Lewis stuffs Sproles to clinch Ravens win

It was the kind of play that will put Ray Lewis into the Hall of Fame one day.

On a fourth-and-two from the Baltimore 15-yard line with 37 seconds remaining in a one-score game, the Chargers called a running play to Darren Sproles.

Lewis diagnosed it immediately, shot the gap unblocked through San Diego’s offensive line, and stuffed Sproles for a five-yard loss.

Game over.  

(Next time, the Chargers may want to keep an eye on this Lewis guy in a situation like this.  He finished with 12 tackles and a forced fumble.)

San Diego was game despite missing two starting offensive lineman, LaDainian Tomlinson, and nose tackle Jamal Williams.  But Philip Rivers threw two picks to go with his 436 yards passing, and the Ravens played mostly mistake-free football on offense.

Baltimore’s defense hasn’t been as dominant as usual this year, but it hasn’t mattered because their offense is vastly improved.  Willis McGahee rushed for two scores and Joe Flacco threw for two more. 

It’s very early, but the Ravens look like one of the playoff teams from a year ago who have maintained their level of play, and may possibly be better.

The Chargers, on the other hand, are back on their usual regular season yo-yo.  

Ray Lewis made sure of it.

31 responses to “Lewis stuffs Sproles to clinch Ravens win

  1. worst redzone playcalling )all game) in the history of the nfl
    norv’s trying to get fired it seems
    the D and the O played fine, that playcalling was pure shit (in the redzone)

  2. Line was stacked against the run and they still run minus two starting o-lineman?
    Screen play or something, another poor performance by the Chargers to start the season.

  3. HA!!!! What were they thinking running Sproles in that situation? They had a better chance getting a first and out of bounds if they had 2 halfbacks running screen routes..it was 2 yards they needed for a first…
    And How ’bout that Ray Lewis, My Boy, My Boy!!! Ravens for life!!!
    Thanks Flacco for game #2 with you looking wonderful, and better than that Brady Bunch Guy.

  4. He’s gotta be taking steroids/hgh, seriously…. he was really showing signs of age two years ago but now he’s seemingly back to peak form. The league needs to step up the testing policy

  5. I’m so happy Norv Turner is the worst coach in the NFL. Sproles is a freakin problem, but anybody with some common sense would’ve thrown the ball to them big a$$ receivers (including Gates) on 3rd or 4th down on that drive. We had Frank Walker in the game for Christ sake. I was hoping he wasn’t in a position to make a play on a good receiver again like he make on that other guy (#11). If we think that we (Ravens) are going to the Super Bowl, we better do something about these cornerbacks……..ASAP

  6. “It’s very early, but the Ravens look like one of the playoff teams from a year ago who have maintained their level of play, and may possibly be better.”
    Phillip Rivers threw for 436 yards. Better? If the Chargers could play D this game wouldn’t have been close.

  7. Rivers had only passed for 436 yards. I guess Norv didn’t have any faith in him on 4th and 2.
    The Ravens scored touchdowns and the Chargers kicked field goals. That’s the story of the game.

  8. The strategy was to take away the run and make the chargers one dimensional. As they say, when you throw, 3 things can happen and 2 of them are bad. The strategy worked, however, Rivers had an awesome game. It’s just that the field shrinks in the red zone where it’s advantageous to be able to run. So despite the gaudy yardage numbers, they ultimately couldn’t punch it in. Sproles is an absolute terror.

  9. Congrats to the Ravens, they played really well.
    The Chargers’ primary strength is their vertical passing game, so I wouldn’t fret too much about the CBs.
    I will never understand why Norv tried to run Sproles up the middle on 4th and 2.

  10. I love my Chargers and I respect the Ravens. I just thought the officials played too big of a part in the game today. Ngata is an animal hes my favorite player in the league that is not a Bolt. I wish Nannee would have gotten that first down! I have a feeling these two teams will meet again.

  11. Rivers had 436 yards but a big chunck of it were short swing passes that Sproles turned into large pass plays. You squealer fans should not be fooled by that. You do not have a Sproles on your team. The guy puts up unreal yards each week. he is very good and tough to stop. The Ravens made the plays when they had to…..
    Rivers isn’t a bad QB, but as long as he continues to cry about every play and continues to let his emotions rule his play he will never be anything more than a decent QB.

  12. roughing the punter? Not telling the Chargers about the playclock not being reset? no PI call on the last pick? chop block? wow how many crap calls can a undermanned team get!

