Baseball could accelerate Favre's return to Lambeau

When we started this site eight years ago as of November 1, I didn’t know what to call myself.  (Plenty of you have not since encountered that specific challenge.)  So “editor” made the most sense, even though the only “editing” I was doing was the editing of my own work.

Today, I actually do some editing from time to time, given that we have three other guys who are doing some of the writing.  And in editing the One-Liners posted this morning by Josh Alper, I noticed something that could dramatically impact a game that is scheduled to be played on our eighth anniversary.

Currently, Vikings quarterback Brett Favre is scheduled to make his much-anticipated return to Lambeau Field on November 1.  But if the Minnesota Twins land in a tie atop the American League Central, and if the Twins end up with home-field advantage for the one-game tiebreaker, the Packers-Vikings game currently set for October 5 (a Monday nighter) at the Metrodome could be shifted to Lambeau Field.

Under that scenario, the November 1 game would then be played at the Metrodome.

But there’s a difference of opinion regarding whether the Twins or the Vikings would prevail in the looming game of rock-scissors-paper.

“The NFL is fully aware of it,” said Katy Feeney, MLB’s senior veep for scheduling and club relations, per the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  “That’s one of
the reasons they schedule those as intradivision games, so they can
flip [home sites] if they need to.”

Per the Star Tribune, however, an NFL source with knowledge of the Vikings’ Metrodome lease says there’s “no chance” the Packers-Vikings Monday night game would be moved.  Apparently, the lease gives the Vikings priority over the Twins for any game other than the World Series.

We’re not sure what the Twins would do in that circumstance, and since it involves baseball we really don’t care. 

If the flip-flop occurs, the Vikings would be on the road for four of their first five games, and then they’d have five straight weeks at home (four games and a bye).  They’d also play five of six games at the Metrodome.

In turn, the Packers would play four of their first five games on the non-frozen tundra, and they’d have three straight road games in late October and early November.

Here’s an idea, which we’d likely suggest even if the NBC Sports logo didn’t appear in the upper left corner of this page — move the Packers-Vikings game to Sunday night, and the Chargers-Steelers game currently set for Sunday night to Monday night.

But the fact that the Twins play at home on October 4 likely makes a Sunday night Packers-Vikings game impossible, since the Metrodome crew would have only a couple of hours, at most, to reconfigure the place for football. 

The bigger problem is that, because no one will know whether the Twins need to play at home on October 5 until the dust settles on October 4, a contingency plan needs to be developed sooner rather than later.

Our guess is that the resolution will not involve the Packers-Vikings game moving, regardless of what the folks involved with America’s former pastime think.

27 responses to “Baseball could accelerate Favre's return to Lambeau

  1. Baseball Sucks! Except for the playoffs. Mainly because those games actually feel like they have some relevance.

  2. Baseball is America’s pastime for people with brains.
    I love football too, but your baseball pot shots are both anemic and unfounded.

  3. The only thing that mattered in this whole article was, “since it involves baseball we really don’t care. ”
    They said there’s no chance of the game moving because they apparently have priority over the Twins for the Metrodome….so why even make an article about this “story?”

  4. Only the World Series can kick the Vikings out of the dome as per the Vikings lease.
    Vikings are the main tenet, Twins second, Gophers were third.
    MLB might have a problem.

  5. Ridiculous! Here’s an Idea MLB that will help EVERYONE, including you! Shorten your freaking season. The World Series Should conclude the week before the NFL season begins, then maybe just maybe you’d get SOME tv ratings back. Ridiculous!

  6. Florio – In baseball, the divisional winner is not decided by a one game playoff; they go through a series of tiebreakers, starting with head to head matchups. Stick to football.

  7. Florio isn’t much of a baseball man? The World Series game? It’s a “series” of games, not one game, you should do some of that editing to say “a World Series game”, not reference the WS as a single game. Yikes!

  8. Refs cheat for patriots? Looks like 3rd and 1 to me, why is it all of sudden 1st down? Why have you said nothing about this Florio? Don’t you cover things objectively?
    Facts are facts:
    1. Welker was obviously way short of the first down.
    2. The ref picks up the ball and after his slight of hand wipe down places it even further forward than the already too generous spot.
    3. The chains weren’t brought out – that should have been a no-brainer in the situation.
    4. The ref somehow “forgets” that he’s supposed to hand signal first down. Yeah right… the Bills don’t even know what’s going on and within a couple seconds, the ball is snapped.
    5. The media hasn’t touched on this obviously scandalous play since.

