Jaworski: Brady isn't following through

Last month, Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer explained that the biggest challenge facing Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in his return from ACL surgery is achieving sufficient confidence in his knee when arms and legs and torsos are swarming around it.

On ESPN’s Sunday NFL Matchup, which continues to merit much more prominent placement than it receives at 7:30 a.m. ET, Ron Jaworski explained that Brady lacks that confidence — and that as a result Brady isn’t following through on his passes.

And the Jets know it, too.  As safety Kerry Rhodes said earlier this week, “I’m sure if somebody is around his leg or he feels pressure below, he’s not going to step into his throw.”

So either Rhodes thought of that on his own, or it was a topic that came up repeatedly this week during defensive meetings.

Our money is on the latter — especially since the Jets seem to be pulling out all the stops in an effort to stop the Patriots’ eight-game winning streak against the Jets in the Meadowlands.

13 responses to “Jaworski: Brady isn't following through

  1. He doesn’t follow thru on bein a father either almost time to dump gizel in 5 more months he even cheats on family what a guy mr perfect

  2. If you actually watched the game you would have seen that there were several throws where Jaws praised him for stepping into the throws “vintage Tom Brady”.

  3. Last time I checked Ron had zero rings while brady has how many?
    Anytime Ron talks about a QB he always finds fault this comming from a guy that never won it all and as I recall got fired as a comentator

  4. Jaws did nothing but praise Brady for following through last Mon night. Remember these guys are paid ENTERTAINERS who are encouraged by the producers to stir up some controversy.

  5. Jaws is wrong. Brady didn’t step up and follow through the first quarter and a half or so of last week’s game. At which point he shook the rust off and his throws were fine for the rest of the game.
    Way to go Jaws, you picked out the obvious in a way to make it look and sound the worst possible way. Brady was back to throwing lasers by late in the game.

  6. Something interesting to watch today: Brady’s follow through. I was watching his foot work last week. He was definitely not stepping into throws like he should until later in the game. About his follow through: Brady is one of the better technical passers in the game. Watch his hand. When he is on that hand will come down to meet his opposite “pocket” when he follows through.

  7. It looked to me that Brady was following through when he actually had the time to set up and throw; he would not, or could not, find that spot to step into to get set for throws down field until the offensive line gave him some time during the last two drives. Until they figure out how to counteract the defensive game plan the Giants came up with for the SB, it is going to be hard for a quarterback who does not like to move laterally to feel comfortable, blown out knee or not.
    I’m a Pat’s fan but what I saw of the Jets blitzing and Sanchez’s 3rd down play against the Texans makes me wonder how we are favored in this game.

  8. That’s odd, considering Jaworski was making Toms man parts quite wet with the verbal fellatio during the MNF game.
    Every little 5 yard pass Mr. Perfect made Jaworski threw in a “See! That’s a classic Brady throw!” or “That’s what I like to see from Brady! What a player!”

  9. I’ve enjoyed that show since the 1980’s when Sam Rutigliano and Allie Sherman were on it. It definitely deserves better placement than its 3am slot (the 7:30 slot is a re-air). It is much more informative than the drivel that the countdown shows have become.
    I think Jaws (who was a great QB) is the best analyst this side of Madden, and I think he’s right in this case. The evidence was on display last Monday for all to see. Brady will be fine, but he’ll have to take care of his mechanics first. I agree with stanjam (who says it better than I ever could): Brady’s form tells the tale.

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