Houshmandzadeh gets off to a slow start

There was much talking and boasting and predicting from Seahawks receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh in the offseason, who stepped out of the shadow of Chad Ochocinco to demonstrate that, possibly, T.J. is an even bigger pain in the behind.

Houshmandzadeh has promised a Pro Bowl for himself and quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, along with a top-five receiving performance.

Houshmandazadeh has boycotted the 2010 Madden game, because the ability rankings didn’t make him sufficiently elite in comparison to the truly elite NFC wideouts.

So how’s it going so far in Seattle?  In Week One’s 28-0 romp over the Rams, Houshmandzadeh had four six catches for 48 yards.

This week, he has missed practiced on Wednesday and Thursday with back spasms.

Possibly, he has been patting himself in the area too much.

The good news is that left tackle Walter Jones returned to practice Thursday, despite a knee problem that simply isn’t going away.  Also back at practice was receiver Deion Branch (hamstring).  Both participated on a limited basis.

The rest of the Thursday injury report is right here.

20 responses to “Houshmandzadeh gets off to a slow start

  1. Like this is a shock. Almost everytime a receiver says i will deliver, they don’t. Especially when they join a new team. Takes time to build that relationship with your QB. Specially in Seattle with Hasselback having receivers hes been throwing to for years. Why don’t players just shut up and let their playing do the talking. TJ is mediocre this year, 8 touchdowns MAX…

  2. This is nothing new for Bengal fans who have been suporters of him. Didn’t mind not spending the money to keep him here at all.

  3. Yeah everyone thought Chad was the only Cancer in the locker room. Little did you know, T.J. had a hand in that as well. He was just as negative as Chad and others in many ways. You could also see it in his interviews with the press. I’m glad he’s getting a reality check. He’s nothing without an elite receiver on the other side taking the attention off of him. You’ll see.

  4. His six catches were six more than Laverneous Coles had.
    Although, Coles did have 3 drops that ended promising drives.

  5. Most #2 WRs can’t back-up the talk when they become a #1. I thought that this would happen with T.J. He’s an Alvin Harper to Tampa or Peerless Price to Atlanta all over again.

  6. TJ got paid TJ does not have to try anymore
    Sit his ass for a few downs and see if he wakes up
    I hope the Hawks but some clauses in the contract concerning preformance

  7. T.J was a cancer on the field as well as in the locker room. He hardly practiced on wednesday and thursday. Don’t believe me. Do a search on bengals.com archives and see how many times he missed practice for some reason or another.

  8. Boy, they sure do love receivers who have high opinions of themselves there, don’t they? Too bad they can’t back it up!

  9. The good news is that left tackle Walter Jones returned to practice Thursday, despite a knee problem that simply isn’t going away(Possibly from kneeling to much to kiss TJ’s Pinky Ring). Also back at practice was receiver Deion Branch (hamstring)(Possibily strained it trying to be the first 1 to kiss TJ’s Pinky Ring).

  10. “6 catches ding dong – On pace for 96 catches for 768 yards – I smell Pro Bowl”
    Not very good numbers, actually. He’s on pace for 0 TDs. Housh is not in the top 25 in terms of yardage. And that’s just the NFC.

  11. But thanks to the all day double teams on Housh, Carlson racked up 95yrds and 2TD’s, and Burleson get 74yrds and 1TD.
    I’m sure Seattle doesn’t mind Housh not putting up numbers if he is drawing the defensive attention to allow Carlson and other wide outs to be free so much.
    I’m sure also that not once this season will teams focus their efforts elsewhere freeing up Housh, I mean you have to always double him, regardless of stats right?

  12. Good lord….. Once again I’ll say it. You don’t have to be a cocky mouthpeice to be a good receiver. You never hear Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson or Andre Johnson shooting off at the mouth about how good they are. Maybe it’s because if you actually are good you don’t have to say anything because you ‘re not trying to prove to yourself that you’re good. If you’re good others will tell you that you’re good. Take a lesson in having class and simply doing your job, ok all you loser mouthpeice receivers. You’ll never be the reciever that the above mentioned are, period.

  13. Wow Florio.. way to be objective and not biased at all (roll eyes)
    Housh was joking about the Madden thing, you and every other talking head can just.. sort of.. you know.. move on?
    Housh had 6 grabs for 48 yards, but Seattle won by 28. Andre Johnson, who some consider to be the best WR in the NFL, had 4 catches for 35 yards.
    The Seahawks wide receiving corps is quietly a very deep and talented group. Housh isn’t going to be the only target for Hasselbeck all season, but he will put up numbers so long as #8 remains upright this year.

  14. Ridiculous, projecting someone’s season based on one game. There were two other receivers that had pretty good games, and the team ran for 160 yards or so

  15. Wow, does the hatred really run so deep that it’s no longer sufficient to bitch and moan about current Bengals, you have to wail and gnash your teeth about PAST Bengals, too?

  16. pgaur82 says: September 18, 2009 12:11 PM
    Ridiculous, projecting someone’s season based on one game.
    Yes, because you have to take injuries into consideration. But, if the Hawks didn’t lose Hill they would have gone undefeated and shut out every team they played.
    …and yes Plankshelmet, people in Seattle are much worse than you imagined.

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