Sunday Night Football Extra: Live Chat

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8:15 pm est – Welcome to the coverage of the first regular-season game to be played at the North Texas Football Cathedral

8:20 pm est – Are the Eagles
going to be the leader of the NFC East, or are the Giants?
Eagles have a lot to do to bounce back
from today. Regardless of McNabb being hurt, giving up 48 points to the Saints
was stunning.

8:30 pm est Is there a
rule limiting the number of do-overs for hitting the screen? What if it happened
like 4 times in a row?
They`d keep doing it over and over

8:41pm est – Even though
its early season, is Johnny Knox of the Bears going to be a serious candidate
for ROY?
I think Percy Harvin might have an edge
on him at receiver, and if the Jets make the playoffs it will be Mark


8:45pm est – Do you
actually read all the questions we ask, or just a few. And how do you pick what
ones you answer, just the easy ones? Slacker. See, if you ARE reading this, you
won`t answer it because its not really a question, more an angry
I try to read them all. It`s like Lucy
and the conveyor belt with chocolates. (Yes, I am old.)

8:49pm est – How soon
before the Browns mutiny against Capt Queeg?
Possibly sooner than anyone

8:51pm est – Channing
Crowder can`t be the first guy to threaten you for doing you job, I mean you
were a lawyer right?
Yeah, but Channing is the first one that
could put me down in less than ten seconds.

8:52pm est – What`s the
deal with Channing Crowder?
He thinks I called him a name, and now
he wants to pound me into human pulp. Other than that, we`re cool.

8:57pm est – What teams
this week look like SuperBowl contenders to you?
Saints and Ravens.

9:01pm est – Isn`t Hamlin
out of the game? Why show him in the intro of the D?
Ken Hamlin is in, Mike Hamlin is

9:02pm est – Demarcus Ware
or Antonio Pierce. Which will be more dangerous today?
Pierce, but only if he still has
Plaxico`s gun

9:04pm est – What teams
this week look like they`ll get to meet Roger Goodell personally on stage in NYC
next April?
Lions, Browns, Rams.

9:07pm est – Do Cardinals
make playoffs this year?
I think they won`t.

9:10pm est – Was Jerry
Jones picking his nose?
It was a scratch, not a pick.

9:12pm est – What do you
think about the Jets this year?
Impressive start. What the Texans did
to the Titans today helps put last week`s win in context. Ryan has his guys
fired up and focused.

9:14pm est – Will Channing
Crowder beat Peyton into a pulp tomorrow?
Only if someone puts “FLORIO” on the
back of Peyton`s jersey.

9:15pm est – No that
you`re on NBC you think you`re a fancy boy. “Love me want me.”
I`ve celebrated by purchasing a fur
coat and a European male carry all
9:17pm est – Will the
49ers continue to find ways to win this year or does their streak end next
Huge game next week for them.
Niners-Vikings will be the only game involving two 2-0 teams.

9:18pm est – What team do
you think will make the playoffs in the NFC West?
Seven days apart, the Niners beat the
two teams everyone thought would contend for the title. So it`s got to be the

9:20pm est – Do you think
the Jaguars will have to move and if they did would L.A. be the obvious first
place to try to move to?
Owner Wayne Weaver seems to be
committed to keeping the team there. Don`t rule out London as a

9:21pm est – Do you have
any Emmy picks for tonight?
They should give them all to The Office
and Seinfeld.

9:22pm est – Is Vick
starting next week?
No. But he will play. Chiefs will have
to plan for the possibility of seeing 4 different quarterbacks.

9:23pm est – With two
dominating performances has Mike Bell really come into his own or will any RB in
NO scheme excel?
Bell has a sprained MCL, reportedly. I
don`t think they can plug in Reggie Bush to do what Bell is doing.

9:25pm est – Why did the
Titans give up 34 points to the Texans? I`m a hardcore Titans fan and I am
From 13-3 to 0-2. Yeah, I would panic,

9:27pm est – Are you
surprised how mediocre the Pats have become?
I think they`ll get it figured out

9:28pm est – Who is Florio
Jr.`s favorite NFL team?
He likes the Saints and the

9:29pm est – When do we
get the weekly Pat White update?
Um, after he plays. . . . On Monday

9:30pm est – Other than
Drew Brees. Who is the best quarterback in the NFL?
Peyton Manning. Tom Brady. Ben
Roethlisberger. Marc Bulger. (Just making sure you`re paying attention.)

