More fines from the Browns

In addition to the news that a Browns player was fined $1,701 during the preseason for not paying for a $3 bottle of water at the team hotel, we’re hearing of another practice that has some players and their agents upset.

Per multiple sources, the Browns establish a specific itinerary for the players upon arriving at the team hotel the evening before a home game.  On the list, there’s a deadline for checking in, and a time set for a team meeting.

So if players don’t check into the hotel on time but they show up on time for the meeting, they get fined by coach Eric Mangini for being late.

In Mangini’s defense, the Browns aren’t the only team that does this.  We know of at least one other.  (And the other team isn’t Tom Coughlin’s “if you’re less than five minutes early you’re still late” Giants.)  But other teams don’t care when the players check in to the hotel, as long as they show up on time for the meeting.

It’s just another example of the stuff that is creating a bad feeling in the Browns organization. 

As one source explained it to us, “Mangini needs to learn how to pick his battles.”

We think the same advice applies to Channing Crowder.

14 responses to “More fines from the Browns

  1. If you guys keep baiting Crowder by mentioning him in posts that have nothing to do with him, does that still qualify as him “choosing” a battle? Just sayin’.

  2. Mankok’s ego is out of control. I can’t believe none of his players in NY ever went all Channing Crowder on him. Whoops, sorry for
    bringing up that name, Florio. You can stop hiding under the table,
    he’s not really here….

  3. It’s just bush league. The sooner that douchenozzle is out of there, the better off Browns players and fans will be.

  4. No bigger fan of the Browns than me. We are absolutely horrible on offense. An utter joke. I swear I will be amazed if we win 2 games.

  5. Mangini vs. McDaniels
    Wasn’t even close. It could have been a LOT worse. The Browns should be moving on down to the top (er, bottom) spot on the ol’ power rankings list. At least Detroit, Kansas City, and Carolina are competitive.

  6. I used to really care about this team and defend them against all the naysayers, not again. I must have rocks in my head to sit and watch that utter disaster
    of a coached team. If they win 2 games this year it will be by a miracle. It is no wonder they can’t get anyone to come to Cleveland, we are a joke. It starts with the owner, wake up Lerner become involved or sell this joke of a team. Mangini is the best available while Gruden is on t.v. with those goofs on Monday night and Shannahan sits at home, we are stuck with this cast off from the Jets.
    What an embarassement for the city of Cleveland, the fans and what this team at one time was.

  7. i knew mangini was a mistake. i mean seriously why didnt we actively go after Rex Ryan? it would be 1 thing for him to not want to be in cleveland but fat ass mangini was the 1 seed for us?
    i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, i’d have much rather sat thru another year of romeo and pick from a better mix of coaches then get stuck with mangini. at least romeo was a likable guy.

  8. What the hell is wrong with you Browns fans? I’m the biggest Browns fan on the face of the planet and Mangini is the ONLY coach that has tried to instill any DISCIPLINE to this PU**Y team in the past TEN FREAKING YEARS…The guy has coached TWO games for the Browns thus far, Give him a god damn chance, ridiculous fines or not…this team is not very talented at all, what do you really expect?

  9. Mangini is a joke. He has no idea how to manage an NFL team. He has been making players on his team mad and upset with him from day one. He has to have complete control, micrmanage everything, and goes to extreme lengths to punish his players. He is what is known in the business world as an incredibly bad and inept manager. He is one of those people who feels better about himself only when others are suffering by his hand.
    The league will automatically be a lot better when he is no longer in it. He should have been black balled a long time ago, but he benefits from the fact that there are a lot of stupid owners out there who are the same type of person. Next year I fully expect him to be managing the Raiders.

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