircled Jackson and DeSean Jackson. Jamaal Jackson spiked the football, at which point DeSean Jackson flopped to the ground. The other players — Celek, Curtis Andrews and Smith — hopped upon the spike. The clip is on youtube.
    DeSean Jackson received a unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after the celebration, and then a stern warning from coach Andy Reid.
    Told that he could have avoided the entire mess if he had simply held on to the football, Celek refused to take the blame for $60,000 in fines and said he was appealing his fine.
    “I was just trying to give it to a lineman to let him spike it,” Celek said.
    Winston Justice also was fined $5,000 for a helmet-to-helmet hit on a run by Brian Westbrook. He also said he’d appeal.
    These fines come after the league decided that the hit on Donovan McNabb in the end zone by Panthers defensive tackle Damione Lewis was legal and not worthy of a fine. McNabb, of course, fractured a rib on the play.

  4. Still, between game-action fines we’ve seen reported and the fines handed down to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Texans corner Dunta Robinson, there have been $155,000 in fines imposed. (Robinson’s $25,000 fine was levied by Houston.)
    you make everything seem worse then what it is when it comes to America’s Team. everyone’s fine come down the same time but you want to make the Cowboys look bad for having 2 bad plays for $10,000. F.Adams was really questionable.
    why would you only write about the Texas teams, especially the Cowboys when listing $155,000 in fines, it almost reads like the Cowboys were penalized that much.
    hey NBC, can we get someone to write a fair, balanced & accurate stories?

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