Jets lead Pats at home for first time since 2001

We pointed out earlier today a post from the official Jets Twitter account regarding the apparent questioning of a personal foul called against linebacker Bart Scott.

So now we’ll try to even things out by highlighting something positive from Randy Lange and crew.

With quarterback Mark Sanchez throwing a third-quarter touchdown pass to tight end Dustin Keller, the Jets lead the Patriots for the first time at home since 2001.

That span covers 30 quarters of football, and more than 457 minutes of action.

Like rental-car reservations, the fact that the Jets have taken the lead is separate from the question whether the Jets can hold the lead.

Stay tuned.

8 responses to “Jets lead Pats at home for first time since 2001

  1. The Pats look like they have backed off the Jets for some reason. The Pats are in danger of losing this game if they can’t generate some pressure on Sanchez. They have pretty much stopped the run game, but Sanchez has started passing well now that he has time. The Pats defense needs to go back to generating some pressure, maybe some blitzing, which they haven’t been doing.
    The Jets look better than I thought they would be this year. Still, if Brady can just start passing well (his mechanics are off) the Pats can pull off the win. I think if we had Mayo and Welker in there, this game wouldn’t be a contest.

  2. Sorry Cheatriots fans.
    You can forget about 19-0 this year.
    You can also forget 16-0
    Heck, you may as well give up all hope for 18-1
    There is a new king in the AFC East, and they are led by Belicheats owner, Rex Ryan.
    Overrated Patriots 1-1 (should be 0-2)
    HAHAHA, gotta love it!

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