For Ochocinco, it's more like the Lame-beau Leap

Our pal Robert Littal of has harvested video of Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco’s short visit to the front row of the end zone seats at Lambeau Field.

Here it is.  As you’ll see, the effort is quite lame.

Far less lame was the Bengals’ effort in Green Bay.  After scoring only seven points at home against Denver, Cincy blazed the instantly-revered 3-4 defense of the Packers for 31 points.

Cedric Benson, the fourth overall pick of the 2005 draft, continues to resurrect his career.  He rushed for 141 yards on the day.  Ochocinco added 91 yards receiving.

For the defense, Antwan Odom notched five sacks of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  Unlike last week, the week link wasn’t right tackle Allen Barbre, but Chad Clifton and Daryn Colledge on the left side.

Colledge replaced Clifton who was injured during the game.

Odom has seven sacks through only two games.

And so the hot seat is suddenly ice cold for Cincinnati coach Marvin Lewis, who took his team to the non-frozen tundra and torched the Packers.

23 responses to “For Ochocinco, it's more like the Lame-beau Leap

  1. It may have seemed lame but what did you expect him to do? Leap into the arms of a Packers fan? lol
    Of course he had to pick a soft spot.

  2. Ha ha ha ha.. The Packers got beat at home by the AFC’s version of the Detroit Lions.. So much for GB being a good team huh? Two games and they have given up a lot of points for being such a great 3-4 defense.. Rodgers sacked 5 times in one game by the same player, this is like Christmas day for me.. LOL..
    Don’t look now, but Detroit’s first win in a very long time could come against GB.. Don’t laugh people, its very possible.. GB should be 0-2 right now if Chicago didn’t hand deliver them a win last Sunday.. Division favorites? Please.. Ha ha ha..

  3. As you’ll see, the effort is quite lame….
    You know Florio, the next time you score in the NFL, while at Green Bay, show him how its done.

  4. Score must be wrong — Tali-Bob Nelson said the Packers had nothing to worry about for the next 7 weeks.
    Seriously, it’s one game — no time for panic in Packerland, and while it makes me happy as a Vikes fan, this is not the end of the world for them.

  5. Is there a chance the Packers are a good team, and the Bengals just played better? I love how we go into GB, to one of the toughest offenses in the NFL, shut down Jennings, win, and we’re still “the lions of the AFC”…Maybe GB is good, but we’re just better. Are people gonna say every team we beat sucks?

  6. Vikes-N-Favre says: September 20, 2009 6:15 PM
    Ha ha ha ha.. The Packers got beat at home by the AFC’s version of the Detroit Lions..
    I don’t know about that…there are plenty of AFC teams worse than the Bengals…the Chiefs, Oakland, and the Browns come to mind.
    Either way, you’ll have a hard time convincing me that the Browns & Lions are better quality opponents than the Bears & the Bengals…at least the Bears went out & beat the NFL Champs today.

  7. and like DCViking said, it’s only 1 week of a 16 game season.
    The NFL champs haven’t looked impressive this season nor has the Patriots who are also 1-1.
    Brag all you want Viking fan about being 2-0…16 game season and you’ve had 2 cupcakes so far.

  8. ted thompson and mccarthy are a joke, how can you lose to the bungals at home? carson has one leg left, ced-ben is a beer away from suspension, ocho is crazy and they pack still choked, maybe ted should stop trying to antagonize favre, and stop drafting busts like harrell.

  9. The Bengals lose a freakish game to the Broncos, and pull one out in Lambeau. I dont know what to think of them.

  10. Anyone see the class of Green Bay on display after Chad 85’s leap…he tells everyone whose number 1 in his book!

  11. If you take a closer look at the video, Chad has an excuse for a lame leap. Don’t you see the guy in Packer garb trying to give him the finger? Maybe, he was just trying to protect his Ochosinkhole?
    Seriously, he must be color blind. Why did it take him so long to find a spot with red?

  12. Mkepackfan:
    Yeah you had a cupcake too. Why is it you didn’t win again?
    Maybe it’s because your team isn’t as good as you thought they were.

  13. A most entertaining play from one of the most entertaining men in Pro Football.
    Well done Chad. You talked the talk and backed it up. Too bad nobody here will give you your props.

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