  13. Botton line is that Rivers is a good QB, but they couldn’t run which makes it hard to punch in TDs. Still though, friggen’ nailbiter till the end.

  14. Wow! What a game. I am so glad this game is over!!!! When I first saw our schedule this game and the Patriots were the only 2 that worried me. This game could have went either way.
    I am glad we got a win but wouldnt have been surprised to not get one.
    I do not care for Rivers but man, that guy can wing it and Sproles may be one of the fastest guys ever!!
    Great game SD.
    Ray-Ray still has it…..

  15. I know it’s way too early but don’t you think 52 knows this is his last run and he’s doing all he can to get back to DADE COUNTY!
    Willis and Ed are along for the ride.

  16. @ BoltFan17:
    The bad calls went both ways. The “roughing the passer” call on Trevor Pryce was laughable.
    Unfortunately horrendous officiating has become par for the NFL.
    Great game. I’ll give a hats off to SD fans…as far as classy opposing fans go they’re #2 in my book. (The classiest opposing fans ever have been TN)

  17. Getting popped in Atlanta best thing could have happened to force him to keep that attitude on the field. HOF for sure!

  18. Face it the Cha Chas were Norved once again. A run up the middle are you kidding me. Hey Norv you remember Ray Lewis? I’ll bet you thinking about him now.
    As for Rivers. Have you ever noticed the great QB’s I mean the really good ones who won superbowls. They kept their mouth shut and played the game. Shut up and play. Oh I forgot your not one of the great ones your one of the mediocre ones that has to talk up his game.

  19. Chargers, you guys are awesome. I really thought my Ravens were going to go down. Thanks Ray Ray. I agree what a bunch of lousy calls. It was laughable. Bad on both sides, but; I do think you guys got the worst of it – just pitiful.
    I am worried about our defense, the ravens usually give up yards against SD, but; whoa – I was scared. Good game – take a deep breath it could have gone either way….

  20. Huge props to Rivers! if u had told me Friday that Rivers would throw for over 400 yds, i would’ve thought the Ravens had lost. Wow! The Ravens are amazing! i have no doubt that Rivers would’ve beat ANY OTHER team yesterday if he threw for over 400 yds. Please save the excuses Bolts fans, it was a good game. you guys can say that u had key players injured and we can say our defense didnt play like its usual dominate selves, so again please save the excuses. Much respect to the Chargers(but i question your coach). Our D gave up way too many big plays but really stepped up when it mattered… 5 redzone attps by the Bolts… 4 field goals… enough said.

  21. First off, let me start by saying Baltimore Fans…………You are nothing but class!
    It is refreshing to to see that there still are classy fans in the NFL.
    And you are right. There should be NO excuses from ANY Chargers fans. Don’t blame injuries, play calling, etc.
    In the NFL there are going to be injuries. Every team has them. Every team will experience bad calls(even though this game had a lot on both sides)
    Being a Chargers fan, I am MOST frustrated about the play calling. Last play of the game 4 &2, and you decide to run Sproles for 2 yards???
    First off, any fan would have EASILY seen that Ray Lewis from dead center and was coming. We also KNEW it was going to be a run.
    If the coaches saw this which I am sure they did, WHY did they not either call an audible or call time out to re-group.
    As a DIE HARD Chargers fan, once again we are getting the shaft from our own coaches on the play calling. I truly believe this is our last year that we could be a SB contender. We will be losing a lot of key players. If it doesnt happen this season, we are done. We will not make it.
    I truly think its time for a change. We need a no BS coach who will stop trying to be conservative with play calling.
    Lastly, props to the Ravens and their fans.
    In the end it was a GREAT game and you should be proud of the win.
    Here’s to hoping that we meet again. AFC Championshop maybe??
    To me it looks like we will be playing to see who goes to the Super Bowl to meet the Saints.

  22. Dude that link was weak sauce. “knife through” ohhh that’s so clever. And so fresh! Got any Leon Lett jokes since we are catching things at the peak of their significance. Maybe a Micheal Irvin cocaine joke, you are just so funny. In the future maybe you could work on witty links from within the last 10 years.

  23. Well hammer head if any fan knew that ray lewis was coming you would think the center who was supposed to block ray would have too, instead of falling on his face. and yeah i think your right you do need a no BS coach, what about marty schottenheimer i heard hes available, and then once the chargers hire him, you can all chant norv, norv, norv at games once they dont make the playoffs

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