League hands out fines for Giants-Skins mini-rumble

On Sunday, Redskins receiver Santana Moss and Giants cornerback Corey Webster got into a little scrum.

Though it wasn’t nearly as impressive as the Yankees-Whoever They Were Playing brawl from earlier in the week, it was the closest thing to an all-out Week One NFL brouhaha.

And it came with a small price.

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, Moss and Webster each were fined $5,000 for “unnecessary roughness — striking an opponent in the head area.”

Man, we wish that there was someone like Ben Dreith working at the league office.

14 responses to “League hands out fines for Giants-Skins mini-rumble

  1. Florio, don’t be a little bitch, you know it was the Toronot Blue Jays. The yanks were being little pussies cause they were being lit up by a 4th place team.

  2. Is it me or do others feel Moss should’ve been fined more? He certainly was the instigator and more aggressive of the two.

  3. How pathetic that Webster got hit with the fine. Santina couldn’t handle getting shut down at the line, so he bugged out and started it all. I know it’s chump change to these guys, but it’s still a load of bullshit. You need 10k? Fine Santina all by herself.

  4. fighting / unnecessary roughness striking an opponent in the head – $5000
    3 words written on your shoe – $25,000
    NFL’s twisted views of fines – priceless

  5. “Yankees-Whoever They Were Playing”? You were playing the mighty (well not so much lately) Bluejays who won back-to-back world series in the 90s. Remember? Oh right, you wouldn’t because you couldn’t even remember to hang our flag the right side up.

  6. If Webster had his helmet, would he have been fined the same for hitting back? Hell even in hockey they treat the instigator differently.

  7. Moss was clearly in the wrong and the instigator of it. Webster was holding on to Moss’s jersey because Moss had Webster’s facemask. It is rediculous that they received the same fine. Webster should not have been fined at all. What was he guilt of? Not allowing moss to swing him around like a rag doll by his facemask? Moss took a swing and started it. Jesus, can’t the NFL get this right? And whoever used the priceless joke above.. that is so true! Such a distorted message being sent. Guess the NFL needs more money to pay the electric bill.

  8. The Giants don’t really need to fight the Skins. Their only competition in the NFC East is the Birds.
    The Skins stink & the Cowboys will be doing their annual December swoon.

  9. Moss was pissed because webster was eating his lunch all day long
    The fact that webster got fined at all is BS Moss started it and all webster did was defend himself
    Maybe Rodger G should see what he would do if someone smacked him in the head would he just take it
    Moss was also upset because his little bro was not even active for the game he was busy carrying Steve Smiths helmet
    And Quagmire the egals are as bad if not worse then the other two
    Andy reid father of the year Mike Vick ASPCA man of the year
    Donnavan punk for life

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