  9. JSpicoli says: “Baseball is America’s pastime for people with brains.”
    Watching guys adjust their junk and killing hours watching a pitcher shake off the catcher’s signs is NOT an intellectual pursuit. Let’s not forget the always classic shots of guys spitting tobacco juice and/or sunflower seeds shells. My nine year old turns off the TV and goes to his room to read a book whenever baseball comes on. Now, reading, that’s really a pastime for people with brains. Baseball is the pastime for people who have far, far too much free time on their hands. 160 plus games + 3 hours or more each game means you’ve killed off 20 full days of watching baseball BEFORE you even get to the playoffs. What do you do for a living that you have that kind of down time?

  10. Well ,if they’d stop starting other pro teams seasons into the next the next pro teams season. they’d stop this mess.and i just heard that the wild,wolves,gophers,twins and VIKINGS, are having trouble selling there tickets.
    HAVE a teams season start only after the prior teams season is over, then there won’t be compition with selling tickets. i mean who the heck really cares about a winter sport ” hockey ” when its dam near june. and isn’t baseball “the summer sport “hence The Boys Of the SUMMER ” if they have to shorten there seasons to accomidate this then so be .
    +++ i personaly think Favre going back to Lambeau would make a WAAYYYYY BETTER MONDAY NIGHT GAME

  11. You have to appreciate the charming naiivety of these baseball types.
    The MLB schedulers believe a prior agreement with NFL gives them scheduling priority over MNF. However, the Metrodome’s agreement with Twin spells out who’s #1 in large purple letters.
    Any presumption that Bud Selig’s bunch are going to press some priority over Al Michaels and Bristol seems absurd.
    Play Tuesday or push off to Commerica

  12. This is small of me, but I just can’t help it. I hope baseball gets screwed just so Pud Selig looks bad. Is that wrong ?

  13. The biggest issue here is that the Vikings need to get out of that eyesore of a dungeon they’ve been stuck in for decades and build a new, outdoor stadium for themselves. Then baseball wouldn’t be an issue.
    I’m watching Cal and Minnesota right now, an the Gophers new digs are divine. The Vikes sorely need a new home like that, and should finance it themselves.

  14. I think it’s time for a refresher course on the ideological differences between baseball and football.
    Many thanks to George Carlin for making it so clear that even non-sports fans understand the deep rooted differences.

  15. I’ve had to watch those annoying god damn commercials promoting the new twins stadium for over a year and will continue to have to until next spring. The twins do nothing, have a crappy team with a few good hitters and do not deserve their new stadium at all. The team was almost contracted from existence, but the cheap lawmakers of minnesota would rather build them a stadium next to a trash refinery then actually fund money on a competitive team.
    The team that actually goes out and gets high priced players and rewards their own with contracts gets stuck with the dome and now the twins might actually bump that game so they can have a one game playoff game on the same night as the biggest monday night football game ever? Why? Even if they win, they’ll just lose in the opening series anyway.
    Oh wait, this is the twins anyway. I’m sure they’ll blow it anyway because they have NO pitching.
    So thank you Minnesota Legislature if Ziffy gets sick of spending millions upon millions every offseason when you’d rather build a crappy team with cheap ownership a stadium next to a trash refinery while the Vikings are winning super bowls in L.A.
    I hope Ziggy buys the Dome and rips the top off just to give the middle finger to the MN Legislature when they try to stop him so they can still host ‘winter events’ at Vikings stadium.

  16. “Florio – In baseball, the divisional winner is not decided by a one game playoff; they go through a series of tiebreakers, starting with head to head matchups. Stick to football.”
    Really? I guess the Twins and White Sox just decided to play an extra game last year for the hell of it.

  17. moving the game to sunday night actually makes sense, that way no one will have to flip flop, you were thinking on this one werent you florio, good job

  18. @bigdogsolec, Who did you “hear” the gophers and wild were having a hard time selling tickets from? They might want to check their sources.

  19. if the vikings had real fans and their home state gave a crap about them, we wouldn’t even be talking about this

  20. smokesome says:
    September 19, 2009 11:27 PM
    if the vikings had real fans and their home state gave a crap about them, we wouldn’t even be talking about this
    What a RETARD! Apparently he smokes something other than cigs.

  21. WRONG. You should do some research on some of these stories you print; rather than grabbing them off the wire and regurgitating them. The Vikings games at the H.H.H. Metrodome can only be moved if the Twins are in the World Series.
    For Reals,

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