9:31pm est – Who is
Plaxico Burress playing with?
As of Tuesday, Mr. Paul Crewe.

9:33pm est – Is Tony Romo
the most overrated quartberback in the league?
I think it`s Eli Manning.

9:34pm est – What did you
think of The Office season premiere?
I`m still in shock that Oscar is the
voice of the Taco Bell dog.

9:35pm est – Who is the
most valuable defensive player in the league?
It`s still early, but Antwan Odom has
seven sacks in two games. That said, I think it`s Troy Polamalu. Then again, Ray
Lewis delivered a play for the ages today. So basically I can`t make up my

9:36pm est – Why did my
video just get interrupted by a 13-year-old boy eating Subway and talking about
the Eagles?
That`s Rosenthal. And please get your
facts straight. He`s 17 years old.

9:36pm est – I believe the
Taco Bell dog took one for the team and is no longer with us.
So has he been ground up into the
filling for a soft or a hard taco?

9:37pm est – What
happended in Ray`s great play?
Fourth and two. Game on the line.
Ravens up by five. Ray shot through a gap in the line and flattened Darren
Sproles for a loss.

9:40pm est –
character on The Office would hit the bottom of the screens in the Dallas
Dwight. He would fire the ball out of
his potato gun.

9:41pm est – When do you
think the Lions get there first win?
November 1, when the Rams come to

9:44pm est – Are we done
with seeing the Wildcat offense after this season?
No, but it will no longer be so

9:45pm est – Do you think
Chad Johnson is going to have another game like today`s this season?
Since he only had 91 yards receiving
and one touchdown, I sure as heck hope so.

9:48pm est – Any AFC South
Colts, Texans, Titans, Jaguars.

9:50pm est – Do you think
that Albert Haynesworth has lived up to his hype?
Not yet. Possibly not ever.

9:53pm est – Who will be
MVP this year?
Drew Brees or Adrian Peterson.

9:54pm est – Any teams
Several. Browns, Titans, Chiefs, Lions,
Bucs, Falcons, Rams, Jaguars.

9:55pm est – Uh, the
Falcons are 2-0 not 0-2.
I meant the Panthers. Sorry.

9:57pm est  – Do you think Jessica Simpson was invited tonight?
Yes, by the Giants.

9:59pm est – Why was that not a touchdown?
Play is dead when whistle blows. At least they can overturn the decision to call it an incompletion.

10pm est – Nice TD!!!!!
That was shades of Lynn Swann in Super Bowl X.

10:01pm est – Mike, what`s your prediction of this Sunday night football game?
I picked the Giants on Thursday, so I`m sticking with that one.

10:03pm est – Getting nauseous watching the rotating background behind Michaels and Collinsworth.
You`ll be OK, Donovan.

10:03pm est – Are Chris and Al in a new NBC blimp?
They are riding in the stomach of Larry Allen.

10:04pm est – Who do you like in the NFC North?
Vikings have been very methodical and conservative. Few throws down the field. Very controlled and deliberate.

10:05pm est – Mike can we tour PFT HQ?
We operate out of a van down by the river.

10:09pm est – Why do I hate Eli so much more than I hate Peyton?
Because you realize Eli doesn`t care that you hate him.

10:10pm est – Mike are you at the game tonight?
No. I couldn`t find the place.

10:11pm est – Do you think the Broncos have a chance of winning games?
Um. They`ve won two already.

10:17pm est – Can
you help clairify the ball moving when a WR hits the ground rule? I`m
confused and the refs are making it worse. NE`s TD counted but the same
play that reversed.
It`s simple. The ball
can touch the ground if the receiver maintains possession of it. If the
ball moves, the player does not have possession of it.

10:19pm est – Impressed with Favre at all this year?
He hasn`t really done a whole lot. But that`s what they needed with that running game and defense.

10:20pm est – Do you think the Eagles defense will hold up throughout the season?
Do you mean like they held up today against the Saints?

10:22pm est – Is that guy who won Micheal Irvin`s Fourth and Long, a member of the Cowboys?
He is on the practice squad.

10:24pm est – If you held the first pick in the draft, would you select Tim Tebow?
Only if I needed an
overrated, oversized quarterback with no experience taking snaps from
under center and thus no ability to run play-action.

