Denver defense destroys Browns

Last week, the performance of the Broncos defense was overshadowed by Brandon Stokley’s catch on the Immaculate deflection.

After Denver’s 27-6 drubbing of Cleveland Sunday in the Belichick Disciple Bowl, it’s time to give defensive coordinator Mike Nolan and the boys their due.

Elvis Dumervil, converting to outside linebacker, racked up four sacks of Brady Quinn, including a forced fumble.  Former Brown Andra Davis led the Broncos with ten tackles.  (Quinn, meanwhile, has suffered through two dreadful starts to open the year.)

Denver’s offense also looked improved against Cleveland, with 186 yards rushing, primarily from Knowshon Moreno and Correll Buckhalter. A gorgeous 45-yard run by Buckhalter capped the scoring in the fourth quarter.

A co-worker at NBC called Denver one of the worst 2-0 teams in the last ten years, but you have to admire their defensive effort.  This is a rag-tag unit that is lacking in talent, but not creativity. 

The AFC West is wide open; a little effort and good fortune could keep Denver in the mix for a while. 

22 responses to “Denver defense destroys Browns

  1. Yea, and the Titans are the best 0-2 team in the last 10 years.
    So what. Denver’s D is doing a nice job, and the offense had a very quiet 415 yards today. Oh, and two missed field goals would have been 33-6.

  2. Of course, they have played two mediocre teams – and it always seems like everyone kisses the Donkey’s ass (no pun intended) just like they’re Patsy West…oh wait, they are Patsy West!! Just look at McDicks junior hoody. Seems like all the AFC West’s defenses have improved (except maybe SD), but yet you only give the Donkey’s their ‘due’…typical PFT.

  3. mangina is a disgrace, the guy is such a stickler for rules and a control freak, and his team still undisciplined, whats the point of being a strict if your team cant execute.

  4. Worst 2-0 team in a decade? Did ya happen to catch what the Bengals did to the Packers today. Yep, the Broncos defense held them scoreless for 59 minutes last week. The offense will come around and improve each week as they perfect the system. The big worry was the D and it has obviously improved. This team is disciplined and well coached. I’m not saying they will win the division or make the playoffs (after next week the schedule is brutal for nine games), but they will be better than the conventional wisdom predicted this summer. Book it.

  5. afc west isn’t really wide open, denver typically burns themselves out in september…they will yet again

  6. Wow… worst 2-0 team in a decade, huh? This coming from NBC, who thinks Chris Collinsworth is NOT a moron, and writes checks to Florio. My money is with anyone who disagrees with NBC.

  7. So dave…the AFC west isn’t wide open? Who is running away with it? Bro… have a take or get lost.

  8. I’m a Browns fan, but it could be worth mentioning that the Browns might be the worst 0-2 team in quite awhile.

  9. “A co-worker at NBC called Denver one of the worst 2-0 teams in the last ten years”
    I bet that guy wouldn’t have predicted a Super Bowl run for the Cardinals last year, or an AFC Championship campaign for the 2005 Bengals, or a NY Giant Super Bowl win in January of 2008. Maybe he picked the Pats to go over the Jets today?
    Maybe this team is better than this guy thinks.
    After all, what is he basing this opinion on? The Chicago Bears’ QB that threw 4 ints last week? I mean, that’s the biggest (only?) subtraction. Other than that, the team is improved in all areas.
    Oh wait, maybe I should leave this kind of talk to the experts. After all, I’m sure he called the Browns making the playoffs in 2007.

  10. The only thing “less” wide open is Tequila’s ass… Chargers will still win the division LMFAO

  11. people forget how good a dc Nolan was with the Ravens. His getting the SF HC job put Rex Ryan in as the DC in Bmore. That being said the Clowns suck big time. Mangina is already losing the team and the mighty Quinn is not an NFL QB. Go over to Its been 2 games and the “great fans of Cleveland” are already pouring kerosene on the team and lighting matches.

  12. Worst 2-0 team? I don’t care how bad you play. A Win is a Win. Look at Arizona last year. The “worst” team to be in the play offs and they went to the superbowl.
    The Denver Broncos are the Dark Horse team of the year.

  13. lets not forget that stopping cleveland’s offense isn’t that hard to do but what they did to the bungles’ offense week 1 is impressive. the bungles have had a great O ever since palmer and ochostinko became bromosexuals and cleveland hasn’t had a good offense since the alive me played in the 80s. i am going to the bungles vs. browns game oct 4th in cleveland and i am sure i won’t enjoy myself. luckily i’m a ghost so no one will be able to see my tears while i drink my beers.

  14. Oakland has the best Dee in the Afc West. Denver wasn’t playing anyone special. And why do u think the Raiders got rid of Dee cord Rex Ryan, his Dee stinks and it shows with the browns.
    NBC is right denver is the worst 2-0 team in the NFL
    And will be 2-1 next week in Oakland.
    GO Raiders!

  15. that’s all right they can call the broncos the worst 2-0 team in a decade…. that’s only cuz the raiders couldn’t make it to 2-0 who have been the saddest team for a decade take that trophy and shine it raider fans

  16. I think Dumervile just got another sack…
    Will somebody please tell Rob Ryan that it’s okay to put a defender on Brandon Stokley?
    Instead of the “good problem” of having two NFL quarterbacks, the Browns may find themselves with zero. I wonder if Sam Bradford likes the northeast Ohio area…

  17. BDawk.
    Nuff said, bub.
    You know what sucks for Denver?
    They are gonna have start facing teams that don’t totally suck like Cincy and Cleveland.
    Denver started out 5-0 last year…with Cutler. That D isn’t good enough to carry Neckbeard’s shortcomings; see the 2008 Bears.

  18. Denver is better than we thought (but still not THAT good). Jamarcus Russell is horrible, and kc is a work in progress. Oh, and LT is over the hill! How is this division not wide open?

  19. I really love the Browns but, they will not win 2 gammes this year. If Quinn keeps this type of play up we can almost hear the chants of “Anderson” now.
    Magini was canned for a reason in N.Y. can anyone figure out why yet?

  20. Of all the problems in Cleveland the biggest one is Randy Lerner. Until the Browns get an owner that gets it, they will continue to suck.

  21. Been a Browns fan since I was a kid and watched old Red Right 88 with my dad. Learned from the start to suffer with the team’s disappointments.
    But it really hit me this weekend how we got suckered back in the 90s. We are rooting for laundry. They got us the colors and the team records, but the soul and the pedigree of the team I used to root for plays in Baltimore. Plays good football. I watch the Ravens, and I see my old team. Like an ex-wife who ran off on me. I can’t stand admitting she is better in every way than the one I settled for.
    This Browns team has no culture of success. They don’t know how to win. They just know how to lose. Doesn’t matter who is in the front office or who is coaching.
    Will Art Modell please come back here and take this team away too?

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