"Hey, where are the PFT fantasy rankings?"

We previously posted fantasy rankings for each week of the regular season.

It was a pain in the ass, frankly.  And, besides, I wasn’t very good at it.

Actually, we’re not sure how good anyone can really be.  Absent access to the offensive and defensive game plans for each game, anything other than the obvious stuff has a crapshoot feel to it.

But the reality is that no one shoots crap better than the folks at Rotoworld, and since they’re now our corporate brethren (sort of), we’ll be posting their fantasy rankings every week.

Week Two is right here.

I’d like to say that we’re doing this because one of you sent an e-mail inquiring as to the whereabouts of the PFT fantasy rankings.  As it turns out, no one did.

Which is yet another ringing endorsement of the quality of the now-retired PFT fantasy rankings.

So, at a minimum, the Rotoworld rankings will be no worse.

6 responses to “"Hey, where are the PFT fantasy rankings?"

  1. But Mike,
    If you don’t want to post the rankings because you are not very good at it, then how do you explain the rest of the articles that you write.
    Sorry, but it was too obvious of a joke.

  2. Well, you certainly do know some of your limitations, because I agree you are not very good at “power rankings”.
    So Florio, I challenge you to come up with “power ranking” prediction for the end of the season. You know, rank teams where you think they will end up at, not how you perceive them to be now. Anyone can keep tweaking their rankings each week until they get it right. That is why I look at whichever mediot’s rankings at the beginning of the season and compare it to final rankings to see if the guy has a clue.
    For example, Peter King believes the Pats and Bears will meet in the SB, and the KC Chiefs will take 2nd place in the AFCW with an 8-8 record. . . .Bwahahahaha
    Pat Kirwan has the Chiefs going 2-14 and protecting the cellar from the other AFCW teams.
    Shoot, you ranked the Raiders 30th as did Kirwan, and after watching them play on MNF it looks like you and Pat are going to be way off target on that pick.
    BTW, your link didn’t work either, as it sent me to a site where some guy ranks the players for a FFL draft or something.

  3. You know, I came to make a joke about all the other things you aren’t/weren’t good at, but I see that route was already tak So for now I’ll just call you a hack. At least you like/love the right team.
    Go Steelers.

  4. @ Florio, who said, “Absent access to the offensive and defensive game plans for each game, anything other than the obvious stuff has a crapshoot feel to it.”
    You could ask the Pats to let you borrow their tapes.

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