Hasselbeck out with a rib injury

The Seahawks have lost quarterback Matt Hasselbeck for the balance of Sunday’s game against the 49ers.

According to FOX, it’s a rib injury.

The bigger question is whether Hasselbeck will be available next week when the Bears come to Seattle and/or beyond.

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb missed today’s game against the Saints due to a broken rib that he suffered last week.

Seneca Wallace is the backup to Hasselbeck.  The third quarterback is rookie Mike Teel.

4 responses to “Hasselbeck out with a rib injury

  1. Hey Florio, any chance you’re going to mention the AZ-JAC game at all? At least eat your crow when you’re wrong.

  2. ARI, (not ARZ) isn’t “back for sure” I think Alex B is just trying to throw it in Florio’s face for his little cocky pick about ‘Zona.
    Who’s the sucker now, Florio? Here’s a hint, although little things like east coast road trips make the final push in games you’re on the fence about, don’t bet on an elite passing team to go down against a questionable secondary. Any time of day, any side of the country. Ever. This ain’t your daddy’s NFL. Furthermore, the Jags have virtually no scoring threat, as evidenced in week 1 when they gift wrapped a game the Colts should’ve lost. Like we all told you last week.
    Oh yea, and I hope Rosenthal gives you a good smack about his Bears pick too. I also hope random people on the street give you the back of their hand, you smug bastard.

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