10:27pm est – The Meadowlands has Hoffa buried in the end zone. Who do you think is buried in the new Dallas stadium?
The Shamwow guy?

10:28pm est – Cutler redeemed or is the jury still out on him?
He`s a work in progress.

10:30pm est – Whos better, Brandon Jacobs or Chris Johnson?
Different styles but I would take Johnson. Faster and less wear and tear on the body.

10:33pm est – Why aren’t they calling any of these facemasks?
That one they missed on Ahmad Bradshaw was shameful.

10:35pm est – Is Eli the most overrated quaterback in the NFL?
Kurt Warner might be. With those wideouts, you don`t need to be Johnny Unitas.

10:35pm est –
Who do you think will win the NFC East?
I thought it would be the Redskins. I`ll go with the winner of tonight`s game for now.

10:38pm est – There should be some type of system that makes the refs more accountable for flagrant missed calls.
There is. They get graded out like players. If they screw up enough they get fired.

10:39pm est – Will Noel Devine be an NFL success?
He could be another Darren Sproles. Durability will be the key.

10:39pm est – Do you think Los Angeles would EVER have a football team?
I agree with what Al
Michaels was saying. The fans will support a team. There needs to be a
first-rate stadium. Like the one they`re in tonight.

10:40pm est – What about the AFC North?
Not sure the Ravens can beat the Steelers, but the Ravens look good right now.

10:40pm est – Florio I dare you to answer this question.
Thanks. Now my tongue is frozen to the pole. Schwartz!

10:40pm est – AFC East predictions?
Jets, Bills, Pats, Fins.

10:43pm est – I am just joining, has the screen been hit?
Only by Dwight Schrute’s potato gun.

10:45pm est – NFC North predictions?
Vikings, Packers, Bears, Lions.

10:45pm est – Will Jason Garrett ever be a head coach in Dallas?
I think the next time they change coaches, Jerry will clean house.

10:46pm est – And why was he allowed to bring in a gun?
He is a part-time volunteer junior law enforcement official.

10:47pm est – I’m sitting in the crowd with my laptop. Couldn’t miss the Mike Florio Chat though.
Just make sure Ricky Manning, Jr. doesn`t see you working on that laptop.

10:50pm est – Will Flozell Adams get a fine for the cowardly tripping penalty?
Yes, he should. $10,000 at least.

10:50pm est – What was the last big midseason trade in the NFL?
Roy Williams and a 7 to the Cowboys last year for a 1, 3, and a 6.

10:53pm est – Will Jason Jones get fined for that punch?
Yes — he can be fined by the team for getting ejected, and he will definitely be fined by the league.

10:55pm est – How long before Culpepper takes over for Stafford?
I think they have to ride it out with Stafford.

11:01pm est – Did the Raiders make a huge mistake by letting go of Jeff Garcia?
Garcia reportedly
asked to be cut. Besides, they weren`t going to let him play this year.
They`re not ready to give up on JaMarcus Russell.

11:01pm est – Why do you think the Giants didn`t stand behind Burress and wait for his sentence to end if they know he clicks with Manning?
Um, because Plax is going away for like two years?

11:03pm est – Who would win a fist fight between Adrian Peterson and Brandon Jacobs?
I think Adrian Peterson would beat up everyone in the league. All at the same time.

11:04pm est – How long before Romo gets replaced?
With . . . Jon Kitna? Never.

11:06pm est – Considering how Kolb played today, when McNabb is ready again and Vick can play, don`t you think the Eagles will drop Garcia?
Once McNabb is healthy, Garcia will be dropped. They won`t carry four healthy quarterbacks.

11:10pm est – Who is the worst starter in the league?
Garrard or Delhomme.

11:11pm est – I thought the Giants couldn’t do it without Plax?
Someone needed to step up — so far Steve Smith and Mario Manningham are doing it.

11:12pm est – Who is the biggest draft bust of the last 5 years?
2005 has plenty of them, but the first overall pick in that year`s draft (Alex Smith) is riding the bench.

11:14pm est – Is Bulluck the best LB in the league?
Um, Ray Lewis? Patrick Willis?

11:14pm est – Which teams could go 0-16?
Lions, Rams, Browns. Lions play the other two.

11:15pm est – Was today just a hiccup in the Steeler`s Super Bowl run?
Only one Super Bowl champ has not lost a game.

11:16pm est – Why isn`t Hakeem Nicks higher on the depth chart? He`s a beast and was incredible at UNC.

