Seymour says he's glad he was traded

There was much debate over whether Raiders defensive lineman Richard Seymour was happy about being traded from the Patriots, with whom he won three Super Bowls in four seasons.

Raiders fans predictably cling to quotes from Seymour’s introductory press conference, which suggested that Seymour’s desire to be a Raider was never an issue.  Even though Seymour the day before challenged the Raiders’ right to strong-arm him into showing up via a “five-day letter.”

Folks like Peter King of and NBC called the notion that Seymour was initially happy with the deal “preposterous.”

A week after showing up, Seymour claims he’s happy.

Said Seymour on Sunday morning’s NFL Gameday Morning on NFL Network, “Now that I’m here, I’m glad it happened.”

This implies, of course, that there was a period that he wasn’t glad.  But we don’t expect any Raiders fan to agree with that assessment. 

Or with the Louis Murphy non-touchdown.

Or with the Tuck Rule.

Actually, we agree with Raiders fans on the last point.

16 responses to “Seymour says he's glad he was traded

  1. It’s okay Florio. Many fans don’t get the tuck rule, even though it was thoroughly explained to everyone. And according to the rule, it was the right call.
    Might not agree with the rule, and that is fine. However that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist or that the play wasn’t enforced properly. It is just one of those things that you have to get over, and that can be hard. There are plays I am still upset about. Like the Broncos corner who intercepted a ball, ran it all the way back, just to fumble it through the end zone, only to have the Broncos awarded the ball near the end zone.
    Or the 2007 Cowboys game, where they had a miraculous run from their own end zone that analysts gushed over for weeks. No one seemed to notice the only reason that the run happened was a number of holds and penalties, the most obvious being a Patriots defender being led around the end zone (and taken down) by the facemask.
    Just have to get over these things, so we can properly enjoy teams like the Patriots.

  2. Who cares if he’s happy or not? Dick just needs to shut up and play football. Or whatever the hell it is the Raiders play out there….

  3. Gee, never thought we’d actually be in agreement on something Florio.
    Of course Seymour is happy to be a Raider, everyone wants to be one of us, even you Mr. Florio.

  4. Rules are rules. They are what they are.
    Your last 2 points are rules…. It happens.
    We can see the forrest through the trees.
    But bias is bias.
    Peter King, Nancy Gay, ESPN, Ray Ratto…Ect…
    Get in a bus and find a cliff.
    Moss said the same things at first….
    Meh…Shut up either way and just play.
    Let the haters and the nonsence writers pound sand until they puke it .
    It’s still that good to be a Raider fan…

  5. You’re a little more bold with your faithful viewers than you are with Channing Crowder. Why is that? I’m beginning to think you don’t want me and other Raider fans to check out your site. Crowder might kick your a$$ physically, but I’ll take my cheap shot by removing you from my favorites list. I’m getting tired of the bias and there are other sites out there that do what you do.

  6. The tuck call was the correct call according to the rule at that time.
    The worst non-call of all time was Drew Pearson shoving Nate Wright in the closing seconds of the 1975 playoff game. Pearson’s offensive pass interference was not called. Instead it was touchdown Cowboys. This so-called “Hail Mary” play was actually the Cowboys getting away with cheating.

  7. I will try to explain it one last time to you. Al Davis stated that he would have liked Seymour to be in in enough time to play in the Monday Night game against the Chargers.
    But Al Davis also stated that he wanted the deal to work and if it took Seymour more time to handle his business and he missed the Chargers game so be it.
    The ONLY way that the Raiders could get the NFL exemption to add a 54th player to the team was to send a 5 day letter, The Raiders signed a DT in case Seymour did not make it to Oakland in time.
    Now even with Seymour knowing the Raiders wanted him even if he missed the Chargers game, Seymour still made it out to Oakland for the Monday Night game.
    Last a dunce can figure out that Seymour would have liked to stay with the team that drafted him and would have felt that way no matter who he was traded to.
    Facts are that New England is a low class organization and it showed in the way that they handled the trade with this great player.
    Another FACT that many fans do not know because of all the stick you spread with regards to New England, they are and have been in decline ever since the Super Bowl loss.
    Their D is lacking in many areas and the O line cannot protect Brady. Brady is getting old and fragile as well.
    They should be 0-2 by rights if the Bills do not hand them the first game. The Jets also thumped them and they will only continue to fall.
    It is looking like that 2011 draft cannot get here quick enough for these guys. Al Davis stole a guy from New England that they will miss as the very poor play by the D has proved.

  8. How could you not be glad you were traded…you know, going from arguably the best team in the NFL over the last 6 years to (no argument at all) the worst team over that same span.
    Big stupid lineman…you gotta love em.

  9. Wow stanjamsass, you say Raider fans are bitter? At least they have a legitimate gripe about a stupid rule…you’re just whining about ref no-calls. And everyone gets the tuck rule, they just don’t understand how it could be a FRICKIN’ RULE.
    As usual, a beanie can bitch about injustices against their team, but every other team sucks! Do I have it right, stanrimsass?
    By the way, how does that Jet beat down taste?

  10. Hey Florio! Im still waiting for you to read the CBA! Did you read article IX, sections two and three yet? Most journalist do their homework before they post articles. How dumb do you feel that dcrespo24 called you out quoting the CBA showing that you dont know what the hell your talking about? NFLPA has the right to file a grievance without the approval of a player. By the way, why dont you read the transcript of him saying the NFLPA filed the greivance. OR are you just calling him a liar? Why would he show up the day after he files a greivance?

  11. Bringing up the tuck rule again? The tuck rule is a good rule i guess, but only when used in the correct instance. The tuck rule game was not the right time to use it. If you watch that play over and over again, you can clearly see that Brady did a pump fake and did not feel the pressure by Woodson. Woodson hits him and the ball comes out. Fumble. Plain and simple. When doing a pump fake, by nature you pull the ball back down and continue to look for a target. I could see it being the right call if Brady looked like he knew he was going to get hit and try to protect the ball, but he didn’t and you can clearly see that on the replay. So the lesson that qb’s should have learned is that if you have more time in the pocket than you should, pump fake just to be safe and if it comes out the refs will call it a tuck.

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