Cardinals answer questions in dissection of Jaguars

The Cardinals were in a tough spot this week, having to travel across the country to avoid an 0-2 hole.   All they did was roll out to a 31-3 lead before holding on to a 31-17 victory in Jacksonville.

Kurt Warner was taking a lot of questions about his inaccurate performance in Week One.  All he did was complete 24-of-26 passes for 243 yards and two scores in a wildly efficient effort. 

Warner didn’t play the fourth quarter because the game looked like a blowout, but he almost had to come back in when the Jaguars were a dropped touchdown away from cutting the lead to one score.

But no matter how it ended, this was a sweet victory for the Cardinals, who have righted the ship after a rough preseason.  Many doubted whether the Cardinals could get it done.  (Ahem.)   And they did it in convincing fashion, the second straight week their defense showed signs of improvement.

Jacksonville moved the ball towards the end of the game, but Arizona essentially shut down Maurice Jones-Drew and David Garrard for most of the contest.

Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston also showed that they are back to full health, combining for 14 catches and 152 yards.

The Jaguars head to Houston next week, and will need a win to avoid a big early hole in the AFC South. 

Both Garrard and coach Jack Del Rio may need to turn things around or start facing questions about their job security.

16 responses to “Cardinals answer questions in dissection of Jaguars

  1. What an embarrassing display of football the Jags put on today. They let their 11,535 home fans down big time…

  2. Lol, thats like saying the Seahawks are on track because they picked apart the rams… Jags aren’t that good. They will probably be a 3 to 5 win team.

  3. Right, and last week’s loss had nothing to do with the Niner’s defense beating the crap out of Warner all game long. No, Warner just didn’t feel like beating the Niners last week, that must have been it.

  4. The 49ers secondary played well against Arizona, and they played even better today against Seattle. The 49er front 7 put Warner on his back all game.
    The Cardinals didnt “answer questions”. They played a team that played a fraction of the defense the 49ers did and clobbered them. Big whoop.

  5. Niner fans,
    Enjoy your gift from last week. It won’t happen again.
    Warner only had 1 and a half receivers and you still should have lost.

    Things never change.

  7. Yah, Florio had time for 1000 posts today, but none about the Cards? Oh well. It’s an East-Coast win against a team that held the Colts to 14 points last week. Nice win.

  8. First thing I looked at was if Florio wrote this article and of course…he did not. Lol you are suck a tool Florio I hope one day I can meet you and tell you to your face. That would be a great day.

  9. jj….real surprising a positive article and it’s not written by our favorite pint-sized pete king lover….flo how much you lose on this game?

  10. Hey JRD I wasn’t aware that the 49ers were the 2nd coming of the Steelers of last year. The Cards shut down Gore who ran all over the Hawks. Two bad calls by the refs cost us the game against the 49ers. You can say and think whatever you want but its true. Also the Jags took it to the Colts and almost took the game from them. The Jags might not be great but any road win and a blow out at that is a good win and when Warner has a 93% comp rate……enjoy being in first cause its not gonna last. Cardinals are for real whether FloriJOKE likes it or not!

  11. It’s pretty sad when an otherwise great website has an owner that is so jaded against a team (the
    Cardinals) that he can’t man up when he’s wrong.
    Hey Mike….you bash the Cardinals for losing to the Niners while ignoring the Cardinals held the Niners to 203 total yards and played with one healthy starting receiver. You predict the Jags will cover easily. Instead, the Cardinals get healthy at wide receiver and AMAZINGLY find their offense and blow out the Jags. Couldn’t bring yourself to eat crow and post anything positive about the Cards.
    You and Jimmy Johnson, another Cardinals hater should date. You’re a perfect pair!

  12. Dirk Koetter, Mike Tice and Mike Shula are the brain children of the Jaguars offensive scheme. They are all failed head coaches that have been recycled onto the Jaguars coaching staff. I know the head coach and his staff want to blame Garrard for the inability of the offense to do anything but why is everything so difficult for the Jags offense but so easy for the Cards offense? SCHEMES!! The bottom line is Koetter, Tice and Shula have always been average coaches, at every stop they have made. Del Rio hires Mel Tucker to coach his defense and it looks like the same defense the Jags ran last year. No pressure on Warner even though we traded up twice in last year’s draft to take pass rushers (Harvey & Groves) and tried to bring blitzes. He was hit one time, on a corner blitz that was too late getting there. And it was the first series for the Cards offense. Why can’t the Jags generate any pass rush and how come they give up 26-28 completions? SCHEMES!! The Jaguras are out coached, out prepared and out talented week in and week out. Why? Because they have a head coach who has refused to take responsibility for his team’s poor play. With Del Rio it is always someone else’s fault. As a Jacksonville native I would not blame Wayne Weaver for thinking during yesterday’s game, “this city had a good run but it is time to pack up and head west, but I won’t be taking this coaching staff”. Tim Tebow is not the answer, it is too late for him to save the franchise because Del Rio and Shack Harris have killed it and it is not revivable. It is dead. The Jags may win only 3 games all year.

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