Why isn`t Hakeem Nicks higher on the depth chart? He`s a beast and was incredible at UNC.
He is injured and out for a couple of weeks.

11:16pm est – Is it too early to call Reggie Bush a bust?
Seriously? It`s too late to not call him one.

11:18pm est – All time greatest running back? Emmitt or Barry?
Walter Payton. And Adrian Peterson has a chance to top them all.

11:18pm est –
Mike, what game are you looking forward to most next week?
Niners-Vikings. Only game with two 2-0 teams.

11:22pm est – Does Tony Romo remind you of Danny White?
Tony Romo reminds me of Gomer Pyle.

11:24pm est –
You think the Pats would have won had Welker played today?
Julian Edelman did well in his place. I think the outcome would have been the same.

11:26pm est – Who do you think had the better offense: 98 Vikings, 07 Patriots, or this years Saints?
98 Vikings. They simply choked one game earlier than the Pats.

11:28pm estBest player to ever play the game? Jim Brown or other?
Jerry Rice.

11:29pm est – How many rushing yards does A.P. run for this year?
Matt Birk recently said Peterson could rush for 3,000 yards.

11:31pm est – With all the players dehydrating in Cowboys Stadium, how hot is it on the field?
Maybe it`s the radiation from the huge TV screens.

11:32pm est – You think there will ever be a female football player? Like kicker?
I think if they did
the same testing they`re doing on that South African runner, they would
have determined that one of the Gramatica brothers was actually a

11:38pm est – How large is your HDTV at home?
I have the Michael Scott flat screen.

11:41pm est – You think the Cowboys would have much of a running game without Barber?
Yes — they have Felix Jones and Tashard Choice.

11:44pm est – Do you think Tynes will miss this?
I think Jerry Jones will be throwing his shoe at it while in flight.

11:44pm est – Do you think the Giants will win?
Yes. This is the guy`s job. Make the kick.

11:48pm est – Mike it has been fun, thanks.
Hey it`s been a blast. Time to shut it down. Been going non-stop since 7:00 a.m. I expect you to pity me.

31 responses to “Sunday Night Football Extra: Live Chat

  1. who’s facelift is worse jerry jones or joan rivers?
    who has a bigger TV the cowboys stadium or the sultan of brunei?

  2. whistle should mean nothing OR any referee who blows a whistle when replay clearly shows no whistle should have been blown should be FIRED!

  3. Well, that’s time not well spent – having an online chat with Flowerio is like taking your cousin to the prom…you have a date, but you’re gonna regret it in the end. Save the chatterbox for real media folk Flowerio.

  4. I dare you to post this.
    Nice…. Olberman is making “Who’s Johnson is bigger” jokes about the Titans/Texans game.
    I thought was “too smart” to do sports. Now he’s making dick jokes and playing the gimp to Dan Patrick’s carnival barker act.
    At least Dungy gives them dignity by just being there and Rodney Harrison can kill them all with on tackle if need be.

  5. Keith Oberman’s half time show comment “whose got the bigger johnson” was completely out of line. He should be fired from NBC.

  6. I’m sure that everyone outside Steeler Nation realizes & understands that the only reason why Lynn Swann is in the HOF is because Terry Bradshaw kept overthrowing passes meant for him.
    Swann was always having to dive around in order to catch all of “Baldshaw’s” over and under-thrown passes.
    Those highlight catches are the only reason Swann is in the HOF.
    His career numbers aren’t really good enough to get him in.
    He was elected for his ability to make circus catches from an overrated, inaccurate QB.
    Had Baldshaw been able to put the ball “on the money” so Swann wasn’t having to dive all over the place, Swann would not be in the HOF right now. Swann is in the HOF because Baldshaw overthrew the ball a lot.
    For that matter, if Baldshaw hadn’t had WRs constantly making all those incredible circus catches, he wouldn’t be in the HOF, either.
    Had he had just some WRs were excellent receivers & route runners but who couldn’t make all those diving circus catches, Baldy wouldn’t be in the HOF now and the Steelers wouldn’t have had those first 4 titles. Baldy wasn’t very accurate. If he was, Swann and their other WRs wouldn’t have needed to lay themselves out as much as they had to.
    Put a more accurate QB on those 1970s Steeler teams and they probably have 7 or 8 titles instead of just 4…

  7. Olbermann should be fired for those hideous glasses alone. Making third-grade dick jokes is just the icing on the cake. He’s way out of place in that group.. just not enough football knowledge to contribute.

  8. “10:24pm est – If you held the first pick in the draft, would you select Tim Tebow?
    Only if I needed an overrated, oversized quarterback with no experience taking snaps from under center and thus no ability to run play-action.”
    But what if you were set at QB but had no serviceable FB?

  9. “The Meadowlands has Hoffa buried in the end zone. Who do you think is buried in the new Dallas stadium?”
    They “buried” the electrician who died working on the stadium in the scoreboard. Jerry doesn’t want it moved because it’ll put a curse on Romo and he won’t win any playoff games. Ever.

  10. “Had Baldshaw been able to put the ball ‘on the money’ so Swann wasn’t having to dive all over the place, Swann would not be in the HOF right now.”
    Or he could have had much better numbers since he wouldn’t have had to dive all over the place, and could have run for a lot more yards after the catch and more touchdowns. And he still could have been in the HOF right now.

  11. Mike McCrary has some pizazz when he’s making calls against the Cowboys and he turns off his Microphone…watch him the next time he makes a call against the Cowboys

  12. Colts18 says: September 20, 2009 11:17 PM
    I wish i could have seen Dungy’s face when Olberman made that idiotic joke.
    I saw it live and Dungy just looked to Rodney Harrison and got down to business. Rodney and Dungy were clearly the only two adults on the set. What else would you expect.

  13. You are right, Florio. Sweetness was the best (for now. We’ll see if AP can stay healthy.) Barry didn’t have enough around him, but he did have that elusiveness. Maybe an argument can be made for him over Payton. I still felt that Barry was just doing a job and Payton was giving his all to the team and the fans. Emmit was more than decent, but Dallas had that monster OL in front of him. Imagine if Barry was running behind that line, then maybe the argument between Barry and Payton would be closer.

  14. 11:32pm est – You think there will ever be a female football player? Like kicker?
    I think if they did the same testing they`re doing on that South African runner, they would have determined that one of the Gramatica brothers was actually a sister.
    Cmon Florio,
    You KNOW that Kordell Stewart was a woman! Right?

  15. quote: 10:24pm est – If you held the first pick in the draft, would you select Tim Tebow?
    Only if I needed an overrated, oversized quarterback with no experience taking snaps from under center and thus no ability to run play-action.
    The Raiders already took that guy two years ago.

  16. Florio, now that Eli once again came from behind with a 4th quarter comeback will you finally give him some credit? Or will you say divert credit away and say that Romo lost the game?

  17. Florio you are NOT from California how can you so confidently say that LA would support a team!
    No WAY I have told you many times in here listen to me I there is way too much warm weather in October and November to be at football game when the beach is so close.
    LA only likes winners if you lose they will not go to the games because there is way too much to do in LA it’s not Buffalo you slow idiot!
    You cant take a team like the jaguars or the Raiders and put them there it will fail new stadium or not. You would need a perennial winner
    You have a serious problem why would a wining successful franchise move there?
    Give it up if you think you know anything about LA Florio. Stay with what you know then shut your pie hole when you dont know anything about the subject!!

  18. New stadium: $1.15 billion dollars
    Losing your home opener because your QB threw three interceptions: Priceless
    Seeing JJ pick his nose on SNF: Bonus!
    Hey, Romo – who do you think you are, Brett Favre?

  19. 9:33pm est – Is Tony Romo the most overrated quartberback in the league?
    I think it`s Eli Manning.
    Umm, no, not after last night’s performance. Definitely earned his money with young WR’s.
    And the Lions will defeat the Redskins before November 1st. How the Skins do not score a touchdown against the Rams is beyond me…

  20. “Regardless of McNabb being hurt, giving up 48 points to the Saints was stunning.”
    Considering that the Saints had 2 drives of less than 25 yards, as the result of turnovers, that led to TD’s, as well as 1 TD by a 97 yard INT. The 48 points isn’t all on the defense.

  21. Q: Is Tony Romo the most overrated quartberback in the league?
    A: I think it`s Eli Manning.
    Q: Is Eli the most overrated quaterback in the NFL?
    A: Kurt Warner might be.
    At some point during the season, Florio will say that each qb is over-rated, and at the end of the season, he will point to his most correct (in hindsight) answer and say ‘See, I told you so…)

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